Binoy, V. V.

Self, Culture and Consciousness

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Table of contents

1. Bridging Self, Culture and Consciousness
Sangeetha Menon, Nithin Nagaraj, V. V. Binoy

Part I. Emergence of Consciousness

2. Avian Cognition and Consciousness—From the Perspective of Neuroscience and Behaviour
Soumya Iyengar, Pooja Parishar, Alok Nath Mohapatra

3. Meditation, Cognitive Reserve and the Neural Basis of Consciousness
Ajay Kumar Nair, Bindu M. Kutty

4. Attention and Perception in the Deaf: A Case for Plasticity in Consciousness
Seema Prasad, Ramesh Kumar Mishra

5. Promises and Limitations of Conscious Machines
L. M. Patnaik, Jagadish S. Kallimani

Part II. Healing, Agency and Being

6. ‘Is Grandma Still There?’ A Pastoral and Ethical Reflection on the Soul and Continuing Self-identity in Deeply Forgetful People
Stephen G. Post

7. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Case for ‘Alternative Selves’?
Prathibha Karanth

8. Auditory Verbal Hallucinations in Schizophrenia: A Model for Aberrant Self-consciousness
John P. John, Pravesh Parekh, Harsha N. Halahalli, Sangeetha Menon, Bindu M. Kutty

9. Body and Self-reflection: The Crux of Yoga Philosophy and Practice
Sangeetha Menon

Part III. The Social Self, Culture and Cognition

10. Fullness, Trust and the Self
Rajesh Kasturirangan

11. Autobiographical Memory: Where Self, Wellbeing and Culture Congregate
V. V. Binoy, Ishan Vashishta, Ambika Rathore, Sangeetha Menon

12. The Alchemy of Musical Memory: Connecting Culture to Cognition
Deepti Navaratna

13. The Neuroscience of Blame and Punishment
Morris B. Hoffman, Frank Krueger

14. Becoming Conscious About the Existence of the Non-existents: Logic, Language and Speech Acts
Samir Karmakar

15. Bhoja’s Model for Analysing the Mental States of Literary Characters Based on Samkhya Metaphysics
Shankar Rajaraman

Part IV. The Self and Alternative Epistemologies

16. Brain and Self: A Neurophilosophical Account
Georg Northoff

17. The Self and Its Good Vary Cross-Culturally: A Dozen Self-variations and Chinese Familial Selves
Owen Flanagan, Wenqing Zhao

18. The Problem of Qualia: Perspectives on the Buddhist Theories of Experience
Victoria Lysenko

19. Getting Stuck on Myself: The Cognitive Processes Underlying Mental Suffering
Marieke Vugt

Part V. Consciousness, Experiential Primacy and Knowing

20. Beyond Panpsychism: The Radicality of Phenomenology
Michel Bitbol

21. Is ‘Information’ Fundamental for a Scientific Theory of Consciousness?
Nithin Nagaraj, Mohit Virmani

22. Encircling the Consciousness Conundrum
Ravindra M. Singh

23. What Does It Mean for Qualia to be Intrinsic?
S. Siddharth, Sangeetha Menon

24. Matter and Consciousness: The Classical Indian Philosophical Approach
V. N. Jha

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Psychology, Neurosciences

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