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Next-Generation Networks

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Table of contents

1. 100 Gbps High-Speed Broadband Networks
S. C. Gupta

2. Performance Variation of Routing Protocols with Mobility and Scalability in MANET
Manish Kumar, Chetan Sharma, Arzoo Dhiman, Ajay Kumar Rangra

3. Variations in Routing Protocol Resulting in Improved Energy Utilization in WSN
Chandandeep Kaur, Chetan Sharma, Arzoo Dhiman, Akansha Sharma

4. Genetic Algorithm-Based Routing Protocol for Energy Efficient Routing in MANETs
Pawan, Rajendra K. Sharma, A. K. Sharma, Vinod Jain

5. IPv6 Security Issues—A Systematic Review
Atena Shiranzaei, Rafiqul Zaman Khan

6. Moderating Bandwidth Starvation Using PQDWRR
Arti Singh, Ambar Yadav, Aarti Gautam Dinker

7. Coordinate-Based Void Detection and Recovery in WSN
Shalu, Amita Malik

8. Optimized QoS-Based Node Disjoint Routing for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Vikas Bhandary, Amita Malik, Sanjay Kumar

9. Review of Industrial Standards for Wireless Sensor Networks
Seema Kharb, Anita Singhrova

10. Fairness and Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy-Based Resource Allocator for IEEE 802.16 Networks

11. Intrusion Detection and Recovery of MANET by Using ACO Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm
Kuldeep Singh, Karandeep Singh

12. Avoiding Attacks Using Node Position Verification in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
G. Krishna Kishore, K. Rajesh

13. Algorithm for Multi-Hop Relay in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
G. Krishna Kishore, P. Sai Geetha

14. Comparative Performance of Multipath Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Network
Meenakshi Sati, Mahendra Singh Aswal, Ashutosh Dimri

15. Energy-Efficient Approaches in Wireless Network: A Review
Veenu Mor, Harish Kumar

16. Developing Small Size Low-Cost Software-Defined Networking Switch Using Raspberry Pi
Vipin Gupta, Karamjeet Kaur, Sukhveer Kaur

17. A Timestamp-Based Adaptive Gateway Discovery Algorithm for Ubiquitous Internet Access in MANET
Prakash Srivastava, Rakesh Kumar

18. A Directed Threshold Signature Scheme
Manoj Kumar

19. Comparing Mesh Topology-Based Multicast Routing Protocols in MANETs
Ashema Hasti, U. S. Pandey

20. SER Performance Improvement in OFDM System Over Generalized K-fading Channel
Keerti Tiwari, Bindu Bharti, Davinder S. Saini

21. Automatic Classification of WiMAX Physical Layer OFDM Signals Using Neural Network
Praveen S. Thakur, Sushila Madan, Mamta Madan

22. Routing Protocols in CRAHNs: A Review
Anukiran Jain, S. Umang, M. N. Hoda

23. Cluster-Tree-Based Routing—A Step Towards Increasing WSN Longevity
Shalini, Umang, M. N. Hoda

24. Performance Analysis of DTN Routing Protocol for Vehicular Sensor Networks
Ram Shringar Raw, Arushi Kadam, Loveleen

25. Analyzing Virtual Traffic Light Using State Machine in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
Umang, Parul Choudhary

26. Design and Analysis of QoS for Different Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
A. Ayyasamy, M. Archana

27. An Agent-Based Solution to Energy Sink-Hole Problem in Flat Wireless Sensor Networks
Mamta Yadav, Preeti Sethi, Dimple Juneja, Naresh Chauhan

28. Compact Low-Profile WiMAX-MIMO Antenna with Defected Ground Structure for Disaster Management
Madan Kumar Sharma, Mithilesh Kumar, J.P. Saini, Girish Parmar

29. A Comparative Study of Various Routing Classes and Their Key Goals in Wireless Sensor Networks
Yahya Kord Tamandani, Mohammad Ubaidullah Bokhari, Qahtan Makki

30. WLAN Channel Compatible Design Goal-Based Energy-Efficient Fibonacci Generator Design on FPGA
Sonam, Anuradha Panjeta

31. NS-2-Based Analysis of Stream Control and Datagram Congestion Control with Traditional Transmission Control Protocol
Rashmi Rajput, Gurpreet Singh

