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Proceedings of First International Conference on Smart System, Innovations and Computing

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Table of contents

1. Cluster-Based Energy-Efficient Communication in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Jyoti Mangla, Nitin Rakesh

2. IoT-Based Solution for Food Adulteration
Karan Gupta, Nitin Rakesh

3. SEE THROUGH Approach for the Solution to Node Mobility Issue in Underwater Sensor Network (UWSN)
Nishit Walter, Nitin Rakesh

4. Analysis of Mobility Aware Routing Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network
Jyoti Mangla, Nitin Rakesh, Rakesh Matam

5. Arduino Controlled Chessboard
Soikat Chakrabarty, Rupanshu Goyal, Nitin Rakesh

6. Development of Effective Technique for Integration of Hybrid Energy System to Microgrid
Sheeraz Kirmani, Majid Jamil, Iram Akhtar

7. Purple Fringing Aberration Detection Based on Content-Adaptable Thresholds
Kannan Karthik, Parveen Malik

8. Comparative Analysis of Feature Extraction Techniques in Motor Imagery EEG Signal Classification
Rajdeep Chatterjee, Tathagata Bandyopadhyay, Debarshi Kumar Sanyal, Dibyajyoti Guha

9. Block Matching Algorithm Based on Hybridization of Artificial Bee Colony and Differential Evolution for Motion Estimation in Video Compression
Kamanasish Bhattacharjee, Arti Tiwari, Nitin Rakesh

10. Enhanced Online Hybrid Model for Online Fraud Prevention and Detection
Harsh Tyagi, Nitin Rakesh

11. Robust and Efficient Routing in Three-Dimensional Underwater Sensor Network
Rakshit Jain, Nitin Rakesh

12. Limiting Route Request Flooding Using Velocity Constraint in Multipath Routing Protocol
Rajshree Soni, Anil Kumar Dahiya, Sourabh Singh Verma

13. Forensic Writer Identification with Projection Profile Representation of Graphemes
Pallavi Pandey, K. R. Seeja

14. Secure Public Auditing Using Batch Processing for Cloud Data Storage
G. L. Prakash, Manish Prateek, Inder Singh

15. Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment Using Bat Algorithm
Santwana Sagnika, Saurabh Bilgaiyan, Bhabani Shankar Prasad Mishra

16. Recognition of Telecom Customer’s Behavior as Data Product in CRM Big Data Environment
Puja Shrivastava, Laxman Sahoo, Manjusha Pandey

17. A Perspective Analysis of Phonological Structure in Indian Sign Language
Vivek Kumar Verma, Sumit Srivastava

18. Air Pollution Prediction Using Extreme Learning Machine: A Case Study on Delhi (India)
Manisha Bisht, K. R. Seeja

19. Load-Balanced Energy-Enhanced Routing Protocol for Clustered Bee-Ad Hoc MANETs
Sasmita Mohapatra, M. Siddappa

20. A Novel Self-transforming Image Encryption Algorithm Using Intrinsically Mutating PRNG
Soorya Annadurai, R. Manoj, Roshan David Jathanna

21. A Model of Computation of QoS of WSCDL Roles from Traces of Competing Web Services
Ravi Shankar Pandey

22. A Model to Measure Readability of Captions with Temporal Dimension
Muralidhar Pantula, K. S. Kuppusamy

23. Readability Assessment-cum-Evaluation of Government Department Websites of Rajasthan
Pawan Kumar Ojha, Abid Ismail, K. S. Kuppusamy

24. A Novel Technique for Frequently Searching Items with Alarm Method
R. Priya, G.P. Rameshkumar

25. A Novel System of Automated Wheel Bed with Android Phone and Arduino
R. Swathika, K. Geetha

26. A Secure File Transfer Using the Concept of Dynamic Random Key, Transaction Id and Validation Key with Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithm
Saima Iqbal, Ram Lal Yadav

27. Smart Control Based Energy Management Setup for Space Heating
Mohammad Zeeshan

28. HAAS: Intelligent Cloud for Smart Health Care Solutions
S. Padmavathi, Sivakumar Sruthi

29. Compact Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna with Multiband Characteristics for WLAN/WiMAX
B. Roy, G. A. Raja, I. Vasu, S. K. Chowdhury, A. K. Bhattacharjee

