Himiyama, Yukio

Exploring Sustainable Land Use in Monsoon Asia

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Towards Sustainable Land Use in Asia
Yukio Himiyama

Part II. Land Use Change in China

2. Urbanization in Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province in China Since ca. 1930
Yukio Himiyama, Miho Ikeshita, Tetsuya Shinde

3. Reorganization of Suburban Areas in Terms of Real Estate Utilization and Transformation of Evicted Farmers
Zengmin JI

4. Economic Development and Land Use Changes in an Inland Area of China: A Case Study of Gansu Province
Haruhiro Doi, Yanwei Chai

5. The Change of the Traditional Urbanization and Its Future Development Focus in China
Qi Lu

Part III. Land Use Change in India

6. Landuse Sustainability of Agricultural Zones
Arun Das, Koichi Kimoto, M. Ravi Kumar, R. Umakanth, Dhritiraj Sengupta, H. R. Vishwanth

7. Low Carbon Resilient Delhi Megacity for Sustainable Future Earth
R. B. Singh, Subhash Anand, Vidhi Saluja

8. Dynamics of Land Use and Climate Change in Subhumid Region of Rajasthan, India
R. B. Singh, Ajay Kumar

9. Urban Land Use Land Cover Change
Arun Das, Koichi Kimoto, K. Jabir, Dhritiraj Sengupta, B. S. Shriharsha, M. Ravikumar

10. Population and Land Use in Semiarid Area—A Case of Karnataka, India
Koichi Kimoto

Part IV. Land Use Change in Japan

11. Land Use Change in Tokyo Prefecture Viewed from the Medium Scale Topographic Maps
Yukio Himiyama, Tetsuya Fukase

12. Flood Risk and Mitigation Under Changing Land Use
Shigeko Haruyama, Atsuko Suzuki

Part V. Land Use Change in Other Countries/Regions in Asia

13. Human Impacts on the Landcover Change of the Inle Watershed in Myanmar
Kay Thwe Hlaing, Shigeko Haruyama, Saw Yu May

14. The Ecological Footprint and Carrying Capacity in Northeast Asia
Zhang Bai, Liu Weijie

15. Land Use and Spatial Policy Conflicts in a Rich-Biodiversity Rain Forest Region: The Case of Jambi Province, Indonesia
Ernan Rustiadi, Baba Barus, Laode Syamsul Iman, Setyardi Pratika Mulya, Andrea Emma Pravitasari, Dedy Antony

Keywords: Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Economic Geography, World Regional Geography (Continents, Countries, Regions), Sustainable Development

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