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Water Quality Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Wastewater Treatment

1. Investigation on the Treatment of Combined Effluent Treatment Plant Wastewater and Its Safe Use in Agriculture—A Green Technology Concept
Malairajan Singanan

2. Evaluation of Treatment Technologies for Arsenic-Free Drinking Water Supply, Disposal of Backwash Water and Exhausted Media in Bihar, India
Astha Kumari, N. S. Maurya

3. Simultaneous Removal of Arsenic and Nitrate in Anaerobic Batch Reactors
A. K. Shakya, P. K. Ghosh

4. Oxyanions Removal by Biological Processes: A Review
Ranjeeta Bhande, Pranab Kumar Ghosh

5. Factors Influencing Electrocoagulation Treatment of UASB Reactor Effluent
Abhipsa R. Makwana

6. Performance Evaluation of Filters for Sedimentation Particle Filtration
Snehal R. Bantey, Manjeet Singh, S. R. Bhakar, S. S. Lakhawat

7. Magnetic Extracellular Polymer Composite for the Effective Removal of Microcystin
K. V. Arivizhivendhan, M. Jothieshwari, S. Swarnalatha, R. Regina Mary, G. Sekaran

8. Bioremediation of Chromium Complex Dye by Growing Aspergillus flavus

Arpita Ghosh, Manisha Ghosh Dastidar, T. R. Sreekrishnan

9. Biosorption as a Novel Approach for Removing Aluminium from Water Treatment Plant Residual—A Review
Mansi Mishra, M. S. Chauhan

10. Catalytic Oxidation of Sulphide Laden Tannery Wastewater Without Sludge Production
N. Prabhakaran, S. Swarnalatha, G. Sekaran

11. Treatment of Dye Wastewater from Textile Industry by Electrocoagulation and Fenton Oxidation: A Review
Sandeep Thakur, M. S. Chauhan

12. Impact of Hydrocarbon Pollutants on Partially Saturated Soil Media in Batch System: Morphological Analysis Using SEM Techniques
Pankaj Kumar Gupta, Abhishek, Brijesh Kumar Yadav

13. Kitchen Greywater Treatment in a Constructed Wetland Microcosm Using Aquatic Macrophytes
Abhik Gupta, Jyoti Rani Nath

14. Assessment of Aerobic Biodegradability for Vegetable Tanning Process Wastewater Generated from Leather Industry
Abirami Balakrishnan, K. Sri Bala Kameswari, Chitra Kalyanaraman

15. Biodegradability of Syntans Using Ozonation as a Pretreatment Process
N. Dhivya Priya, K. Sri Bala Kameswari, Kalyanaraman Chitra

16. Treatment of Synthetic Petroleum Refinery Wastewater in Anoxic Reactors at Varied Feed Phenol
Subrat Kumar Mallick, Saswati Chakraborty

17. Fluoride Pollution Abatement
Payel Roy, Ritesh Kumar, Goutam Kumar Roy

18. Evaluation of Dolochar as a Filter Media in Slow Sand Filtration
Purushottam Das Vairagi, Rajesh Roshan Dash

19. Removal and Recovery of Methyl Violet Dye from Industrial Wastewater by Liquid–Liquid Extraction
S. Elumalai, G. Muthuraman

20. Fenton’s Treatment of Pulp and Paper Mill Effluent
Sumit Kumar Gautham, V. V. Dhaneesh, Basavaraju Manu

21. Treatment of Car Washing Unit Wastewater—A Review
N. Sasi Kumar, M. S. Chauhan

22. Efficient and Economical Application of a Spent Waste Adsorbent Cu2+-Loaded Poly (AAc-AM-SH) Superabsorbent Hydrogels by Reusing It for Adsorption of Phosphate Ion
Tripti Singh, Reena Singhal

Streptomyces cavourensis Strain RD7-Mediated Decolorization of Aromatic Industrial Dye
Riddhi Naresh Dholakiya, Madhava Anil Kumar, Kalpana H. Mody

24. Rice Crop Growth and Rhizospheric Microbial Dynamics in Heavy Metals Contaminated Inceptisol
Manoj Shrivastava, Usha Mina, S. Thaplial, A. Srivastava, M. Khuant, S. D. Singh

25. Studies on the Non-symbiotic Diazotrophic Bacterial Population and Efficiency of Nitrogen Fixation in Coastal Saline Soils from Sagar Island, West Bengal
Arundhati Das, Rajkamal Srivastava, Vishal Patil, Sudipta Tripathi

26. A Critical Study on the Applicability of Forchheimer and Wilkins Equations for Nonlinear Flow Through Coarse Granular Media
Ashes Banerjee, Srinivas Pasupuleti, G. N. Pradeep Kumar

27. Numerical Modeling and Design of a Fishery Port Near Ezhimala Promontory
T. P. Dhanya, Kiran G. Shirlal

Part II. Solid Waste Management

28. Management of Urban Solid Waste in Shimla—A Case Study
Zuneid Brar

29. New Trends for Wastewater Treatment and Their Reuse Using Ceramic Membrane Technology: A Case Study
Swachchha Majumdar, Subhendu Sarkar, Sourja Ghosh, Priyankari Bhattacharya, Sibdas Bandyopadhyay, Amrita Saha, Sayantika Mukherjee, Dipanwita Das, G. L. Sharma, S. N. Roy

30. Using Conversations to Enhance Pro-environmental Practices in High-Rise Public Housing: A Comparative Study Between Mexico and Australia
A. O. Aldape-Garcia

31. Environmental and Infrastructural Features of High-Rise Public Housing Buildings and Their Impact on Resident’s Pro-environmental Practices
A. O. Aldape-Garcia

32. Municipal Solid Waste Management with Uncertainty Analysis for Urban Cities
Vinai Singh, R. M. Singh, N. R. Rawal

33. Solid Waste Management Through Vermi- and Phosphate-Enriched Composting Techniques for Sustainable Agriculture
A. B. Singh, M. C. Manna

34. Production of Asphaltene Binders from Solid Waste Generated in Leather Industry
K. Patchai Murugan, M. Sri Ganesh Kumar, K. Santhana Krishnan, V. Vignesh Kumar, S. Ajai Kumar, S. Swarnalatha, G. Sekaran

35. Performance and Morphological Changes in Aerobic Sludge Biomass Under Stressed Condition Imposed with Copper(II) in Feed
Abhisek Mondal, Rajneesh Kumar, Mohammad Jawed

36. Four-Pronged Preprocessing Approaches for Maximum Utilization of Raw Tannery Sludge by Earthworms
Ankita Swati, Subrata Hait

37. Impacts of Pit Latrine Additives on Volatile Solids and E. coli in Faecal Sludge
Ednah Kemboi, Jack Vossenberg, Christine Hooijmans, Grover Mamani

38. Enriched Compost Production Technique from Water Hyacinth
Arti Mathur, Sanjeev Kumar Mathur, A. B. Singh, A. Subba Rao

39. Smart Dustbins: An Approach for Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Smart Cities
A. C. Sati, K. Sudhakar

Keywords: Environment, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Water Quality/Water Pollution, Water and Health

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