30. Nonlinear Speed Estimator and Fuzzy Control for Sensorless IM Drive
J. Mohana Lakshmi, H. N. Suresh, Varsha K. S. Pai

31. Steganography Using Bit Plane Embedding and Cryptography
Bharti Rathor, Ravi Saharan

32. Minimizing Fuel Cost of Generators Using GA-OPF
Divya Asija, P. Vishnu Astick, Pallavi Choudekar

33. Stack Automata-Based Framework for Behavior Modeling of Virtual Agents
Saurabh Ranjan Srivastava, Angela Joseph

34. An IoT-Based Innovative Real-Time pH Monitoring and Control of Municipal Wastewater for Agriculture and Gardening
Narendra Khatri, Abhishek Sharma, Kamal Kishore Khatri, Ganesh D. Sharma

35. Modular Neural Network for Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Retinal Images
Manish Sharma, Praveen Sharma, Ashwini Saini, Kirti Sharma

36. Design and Implementation of Interactive Home Automation System Using LabVIEW
Peeyush Garg, Sankalp Agrawal, Wu Yiyang, Amit Saraswat

37. Power Flow Management in Multiline Transmission System Through Reactive Power Compensation Using IPFC
Divya Asija, Velagapudi Naga Sai

38. A Machine Learning Approach for User Authentication Using Touchstroke Dynamics
Dinesh Soni, M. Hanmandlu, Hukam Chand Saini

39. GPU-Based Parallelization of Topological Sorting
Rahul Saxena, Monika Jain, D. P. Sharma

40. An Approach for Adapting Component-Based Software Engineering
Nitin Arora, Devesh Kumar Srivastava, Roheet Bhatnagar

41. Mitigating Primary User Emulation Attack in Cognitive Radio Network Using Localization and VarianceDetection

Rukhsar Sultana, Muzzammil Hussain

42. A Study on Shape Detection: An Unexplored Parameter in the Gallstones Identification
Sakshi Garg, Angadpreet Walia, Abhilasha Singh, Anju Mishra

43. Assistive Dementia Care System Through Smart Home
K. S. Gayathri, Susan Elias, K. S. Easwarakumar

44. Fault Aware Trust Determination Algorithm for Wireless Body Sensor Network (WBSN)
A. Chitra, G. R. Kanagachidambaresan

45. Classification of ECG Signals Related to Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation
Shipra Saraswat, Geetika Srivastava, Sachidanand Shukla

46. An Image Encryption Scheme Using Chaotic Sequence for Pixel Scrambling and DFrFT
Harish Sharma, Narendra Khatri

47. Dynamic Route Optimization Using Nature-Inspired Algorithms in IoV
Nitika Chowdhary, Pankaj Deep Kaur

48. A Novel Cross Correlation-Based Approach for Handwritten Gujarati Character Recognition
Ankit K. Sharma, Dipak M. Adhyaru, Tanish H. Zaveri

49. Realization of Junctionless TFET-Based Power Efficient 6T SRAM Memory Cell for Internet of Things Applications
Anju, Sunil Pandey, Shivendra Yadav, Kaushal Nigam, Dheeraj Sharma, P. N. Kondekar

50. A Charge Plasma Based Dielectric Modulated Heterojunction TFET Based Biosensor for Health-IoT Applications
Deepika Singh, Sunil Pandey, Dheeraj Sharma, P. N. Kondekar

51. FP-Tree and Its Variants: Towards Solving the Pattern Mining Challenges
Anindita Borah, Bhabesh Nath

52. Game-Theoretic Method for Selection of Trustworthy Cloud Service Providers
Monoj Kumar Muchahari, Smriti Kumar Sinha

53. Design of Low-Power Full Adder Using Two-Phase Clocked Adiabatic Static CMOS Logic
Dinesh Kumar, Manoj Kumar

54. Design and Implementation of Montgomery Multipliers in RSA Cryptography for Wireless Sensor Networks
G. Leelavathi, K. Shaila, K. R. Venugopal

55. Load Optimization in Femtocell Using Iterative Local Search Heuristics in an Enterprise Environment
Rajalakshmi Krishnamurthi, Mukta Goyal

56. Cuckoo Search Strategies for Solving Combinatorial Problems (Solving Substitution Cipher: An Investigation)
Ashish Jain, Jyoti Grover, Tarun Jain

