Chan, Isabelle Y.S.

Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate

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Table of contents

1. A Cluster Analysis of Real Estate Business Models in China
K. J. Li, Y. Zhou, A. Shrestha, G. W. Liu

2. A Comparison of Barrier-Free Access Designs For the Elderly Living in the Community and in Care and Attention Homes in Hong Kong
Ibukun Famakin, Mei-yung Leung

3. A Comparison of Green Building Policies in Asian Countries or Regions
Xiaosen Huo, Ann T.W. Yu

4. A Comparison of Public Private Partnership Environment Between Australia and China
Yongjian Ke, Marcus Jefferies, Peter Davis

5. A Conceptual Model of Cloud-Based Virtual Community for BIM Innovation and Promotion
C. W. Keung

6. A Dynamic Analysis on the Urban Carbon Footprint and Carbon Carrying Capacity—A Case Study of Chongqing
S. P. Li, Q. J. Zheng, D. H. Zeng, Z. H. Huang, L. Y. Shen

7. A Framework for Quantifying Carbon Emissions Generated During Demolition Waste Processing
Y. Li, H. Y. Wu, Z. Z. Wu, J. Y. Wang, H. B. Duan, J. Zuo, Z. D. Li, X. L. Zhang

8. A Framework for Utilizing Automated and Robotic Construction for Sustainable Building
Mi Pan, Thomas Linner, Hui Min Cheng, Wei Pan, Thomas Bock

9. A Literature Review of Sustainable Urbanization in China
Y. T. Tan, H. Xu

10. A Macro-Micro Framework of ADR Use in the Malaysian Construction Industry
Chia Kuang Lee, Tak Wing Yiu, Sai On Cheung

11. A Preliminary Study on the Effects of HSR on Station Area
Guo Liu, Kunhui Ye

12. A System Dynamics Framework of Drivers and Constraints to Enhancing Productivity of the Hong Kong Construction Industry
A. A. Javed, Zhan W, W. Pan

13. A Whole Life Cycle Group Decision-Making Framework for Sustainability Evaluation of Major Infrastructure Projects
B. Xue, H. Xu

14. Adaptive Reuse of Inner-City Buildings: Methods for Minimising Waste and Stimulating the Economy
N. Udawatta, Zillante George, A. Elmualim, R. Rameezdeen, J. Zuo

15. An AHP-ANP Integrated Framework of Evaluating Innovative Business Models for Sustainable Building
X. Zhao, L. Chen, W. Pan, Q. Lu

16. An AHP-GIS Based Model of C&D Waste Landfill Site Selection: A Triangulation of Critical Factors
Zhikun Ding, Menglian Zhu, Yifei Wang, Jiasong Zhu

17. An Alternative Model for Regional Sustainability Evaluation: A Case Study of Chongqing
C. Y. Shuai, Y. T. Tan, L. D. Jiao

18. An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Prefabrication on Fostering Sustainable Construction
Peter S. P. Wong, Michael Phillip Kanellopoulos, Luke Edmonson

19. An Empirical Investigation of Construction and Demolition Waste Management in China’s Pearl River Delta
J. K. Liu, Y. S. Pang, D. Wang, J. W. Zhou

20. An Intelligent Decision Support System for Improving Information Integrity in Procuring Infrastructures in Hong Kong
L. Chen, W. Pan

21. An Investigation of Waste Reduction Measures Employed in Construction Industry: Case of Shenzhen
Y. Gao, J. Y. Wang, H. Y. Wu, X. X. Xu

22. An Optimization-Based Semantic Building Model Generation Method with a Pilot Case of a Demolished Construction
F. Xue, K. Chen, D. Liu, Y. Niu, W.S. Lu

23. Analysis and Optimization of Key Index of Public Investment Building Project’s Performance Evaluation Based on Project Governance
Y.S. Wang, F.f. Liu, W.Z. He, Y. Zhang, H.Y. Li, J.F. Li

24. Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Building Energy Consumption—A Southwest China Case Study
Z. N. Zhao, H. M. Zhang, Y. F. Ding, L. Y. Shen

25. Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Multidimensional LMDI Energy Consumption—A Case Study of Chongqing
H. M. Zhang, Z. N. Zhao, L. Y. Shen, W. W. Wen, M. Chen

26. Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Site Management—Material and Progress Control
A. Nadeem, A. K. D. Wong, G. Akhanova, S. Azhar, S. N. Wong

