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Energy and Environment

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Table of contents

Part I. Environment: Hydrologic Impacts

1. Structural Evaluation of Cell-Filled Pavement
Subrat Roy, K. K. Pathak

2. Global Warming Issues—Need for Sustainable Drainage System in Urban Areas—Green Construction Technologies
A. K. Shrivastava, Shalini Yadav, L. S. Yadav, Shabana Khan, A. R. Khan, Sunil Sharma

Part II. Environment: Bio-environment

3. Water Hyacinth: A Useful Plant to Improve Rural Economy
Priti Mathur, S. M. Mathur

4. Growth, Biomass and Carbon Sequestration by Trees in Nutrient-Deficient Bhata Land Soil of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India
K. K. Chandra, Atul Kumar Bhardwaj

5. Impact of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles on Growth of Different Bacterial Species
Tapan Adhikari, Garima Dube, S. Kundu, A. K. Patra

6. Performance of Low-Cost Microbial Fuel Cell Using Earthenware Separator
Sudhansu Behera, Manaswini Behera

Part III. Environment: Chemical Environment

7. Synthesis of CaO2 Nanoparticles for Environmental Remediation
Sapana S. Madan, Kailas L. Wasewar

8. Superiority of Re-circulating Fluidized Bed Reactor Over Existing Reactor Arrangements for Chemical Looping Combustion—A Review
Sachin Tomar, Nitin Lokachari, Raman Sharma

9. Enhancing N Use Efficiency and Reducing N2O Emission by Coating Urea with Newly Identified Bio-Molecule (C20H30O2), Nano-Zn Oxide and Nano-rock Phosphate
S. Kundu, Tapan Adhikari, M. Vassanda Coumar, S. Rajendiran, J. K. Saha

10. Gamma Radiation Technology for Hygienization of Municipal Dry Sewage Sludge
Naresh Kumar Garg, Lalit Varshney

Part IV. Environment: Social Environment

11. Participatory Approach for Corporate Social Responsibility Plan in India
Rajesh Puranik

Part V. Energy: Solar Energy

12. Solar-Powered Cold Storage System for Horticultural Crops
P. L. Singh, P. C. Jena, S. K. Giri, Baba Saheb Gholap, Omkar Singh Kushwah

13. Feasibility of Solar Pumps for Salt Farmers
Kapil K. Samar

Part VI. Energy: Hydropower

14. Development of Uttarakhand Using Alternative Energy Source as Micro Hydropower
Jyothi Prasad, H. J. Shiva Prasad

15. Comparative Studies on Performance of Commercially Available High-Power PC-LED Bulbs Under Tropical Conditions
Arindam Chakraborty, Amit Mukherjee, Tanmoy Das, Rajiv Ganguly

16. Design and Development of Pedal Operated Flour Mill with Multi-Applications
D. Yallappa, P. F. Mathad, Udaykumar Nidoni, T. Gururaj, R. S. Roopa Bai, Kenchappa

Part VII. Energy: Biogas

17. Development of Family Size FRP Biogas Plant Based on Kitchen Waste
Deepak Sharma, Amol Shurpatne, Kapil Samar, Nafisa Ali

18. A Computer-Based Expert System to Design Deenbandhu Biogas Plant
Sudhir Narayan Kharpude, Deepak Sharma, Kapil Samar

Prosopis juliflora—A Potential Problematic Weed for Lignocellulosic Ethanol Production
Vijayakumar Palled, M. Anantachar, M. Veerangouda, K. V. Prakash, C. T. Ramachandra, Nagaraj M. Naik, R. V. Beladadhi, K. Manjunatha, Beerge Ramesh

20. Oil Extraction, Biodiesel Production and CI Engine Investigation Using Madhuca indica Methyl Ester
Amit Karwade, Girish Bhiogade, J. G. Suryawanshi, A. V. Bhujade

21. Design and Development of Producer Gas-Based Heat Exchanger for Drying Application
D. K. Vyas, S. S. Kapdi, M. L. Gaur

22. Carbon Storage Potential in Dominant Trees of Koraput District of Odisha
Kakoli Banerjee, Gopal Raj Khemendu, Rakesh Paul, Abhijit Mitra

23. Study of Geothermal Energy Potential with Geothermal Doublet: A Case Study for Puga Valley Ladakh
Shibani K. Jha, Harish Puppala

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Energy, general, Monitoring/Environmental Analysis

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