57. A WSN-Based Landslide Prediction Model Using Fuzzy Logic Inference System
Prabhleen Singh, Ashok Kumar, Gaurav Sharma

58. Task-Enabled Instruction Cache Partitioning Scheme for Embedded System
Bhargavi R. Upadhyay, T.S.B. Sudarshan

59. Patient Tracking Using IoT and Big Data
A. Jameer Basha, M. Malathi, S. Balaganesh, R. Maheshwari

60. An Enhanced Approach to Fuzzy C-means Clustering for Anomaly Detection
Ruby Sharma, Sandeep Chaurasia

61. A Study of Memory Access Patterns as an Indicator of Performance in High-Level Synthesis
Meena Belwal, T. S. B. Sudarshan

62. Image Segmentation Using Hybridized Firefly Algorithm and Intuitionistic Fuzzy C-Means
Sai Srujan Chinta, Abhay Jain, B. K. Tripathy

63. A Review Spoof Face Recognition Using LBP Descriptor
Tanvi Dhawanpatil, Bela Joglekar

64. Cube NoC Based on Hybrid Topology: A Thermal Aware Routing
R. Suraj, P. Chitra

65. Real-Time VANET Applications Using Fog Computing
Jyoti Grover, Ashish Jain, Sunita Singhal, Anju Yadav

66. Simplifying Spaghetti Processes to Find the Frequent Execution Paths
M. V. Manoj Kumar, Likewin Thomas, B. Annappa

67. Analysis of NIR and VW Light Iris Images on the Bases of Different Statistical Parameters
Harish Prajapati, Rajesh M. Bodade

68. Study and Analysis of Demonetization Move Taken by Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi
Vijay Singh, Bhasker Pant, Devesh Pratap Singh

69. Prediction of Gallstone Disease Progression Using Modified Cascade Neural Network
Likewin Thomas, M. V. Manoj Kumar, B. Annappa, S. Arun, A. Mubin

AMIPRO: A Content-Based Search Engine for Fast and Efficient Retrieval of 3D Protein Structures
Meenakshi Srivastava, S. K. Singh, S. Q. Abbas, Neelabh

71. A Risk Averse Business Model for Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles
Md. Muzakkir Hussain, Mohammad Saad Alam, M.M. Sufyan Beg, Hafiz Malik

72. Counting and Classification of Vehicle Through Virtual Region for Private Parking Solution
Mahesh Jangid, Vivek K. Verma, Venkatesh Gauri Shankar

73. Towards Incorporating Context Awareness to Recommender Systems in Internet of Things
Pratibha, Pankaj Deep Kaur

74. Latency Factor in Bot Movement Through Augmented Reality
Suman Bhakar, Devershi Pallavi Bhatt

75. Enhancing Web Search Through Question Classifier
Gaurav Aggarwal, Neha V. Sharma, Kavita

76. A Chaotic Genetic Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Anju Yadav, Vipin Pal, Ketan Jha

77. An Empirical Investigation of Impact of Organizational Factors on Big Data Adoption
Mrunal Joshi, Pradip Biswas

78. User Feedback-Based Test Suite Management: A Research Framework
Akhil Pillai, Varun Gupta

79. Mobile Big Data: Malware and Its Analysis
Venkatesh Gauri Shankar, Mahesh Jangid, Bali Devi, Shikha Kabra

80. Toward Smart Learning Environments: Affordances and Design Architecture of Augmented Reality (AR) Applications in Medical Education
Arkendu Sen, Calvin L.K. Chuen, Aye C. Zay Hta

81. Safe Sole Distress Alarm System for Female Security Using IoT
Parth Sethi, Lakshey Juneja, Punit Gupta, Kaushlendra Kumar Pandey

82. QoS Aware Grey Wolf Optimization for Task Allocation in Cloud Infrastructure
Punit Gupta, S. P. Ghrera, Mayank Goyal

83. Stable Period Enhancement for Zonal (SPEZ)-Based Clustering in Heterogeneous WSN
Pawan Singh Mehra, M. N. Doja, Bashir Alam

84. Evaluation of the Contribution of Transmit Beamforming to the Performance of IEEE 802.11ac WLANs
N. S. Ravindranath, Inder Singh, Ajay Prasad, V. Sambasiva Rao, Sandeep Chaurasia

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence

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Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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