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Understanding Depression

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Table of contents

Part I. Genetic and Epigenetic Aspects of Depression

1. Highlights on Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics in Depression
Chiara Fabbri, Alessandro Serretti

2. Imaging Genetics Studies on Susceptibility Genes for Major Depressive Disorder, the Present and the Future
Eunsoo Won, Byung Joo Ham, Yong-Ku Kim

3. Gene-Environment Interactions and Role of Epigenetics in Depression
Eugene Lin, Shih-Jen Tsai

4. miRNAs As Critical Epigenetic Players in Determining Neurobiological Correlates of Major Depressive Disorder
Bhaskar Roy, Yogesh Dwivedi

5. The Role of Early Life Stress in HPA Axis and Depression
Mario F. Juruena, Anthony J. Cleare, Allan H. Young

Part II. Molecular- and Cellular-Level Aspects of Depression

6. Complex Role of the Serotonin Receptors in Depression: Implications for Treatment
Meysam Amidfar, Lejla Colic, Martin Walter, Yong-Ku Kim

7. Emerging Role of Glutamate Receptors in Pathophysiology of Depression
Kyoung-Sae Na, Yong-Ku Kim

8. New Perspective on mTOR Pathways: A New Target of Depression
Gislaine Z. Réus, Zuleide M. Ignácio, Helena M. Abelaira, João Quevedo

9. Biological Markers to Differentiate the Subtypes of Depression
Je-Yeon Yun, Seung-Hwan Lee

Part III. Neural Circuit-Level Aspect of Depression

10. Structural, Functional, and Molecular Neuroimaging in Depression
Kai Zhang, Jing Huang, Jin Feng, Hong Zhang, Mei Tian

11. Why Do We Need Psychopathology? From the Brain’s Resting State to “Spatiotemporal Psychopathology” of Depression
Georg Northoff

12. Neuroimaging in Depression: A Tool Toward Individualized Prediction of Treatment Outcome
Boudewijn J. H. B. Pont, Jeroen A. Waarde, Guido A. Wingen

13. Cortical–Subcortical Interactions in the Pathophysiology of Depression
Kang Soo Lee, Sang Hyuk Lee

14. Pathophysiology and Treatment Strategies for Different Types of Depression
Hwa-Young Lee, Yong-Ku Kim

15. The Effect of Neurostimulation in Depression
Rafael C. R. Freire, Antonio E. Nardi

Part IV. Multicellular System-Level Aspect of Depression

16. Chronic Inflammation and Resulting Neuroprogression in Major Depression
Brian E. Leonard

17. Gut-Microbiota-Brain Axis and Depression
Alper Evrensel, Mehmet Emin Ceylan

18. Modulating Microglial Activation As a Possible Therapeutic Target for Depression
Mina Sato-Kasai, Takahiro A. Kato, Masahiro Ohgidani, Hideki Horikawa, Yoshito Mizoguchi, Akira Monji, Shigenobu Kanba

19. Experimental Animal Models for Depressive Disorders: Relevance to Drug Discovery
Boldizsár Czéh, Ove Wiborg, Eberhard Fuchs

20. The Use of Animal Models in Defining Antidepressant Response: A Translational Approach
Michel Bourin

Part V. Individual-, Age-, Gender-, and Culture-Specific Aspects of Depression

21. Precision Psychiatry: Personalized Clinical Approach to Depression
Giampaolo Perna, Raffaele Balletta, Charles B. Nemeroff

22. Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies for Depression in Childhood and Adolescence
Jun Won Kim, Jae-Won Kim

23. Neurobiology and Risk Factors of Late-Life Depression
Neha Jain, David C. Steffens

24. Gender Differences in Depression
Seoyoung Yoon, Yong-Ku Kim

25. An Update on the Epidemiology of Major Depressive Disorder Across Cultures
Joao P. Aquino, Alicia Londono, André F. Carvalho

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Neurology, Psychiatry, Neurosciences, Molecular Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences/Technology, Medical Biochemistry

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