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Advanced Manufacturing and Automation VII

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Table of contents

1. How AI Affects the Future Predictive Maintenance: A Primer of Deep Learning
Kesheng Wang, Yi Wang

2. Application of Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network to Sales Forecasting in Retail—A Case Study
Quan Yu, Kesheng Wang, Jan Ola Strandhagen, Yi Wang

3. A Coarse-to-Fine Matching Method in the Line Laser Scanning System
Leilei Zhuang, Xu Zhang, Weiyan Zhou

4. Pose and Position Measurement in Dynamic Optical Coordinate Measure System
Yong Qi, Xu Zhang, Hao Wu, Wei Cheng

5. Design of Pin-Point Gate Injection Mould for Shells of Earplugs
Xian Feng, Min Yang, Min Zou

6. Research on the Principle of Automatic Correcting Machine
Haoyan Wang, Ziqiang Zhou

7. Development on Management System of Automated High-Rise Warehouse for Mid-Small Enterprises Based on Django
Chuanhong Zhou, Chao Dai, Pujia Shuai, Fei Qi

8. Underwater Image Enhancement by Fusion
Can Zhang, Xu Zhang, Dawei Tu

9. Restoration and Enhancement of Underwater Light Field Image
Wei Cui, Chen Li, Can Zhang, Xu Zhang

10. Optimizing Leather Cutting Process in Make-to-Order Production to Increase Hide Utilization
Giuseppe Fragapane, Oladipupo Olaitan, Erlend Alfnes, Jan Ola Strandhagen

11. A Study on Material Properties of Sealed Rubber Cylinder for Compressible Packer
Lixin Lu, Yue Qian, Guiqin Li, Peter Mitrouchev

12. Finite Element Analysis of Sealing Performance for Multi Cylinder Packer
Li-xin Lu, Tao Deng, Gui-qin Li, Peter Mitrouchev

13. Experimental Study on the Effect of Surface Texture on the Dynamic Performance of Journal Bearing
Jin Zhang, Guoping Li, Xiaojing Wang, Xiong Xin, Zikai Hua

14. The Effect of Temperature on Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene
Guiqin Li, Junjie Li, Jun Wang, Jiemin Feng, Qing Guo, Junlong Zhou, Peter Mitrouchev

15. The Effect of Extensometers on the Mechanical Properties of the Polypropylene Under Uniaxial Tensile Loading
Guiqin Li, Hao Chen, Jun Wang, Jiemin Feng, Qing Guo, Junlong Zhou, Peter Mitrouchev

16. Seal Property of Rubber Cylinder Shoulder in Packer
Li-xin Lu, Tao Deng, Gui-qin Li, Mitrouchev Peter

17. Data Acquisition and Storage Network Based on CAN-Bus
Lixin Lu, Jun Hua, Guiqin Li, Mitrouchev Peter

18. Effect of Pressure on Packer’s Sealing Performance
Li-xin Lu, Lei Tang, Gui-qin Li, Peter Mitrouchev

19. Acquisition and Control Systems of Distributed Data Based on STM32
Lu Lixin, Shen Deshuai, Li Guiqin, Mitrouchev Peter

20. Introduction of Cyber-Physical System in Robotized Press-Brake Line for Metal Industry
Beibei Shu, Gabor Sziebig, Bjørn Solvang

21. Dynamic Balance System Design and Control for High-Branch Pruning Machine
Yang Li, Shuai Du, Xinxue Zhao, Ziru Niu, Jin Yuan

22. Braking Distance Monitoring System for Escalator
Xiaomei/XM Jiang, Shuguang/SG Niu, Lanzhong/LZ Guo

23. Design of Large Tonnage Elevator Sheave Block
Lanzhong Guo, Xiaomei Jiang, Yannian Rui

24. A Case Study of Tacit Knowledge Diffusion Object Preference in R&D Teams
Yang Shi

25. Strategic Framework for Manual Assembly System Design
Logan Reed Vallandingham, Jo Wessel Strandhagen, Erlend Alfnes, Jan Ola Strandhagen

26. The Research and Development of Preventing the Accidental Movement of the Elevator Car Safety Protection Device
ShuGuang Niu, Huiling Liu, Guokang Chen, Haizhou Zhang

27. Ultrasonic Sensing System Design and Accurate Target Identification for Targeted Spraying
Xinxue Zhao, Yang Li, Xuemei Liu, Ziru Niu, Jin Yuan

28. Fault Location in Power System Based on Different Modes of Traveling Wave and Artificial Neural Network
Chenglei Liu, Ke Bi, Rui Liang

29. Review of Technology for Strengthening Effect of Fe Element in Al Alloys
De-Qin Sun, Zi-Qiang Zhou, Su Zhu, Pei-Jun Wu

30. Characterization the Fatigue Life of the Flame Thermal Spray Parts Applying the Power Function Energy Method
Zhi-Ping Zhao, Chao Wang, Xin-Yong Li

31. Design of Poultry Egg Quality Detection System Based on LABVIEW and PLC
Yan Liu, Rui-Jie Kong

32. Thermal Deformation of a Vertical Plate According to Various Plastic Deformation Regions
Teng Yao, Lanzhong Guo, Chao Wang