27. Application of SWOT Analysis in Turkish Construction Industry
Z. Işık, H. Aladağ, G. Demirdöğen, Ç. Aygün

28. Assessment of Energy Efficiency for Retrofit Versus Reconstruction Projects by Building Information Modeling
G. Demirdöğen, Z. Isık

29. Barriers to and Enablers for Lessons Learned Practices in International Infrastructure Development Projects—A Case Study
Tiendung Le, Eric Too, Viet Anh Tran

30. Benchmarking Innovation Potentials in Large Projects by Public Private Partnerships
Cut Sarah Febrina, Palaneeswaran Ekambaram

31. Benefits of Using Constructability, Operability, and Maintainability in Infrastructure Projects: A Meta-Synthesis
S. Jadidoleslami, E. Saghatforoush, N. Kordestani Ghaleenoe, C. Preece

32. Big Data in Urban Planning Practices: Shaping Our Cities with Data
Ruiqu Ma, Patrick T. I. Lam, C. K. Leung

33. Board of Director’s Role in Preventing Corporate Misconduct in the Construction Industry
C. J. Lee, R. Wang, S. C. Hsu, C. Y. Lee

34. Bridging Knowledge Gap Between Green and Non-green Facilities Management in Singapore
Yujie Lu, Ngiam Min Li Joyce

35. Bridging the Cyber and Physical Systems for Better Construction: A Case Study of Construction Machinery Monitoring and Utilization
D. D. Liu, W. S. Lu, Y. H. Niu, F. Xue, K. Chen

36. Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry: A Case Study in Malaysia
N. F. Azmi, C. S. Chai, L. W. Chin

37. Carbon Emission Modelling for Construction Logistics Process Through Activity-Based Method
Y. Fang, Z. D. Ma, Y. Z. Luo

38. Causal Loop Analysis on the Impact of Schedule Risks in Prefabrication Housing Production in Hong Kong
W. K. Huang, X. X. Xu, K. Chen, H. Y. Wu, Z. D. Li

39. Causes of Delays in Mega Projects—Case of the Zambian Transmission Power Projects
Chaali Kalebuka, Erastus Mwanaumo, Wellington Didibhuku Thwala

40. Characterization of Carbon Emissions from the Construction Activities: A Case Study of Shenzhen, China
L. N. Zheng, H. Zhang., H. B. Duan, X. H. Wang, Y. N. Niu, J. Y. Wang

41. China’s Ongoing Policy Instrument for Building Energy Efficiency: Drives, Approaches and Prospects
B. He, X. L. Zhang, L. D. Jiao, L. Y. Shen

42. Chinese Building Energy Service Industry Evolution Based on Ecological Niche
Saina Zheng, Pengpeng Xu, Guiwen Liu, Jinxi Jing

43. Clean Development Mechanism in Airports: The Colombian Case
J. D. González-Ruiz, E. A. Duque, J. C. Restrepo

44. Conflict Analysis of Concentrated Rural Settlement Development During Post-disaster Reconstruction in China: A Multi-agent Simulation
Y Peng, Q. X. Li, H. J. Bao

45. Construction and Demolition Waste Management: Experiences Learning from Developed Countries and Their Enlightenment to China
X. H. Wang, H. Zhang, L. N. Zheng, H. B. Duan, Y. N. Niu, J. Y. Wang

46. Construction Project Manager Health and Safety Interventions Towards Improving Workers’ Performance
W. Ayessaki, J. Smallwood

47. Construction Work Productivity in South Africa: A Case of Gauteng Province Construction Industry
A. S. Sibande, N. J. Agumba

48. Contractors’ Organisational Culture Towards Health and Safety Compliance in Ghana
Z. Mustapha, C. Aigbavboa, W. D. Thwala

49. Convention and Exhibition Center Integrated into High Speed Rail Station: Experience and Idea
Yue Li, Yuzhe Wu

50. Corporate Social Responsibility Localization in International Construction Business
Meng Ye, Weisheng Lu, Roger Flanagan

51. Correlation Analysis of Key Influencing Factors to the Total Factor Productivity of the Hong Kong Construction Industry
W. Zhan, W. Pan, A. A. Javed, K. W. Chau

52. Critical Impact Factors Affecting Carbon Emission: Evidence from STIRPAT Model with Panel Data Analysis
C. Y. Shuai, X. N. Song, S. P. Li

53. Critical Risks Associated with BIM Adoption: A Case of Singapore
Xianbo Zhao, Josua Pienaar, Shang Gao

54. Critical Success Factors of Joint Ventures in the Construction Industry: Literature Review
M. F. Bekale Mba, N. J. Agumba