32. Wireless Power Transfer Using Microwaves
Nitin Sharma, Tarun Bheda, Richa Chaudhary, Mohit, Shabana Urooj

33. Performance Evaluation of AODV and DSR Routing Protocol on Varying Speed and Pause Time in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Anil Saini, Rajender Nath

34. TCP- and UDP-Based Performance Evaluation of AODV and DSR Routing Protocol on Varying Speed and Pause Time in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Arun Kumar Yadav, Ashwani Kush

35. Hybrid Multi-commodity-Based Widest Disjoint Path Algorithm (HMBWDP)
Pallvi Garg, Shuchita Upadhyaya

36. A Perusal of Replication in Content Delivery Network
Meenakshi Gupta, Atul Garg

37. An Assessment of Reactive Routing Protocols in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks (CRAHNs)
Shiraz Khurana, Shuchita Upadhyaya

38. Analysis and Simulation of Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy Protocol
Amita Yadav, Suresh Kumar

39. Packet Delay Prediction in MANET Using Artificial Neural Network
Harshita Tuli, Sanjay Kumar

40. Detection of Hello Flood Attack on LEACH in Wireless Sensor Networks
Reenkamal Kaur Gill, Monika Sachdeva

41. Detection of Selective Forwarding (Gray Hole) Attack on LEACH in Wireless Sensor Networks
Priya Chawla, Monika Sachdeva

42. H-LEACH: Modified and Efficient LEACH Protocol for Hybrid Clustering Scenario in Wireless Sensor Networks
Vishal Gupta, M. N. Doja

43. Implementing Chaotic and Synchronization Properties of Logistic Maps Using Artificial Neural Networks for Code Generation
Bijoy Kamal Bhattacharyya, Hemanta Kumar Sarmah, Kandarpa Kumar Sarma

44. Enhancement of LAN Infrastructure Performance for Data Center in Presence of Network Security
Bhargavi Goswami, Seyed Saleh Asadollahi

45. High-Speed TCP Session Tracking Using Multiprocessor Environments
B. S. Bindhumadhava, Kanchan Bokil, Sankalp Bagaria, Praveen D. Ampatt

46. Integrated Next-Generation Network Security Model
Rajesh Kumar Meena, Harnidh Kaur, Kirti Sharma, Simran Kaur, Smriti Sharma

47. Reliable Data Delivery Mechanism for Mobile Ad Hoc Network Using Cross-Layer Approach
Sandeep Sharma, Rajesh Mishra, Siddharth Dhama

48. Stable Period Extension for Heterogeneous Model in Wireless Sensor Network
Pawan Singh Mehra, M. N. Doja, Bashir Alam

49. Congestion Control in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network: A Review
Jaiveer Singh, Karan Singh

50. Mathematical Model for Wireless Sensor Network with Two Latent Periods
Rudra Pratap Ojha, Pramod Kumar Srivastava, Goutam Sanyal

51. A Review of Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocols and Challenges
Subrata Sahana, Karan Singh, Rajesh Kumar, Sanjoy Das

52. A Multi-metric-Based Algorithm for Cluster Head Selection in Multi-hop Ad Hoc Network
Jay Prakash, Rakesh Kumar, Sarvesh Kumar, J.P. Saini

53. Maximizing Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network by Sink Mobility in a Fixed Trajectory
Jay Prakash, Rakesh Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Gautam, J.P. Saini

54. Secure Communication in Cluster-Based Ad Hoc Networks: A Review
Ajay Kumar Gupta, Shiva Prakash

55. Cluster Head Selection and Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Shrikant V. Sonekar, Manali M. Kshirsagar, Latesh Malik

56. Attack in Smartphone Wi-Fi Access Channel: State of the Art, Current Issues, and Challenges
Kavita Sharma, B. B. Gupta

57. Evaluating Pattern Classification Techniques of Neural Network Using k-Means Clustering Algorithm
Swati Sah, Ashutosh Gaur, Manu Pratap Singh

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Communication Networks, Communications Engineering, Networks, Mathematical Models of Cognitive Processes and Neural Networks, Applications of Graph Theory and Complex Networks

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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18 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications
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