33. The Comparison of Different Models of Government Purchasing Home-Based Aged-Care Services
Guoping Zhang

34. Study on Value Increment of Channel Value Chain Between Manufacturer and Distributor-Based on Game Theory
Junwei Ma, Jianhua Wang

35. The Study on Evaluation Index System of Restructuring Construction Industry Under the Green Development Model
Fang Liu, Jie Zhao

36. Correcting Strategy for Distortion of Ring Part Based on Genetic Algorithm
Ziqiang Zhou, Ke Be, Haoyan Wang

37. Human Centered Automation System for ELV Disassembly Line
Guohong Dai, Ziqiang Zhou

38. Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Deep Learning Network
Shenghao Tang, Yuqiu Yuan, Li Lu, Shuang Li, Changqing Shen, Zhongkui Zhu

39. An Automatic Feature Learning and Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Stacked Sparse Autoencoder
Yumei Qi, Changqing Shen, Jie Liu, Xuwei Li, Dading Li, Zhongkui Zhu

40. Application of Intelligent Hanging Production System in Garment Industry
Jishu Zhang, Yingzi Zhang, Peiguo Wang

41. Objective Evaluation of Clothing Modeling Based on Eye Movement Experiment
Yingzi Zhang, Jishu Zhang

42. Simulation Analysis of Rotor Indirect Field Oriented Vector Control System for AC Induction Motor in Low Speed Electric Vehicles
Kang Wang, Qingzhang Chen, Zhengyi Wang

43. Vision Based Quality Control and Maintenance in High Volume Production by Use of Zero Defect Strategies
Håkon Raabe, Odd Myklebust, Ragnhild Eleftheriadis

44. A RFID Based Solution for Managing the Order-Picking Operation in Warehouse
Haishu Ma, Jinghui Yang, Kesheng Wang

45. Improving the Decision-Making of Reverse Logistics Network Design Part II: An Improved Scenario-Based Solution Method and Numerical Experimentation
Hao Yu, Wei Deng Solvang

46. Improving the Decision-Making of Reverse Logistics Network Design Part I: A MILP Model Under Stochastic Environment
Hao Yu, Wei Deng Solvang

47. Predictive Maintenance for Synchronizing Maintenance Planning with Production
Harald Rødseth, Per Schjølberg, Markus Wabner, Uwe Frieß

48. Recognition of Garlic Cloves Orientation Based on Machine Vision
Shuai Du, Yang Li, Xuemei Liu, Jin Yuan

49. Metal Penetration in Additively Manufactured Venting Slots for Low-Pressure Die Casting
Even Wilberg Hovig, Knut Sørby, Per Erik Drønen

50. Analysis and Impact Assessment in Sustainable Industrial and Infrastructural Development Projects
Lea Kristine Myklebust, Odd Myklebust

51. Lightweight Design of LED Street Lamp Based on Response Surface Method
Mengjia Qi, Lilan Liu, Renfei Ma, Yi Wang

52. Industry 4.0 and Cyber Physical Systems in a Norwegian Industrial Context
Ragnhild J. Eleftheriadis, Odd Myklebust

53. Mechanical Analysis of a Customized Hand Orthosis Based on 3D Printing
Jiawei Wu, Cuilian Zhao, Yexiao Liu, Shuangchi Ma

54. Fault Classification and Degradation Assessment Based on Wavelet Packet Decomposition for Rotary Machinery
Zhe Li, Viggo Gabriel Borg Pedersen, Kesheng Wang, Yafei He

55. Research on Assembly and Disassembly of Reducer with the Combination of Virtual and the Actual Reality
Wenhua Zhu, Bao Cai, Kunju Shi, Sai Liu

56. Equipment Condition Monitoring System Based on LabVIEW
Zhongwei Rao, Bowen Feng, Lilan Liu, Yi Wang

57. The Algorithm Knowledge Base for Steel Production Process Optimization
Shuai Li, Lilan Liu, Yiping Wu, Yi Wang

58. Study on the Friction Characteristics of Two Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Coatings
Jian Wu, Te Li, Lanzhong Guo

59. A Hybrid Nested Partitions Method for Bi-objective Job Shop Scheduling Problem Considering Energy Consumption and Makespan
Mei Dai, Xin Li, Limin Mao

60. Research on the Framework of Quality Prediction in Intelligent Manufacturing
Min Ji

61. Deep Learning Approach to Multiple Features Sequence Analysis in Predictive Maintenance
Jin Yuan, Kesheng Wang, Yi Wang

62. Sorting System of Robot Based on Vision Detection
Qin Qin, Dongdong Zhu, Zimei Tu, Jianxiong Hong

63. The Challenges and Promises of Big Data—An Engineering Perspective
Yi Wang

64. A Modified Teaching and Learning Based Optimization Algorithm and Application in Deep Neural Networks Optimization for Electro-Discharge Machining
Chen Wang, Baorui Li, Yi Wang, Kesheng Wang, Shenghuai Wang

65. A Study on a Novel Application of Eye Tracking Technology in Product Customization
Baorui Li, Yi Wang, Kesheng Wang, Jinghui Yang, Lilan Liu

66. Big Data Analysis in Click Prediction
Lapo Chirici, Kesheng Wang

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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