55. Detection and Quantification of Spalling Distress in Subway Networks
T. Dawood, Z. Zhu, T. Zayed

56. Determinants of Business Overdraft Accessibility Within Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the South African Construction Industry: A Case of Gauteng Province
O. A. Balogun, N. J. Agumba, N. Ansary

57. Determination of Project Management Competence Risks in Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Transportation Projects
H. Aladağ, Z. Işık

58. Does the Development of China’s Building Industry Influence the Global Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions? an Analysis Based on the GVAR Model
Hong Zhang, Jiawei Chen, Yang Li, Michael J. Seiler

59. Driving Factors for Promoting Urbanization of Small Towns in Southwest China
Ning Xiong, Zhenhua Huang, Shanshan Zhao, Liyin Shen

60. Estimating the Walking Accessibility Premiums
Linchuan Yang

61. Evaluating the Critical Risk Factors of Reconstruction Urban Renewal Projects: The Developer’s Perspective in China
W. D. Wu, G. W. Liu, Z. H. Cai, S. N. Zheng

62. Evaluating the Effects of Alleviating Urban Traffic Congestion Using Real-Time Traffic Information on Mobile Devices
M. W. Hu, W. K. Huang, Y. Chen

63. Evaluation of Construction Waste: Management Problems and Solutions
T. Quinn, J. J. Smallwood

64. Evaluation of Procurement Systems of Public Sector Funded Projects
A. E. Oke, C. O. Aigbavboa, B. A. Tong

65. Evolutionary Game Analysis on the Low-Carbon City Construction Between Central and Local Government in China
Yingli Lou, Xiangnan Song, Hui Yan

66. Examining Critical Factors Affecting Knowledge Transfer in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects
T. T. Liu, Y. C. Wang

67. Explication of Challenges with Acceptance of Marketing Functions in the Management of Construction Business Enterprise
J. E. Yankah, C. Aigbavboa, W. Thwala

68. Factors Influencing Safety Training Transfer on Construction Sites: A Literature Review
R. Prasad, Y. Feng, M. Hardy

69. Factors Influencing the Construction Time and Cost Overrun in Projects: Empirical Evidence from Pakistani Construction Industry
Ahsen Maqsoom, Muhammad Umar Khan, Muhammad Tariq Khan, Shahfahad Khan, Naeemullah, Fahim Ullah

70. Feasibility Analysis of Using Construction and Demolition Waste in Sea Reclamation Projects in Hainan
X. L. Li, Y. Li, H. Y. Wu, J. Y. Wang, H. B. Duan, X. X. Xv

71. Female Student Enrolments in Construction Management Programs
B. L. Oo, E. C. Widjaja

72. Financial Simulation in Operation and Maintenance of Railway Transportation: A Case Study of Greater Jakarta Light Rail Transit
H. Z. Rahman, P. Miraj, J. S. Petroceany

73. Finding Academic Concerns on Real Estate of U.S. and China: A Topic Modeling Based Exploration
Z. R. Zhang, M. S. Qiang, H. C. Jiang

74. From Paper-Based to Cloud-Based Safety Information System in Infrastructure Construction Projects
Patrick X. W. Zou, Percy K. Y. Lun, Palaneeswaran Ekambaram, Sheirf Mohamed, Dean Cipolla

75. Game Analysis of Stakeholders in Urban Renewal Based on Maximization of Social Welfare
J. F. Li, Y. S. Wang, N. Lu, Y. Du, Y. Zhang, F. F. Liu

76. Game-Based Construction Process Learning for Students’ Education: A Case Study of Concreting Game
Fei Feng, Zhiyang Lin, Wenfeng Yue, Ke Chen, Ming Kang, Yonghong Cao

77. Identification and Assessment of Particulate Matters in Asphalt Fumes from Road Construction
D. Chong, M. Kobzeva, Y. H. Wang

78. Identifying the Relationship Between Housing Market Development and Urbanization Process: Evidence from Jiangsu, China
Jing Du, Yifan Yang, Bing Jiang

79. Impacts of Large Construction Projects on Residents’ Living Status in China: A Reservoir Project Case
W. S. Lin, Y. Ning, Y. L. Huang, M. J. Liu

80. Improving Construction Safety Performance Through Error Management: A Literature Review
Minh Tri Trinh, Yingbin Feng

81. Improving Mentoring Relationships of Construction Management Professionals
A. E. Oke, C. O. Aigbavboa, M. M. Mutshaeni

