Elaydi, Saber

Advances in Difference Equations and Discrete Dynamical Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Papers by Plenary Speakers

1. Stable Bifurcations in Multi-species Semelparous Population Models
Ryusuke Kon

2. Dichotomy Spectra of Nonautonomous Linear Integrodifference Equations
Christian Pötzsche

3. A Dynamical Trichotomy for Structured Populations Experiencing Positive Density-Dependence in Stochastic Environments
Sebastian J. Schreiber

4. Replicator Equations as Limits of Evolutionary Games on Complete Graphs
Petr Stehlík

Part II. Contributed Papers

5. Connection Between Continuous and Discrete Delay and Halanay type Inequalities
István Győri, László Horváth

6. Convergence of Finite Difference Schemes Applied to the Cauchy Problems of Quasi-linear Partial Differential Equations of the Normal Form
Nobuyuki Higashimori, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Yuusuke Iso

7. Operator Theoretic Phenomena of the Markov Operators which are Induced by Stochastic Difference Equations
Takashi Honda, Yukiko Iwata

8. On the Behavior of the Error in Numerical Iterative Method for PDE
Toshiyuki Kohno

9. Property B of the Four-Dimensional Neutral Difference System
Jana Krejčová

10. On the Structure of Polyhedral Positive Invariant Sets with Respect to Delay Difference Equations
Mohammed-Tahar Laraba, Sorin Olaru, Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

11. On the Exponential Stability of Two-Dimensional Nonautonomous Difference Systems Which Have a Weighted Homogeneity of the Solution
Masakazu Onitsuka

12. A Corollary of a Theorem on Positive Solutions of Poincaré Difference Equations
Mihály Pituk

13. The Case for Large Contraction in Functional Difference Equations
Youssef N. Raffoul

14. Reaching Consensus via Polynomial Stochastic Operators: A General Study
Mansoor Saburov, Khikmat Saburov

15. On the Stability of an SIR Epidemic Discrete Model
Kaori Saito

16. Nonoscillation of Second-Order Linear Equations Involving a Generalized Difference Operator
Jitsuro Sugie, Masahiko Tanaka

17. An Evolutionary Game Model of Families’ Voluntary Provision of Public Goods
Aiko Tanaka, Jun-ichi Itaya

18. On the Periodic Behavior of a System of Piecewise Linear Difference Equations
W. Tikjha, E. Lapierre

Keywords: Mathematics, Difference and Functional Equations, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Discrete Mathematics

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