82. Index Decomposition Analysis of Building Energy Consumption in Chongqing: 2000–2014
Xia Wang, Hong Ren, Weiguang Cai, Yan Liu

83. Indicators for Guiding Sustainable Development of Townships in Mountainous Regions in Southwest China
Y. Chen, Y. T. Ren, Y. L. Huang, L. Y. Shen

84. Influential Factors in Construction Industry of Yemen
Najib AL-Fadhali, Ng Kim Soon, Rozlin Zainal, Abd Rahman Ahmad, Abdel Hafiz Ali Hasaballah

85. Investigating the Relationship Between Student Characteristics and Progression: An Archive Study
Josua Pienaar, Xianbo Zhao, Nadine Adams

86. Key Parameters on Financial Loss of Construction Accidents in Hong Kong Construction Industry
Kai-Chi Ying, Guomin Zhang, Sujeeva Setunge

87. Knowledge Transfer Between R&D Projects and Commercial Projects: A Conceptual Framework
Eric Too, Stewart Bird

88. Life Cycle Costing for Insulated Pitched Roof Structures
I. M. Chethana S. Illankoon, Vivian W. Y. Tam, Khoa N. Le

89. Life-Cycle Cost Assessment of Durable Repair of Concrete Structures Based on Environmental Costs
X. M. Mi, C. Y. Liu, D. W. Li, N. X. Han, F. Xing

90. Literature Review on the Research Discipline of Low Carbon Cities in China
X. Y. Du, T. K. Li, Z. H. G, L. Y. Shen

91. Management Strategies for 5D-BIM Adoption in Hong Kong
I. Y. S. Chan, A. M. M. Liu, B. Chen

92. Method for Urban Rail Transit Project Financing Decision-Making Based on Triangular Fuzzy Number
L. L. Yuan, Y. S. Wang, Y. Sun

93. On Territorial Planning Reconfiguration in China: A Critical Review of the Existing Planning System
Liping Shan, Yuzhe Wu, Sheng Zheng

94. On the Garbage Classification Mechanism Based on Repeated Games in Urban Network Organization
Teng Su, Yuzhe Wu

95. Optimizing Life-Cycle Carbon Emissions for Achieving Concrete Credits in Australia
Vivian W. Y. Tam, Khoa N. Le, Cuong N. N. Tran

96. Paradigm Shift Towards Green Industry Restructuring: A Review of Industrial Land in China
Jiaojiao Luo, Yuzhe Wu, Xiaoling Zhang

97. Pilot Case Study of New Engineering Contracts (NECs) in Hong Kong—Joy or Tears?
D. W. M. Chan, J. H. L. Chan

98. Potentials of TDR for Balancing Built Heritage Conservation and Compact Development in Hong Kong
Jun Hou, Edwin H. W. Chan

99. Prioritizing Best Value Contributing Factors for Contractor Selection: An AHP Approach
Muhammad Hasnain, Fahim Ullah, Muhammad Jamaluddin Thaheem, Samad M. E. Sepasgozar

100. Recycled Aggregate in Concrete Production: A New Approach
Vivian W. Y. Tam, Anthony Butera, Khoa N. Le

101. Recycled Ceramic Fine Aggregate for Masonry Mortar Production
A. C. J. Evangelista, Vivian W. Y. Tam, J. Santos

102. Remaking the Physical Disability Inclusion Score (PDIS) and the Visual Impairment Inclusion Score (VIIS) to Assess the Disability Inclusiveness of Commercial Facilities: A Pilot Study
W. K. Lau, T. Y. M. Lam, W. M. Ho, W. K. Wu

103. Research of Housing Price Based on Bid-Rent Theory
Donglang Yang, Zhongfei Cui, Luyao Zhao

104. Research on Cost Risks for EPC Project Using Entropy-Weight Evaluation Method
Jiali Liu, Jinjin Chen, Liyin Shen

105. Research on Dynamic Fuzzy Multi-objective Optimization of Engineering Projects Considering Risk Factors
R. X. Ding, X. Q. Wang, T. T. Han, M. X. Li, N. N. Xia

106. Research on Evaluation of Xi’an Shantytown Renovation Projects’ Social Benefit
Yang Donglang, Zhao Luyao, Cui Zhongfei

107. Research on Performance of Construction Enterprises Based on Informatization and Contract Management
Bing Zhang, Sujie Hu

108. Research on the Comprehensive Economic Strength of Macro Regional Distribution in Urbanization
Min Tian, Na Tang, Jie Han

109. Research on the Housing Affordability of University Graduates in Guangzhou
Fan Wu, Linghin Li, Mingjie Dai, Yiming Gao, Ruoshi Tang, Kaihang Lin, Kaijian Li, Haoqi Huang

110. RFID-Enabled Management System Adoption and Use in Construction: Passing Through the Labyrinth with an Improved Technology Acceptance Model
Y. H. Niu, W. S. Lu, D. D. Liu

111. Risk and Risk Factors in Brownfield Development
Hao Wu, Piyush Tiwari, Sun Sheng Han, Toong-Khuan Chan

112. Risk Management in the Supply Chain of Essential Medicines
Mario M. J. Musonda, Erastus M. Mwanaumo, Didibhuku W. Thwala

113. Rural Residential Land Transfer in China: Government-Driven or Market-Driven?
Zhibin Mo, Yuzhe Wu, Jianfeng Ye

114. Scenarios for Applying Big Data in Boosting Construction: A Review
X. Chen, W. S. Lu

115. Smart Gateway for Bridging BIM and Building
K. Chen, W. S. Lu, F. Xue, L. Z. Zheng, D. D. Liu

116. Spatial-Temporal Effects of Housing Price Caused by Metro Construction: A Perspective of Price-to-Rent Ratio
Fen Wang, Yuzhe Wu

117. Stakeholder Analysis of Sustainable Construction in China
Hongyang Li, S. Thomas Ng, Yahong Dong

118. Strategic Factors Influencing Bid/No-Bid Decision of Pakistani Contractors
Ahsen Maqsoom, Malik Muhammad Farjad, Muhammad Sadaat Abbas, Muhammad Ehtesham-Ul-Haque, Muhammad Irfan, Aman Ullah Malik

119. Study on the Affordable Housing Policy in China’s Urbanization Process
Wei Wang, Zhengrong Liu, Yuzhe Wu

120. Suggestion for Improving Project Management Competency of Project General Contractors in China
Weiping Jiang

121. The Analysis of Rural Undergraduates’ Separation of Registered and Actual Residences and the Separation’s Influences on Land Use
Qiong Lin, Yanmei Ye

122. The Decoupling Analysis Between Regional Building Energy Consumption and Economic Growth in China
Ya Wu, Hang Yan

123. The Demand for Senior Housing Grows. The Answer Is to Be Found in Various Models of Social “Enterprise”
A. S. Pavesi, A. Ciaramella, M. Y. Leung, M. Gechelin

124. The Effect of Contract Control on Contractors’ Cooperative Behavior: The Moderating Role of Owner Power
X. K. Jiang, S. J. Zhang

125. The Evaluation of Urban Renewal Policies in Shenzhen, China (2009–2016): An Analysis Based on Policy Instruments
Z. Y. Yi, A. Shrestha, L. Z. Wei, G. W. Liu

126. The Improvement of Safety Climate of Migrant Workers Based on Social Mining Technologies
Sheng Xu

127. The Potential Cost Implications and Benefits from Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Malaysian Construction Industry
LiWei Chin, ChangSaar Chai, HeapYih Chong, Aminah Yusof, NurFakhira Azmi

128. The Researches on Construction Project Manager Competency and Its Application
Jingru Li, Junpeng Li, Ruirui Xia

129. The Rise of the Smart Circular City: Intelligent Modelling of Cities for Improved Waste Reuse and Environmental Effects
R. Vrijhoef

130. The Simulation and Evaluation Method and Technology of Passenger Flow in Urban Rail Terminal
W. K. Huang, M. W. Hu, S. Y. Zhai

131. The Supply and Demand for Green Housing in China: A Micro-Perspective
L. Zhang, H. Liu, X. Wang, X. Tang

132. Trend Analysis of the Labor Supply and Demand in China’s Construction Industry: 2016–2025
H. Ye, Y. Zhang

133. Understanding Construction Technology Transfer from a ‘SCOT’ Perspective
K. Oti-Sarpong, R. Leiringer

134. Urban Green Land Carbon-Sink in Different Functional Cities: The China Case
Z. H. Huang, N. Xiong, X. L. Zhang, S. P. Li, L. Y. Shen

135. Use of a Mobile BIM Application Integrated with Asset Tracking Technology Over a Cloud
J. Park, Y. K. Cho

136. Using Switching State-Space Model to Identify Work States Based on Movement Data
Xincong Yang, Heng Li, Fenglai Wang, Xiaochun Luo, Dongping Cao

Keywords: Business and Management, Real Estate Management, Construction Management

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