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Quality, IT and Business Operations

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Table of contents

1. A Conceptual Architectural Design for Intelligent Health Information System: Case Study on India
Sachin Kumar, Saibal K. Pal, Ram Pal Singh

2. A General Framework for Modeling of Multiple-Version Software with Change-Point
Gaurav Mishra, P. K. Kapur, A. K. Shrivastava

3. An Improved Scoring System for Software Vulnerability Prioritization
Ruchi Sharma, R. K. Singh

4. Analysis of Feature Ranking Techniques for Defect Prediction in Software Systems
Sangeeta Sabharwal, Sushama Nagpal, Nisha Malhotra, Pratyush Singh, Keshav Seth

5. Analysis of Impediments to Sustainability in the Food Supply Chain: An Interpretive Structural Modeling Approach
Jyoti Dhingra Darbari, Vernika Agarwal, Rashi Sharma, P. C. Jha

6. Analysis of Module-Based Software Reliability Growth Model Incorporating Imperfect Debugging and Fault Reduction Factor
Madhu Jain, Anuradha Jain, Ritu Gupta

7. Analytics for Maintenance of Transportation in Smart Cities
Adithya Thaduri, Ajit Kumar Verma, Uday Kumar

8. Business Strategy Prediction System for Market Basket Analysis
Sumit Jain, Nand Kishore Sharma, Sanket Gupta, Nitika Doohan

9. Defending the OSN-Based Web Applications from XSS Attacks Using Dynamic JavaScript Code and Content Isolation
Pooja Chaudhary, B. B. Gupta, Shashank Gupta

10. Development of QFD Methodology
Frolova Elena, Albina Gazizulina, Elena Eskina, Maria Ostapenko, Dmitriy Aidarov

11. Discrete-Time Framework for Determining Optimal Software Release and Patching Time
Anshul Tickoo, P. K. Kapur, A. K. Shrivastava, Sunil K. Khatri

12. EFA-FTOPSIS-Based Assessment of Service Quality: Case of Shopping Websites
Vivek Agrawal, Akash Agrawal, Anand Mohan Agrawal

13. Finding Efficiency in Data Envelopment Analysis Using Variable Reduction Technique
Seema Gupta, K. N. Rajeshwari, P. C. Jha

14. Fire Safety Experimental Investigations of Time to Flashover as a Function of Humidity in Wood
Ajit Srividya, Torgrim Log, Arjen Kraaijeveld

15. Fixing of Faults and Vulnerabilities via Single Patch
Yogita Kansal, Uday Kumar, Deepak Kumar, P. K. Kapur

16. LC-ELM-Based Gray Scale Image Watermarking in Wavelet Domain
Rajesh Mehta, Virendra P. Vishwakarma

17. Implementing and Evaluating R-Tree Techniques on Concurrency Control and Recovery with Modifications on Nonspatial Domains
Rucche Sharrma, Amit Gupta

18. Inventory Decisions for Imperfect Quality Deteriorating Items with Exponential Declining Demand Under Trade Credit and Partially Backlogged Shortages
Chandra K. Jaggi, Prerna Gautam, Aditi Khanna

19. Maintenance in the Era of Industry 4.0: Issues and Challenges
Uday Kumar, Diego Galar

20. Modeling Fault Detection Phenomenon in Multiple Sprints for Agile Software Environment
Prabhanjan Mishra, A. K. Shrivastava, P. K. Kapur, Sunil K. Khatri

21. Optimal Price and Warranty Length for Profit Determination: An Evaluation Based on Preventive Maintenance
Adarsh Anand, Shakshi Singhal, Saurabh Panwar, Ompal Singh

22. Six Sigma Implementation in Cutting Process of Apparel Industry
Reena Nupur, Kanika Gandhi, Anjana Solanki, P. C. Jha

23. Forecasting of Major World Stock Exchanges Using Rule-Based Forward and Backward Chaining Expert Systems
Sachin Kamley, Shailesh Jaloree, R. S. Thakur

24. Performance Enhancement of AODV Routing Protocol Using ANFIS Technique
Vivek Sharma, Bashir Alam, M. N. Doja

25. Preservation of QoS and Energy Consumption-Based Performance Metrics Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ram Bhushan Agnihotri, Nitin Pandey, Shekhar Verma

26. Reliability Analysis for Upgraded Software with Updates
Adarsh Anand, Subhrata Das, Deepti Aggrawal, P. K. Kapur

27. Quantitative Software Process Improvement Program Using Lean Methodology
Mahesh Kuruba, Prasad Chitimalla

28. Selection of Optimal Software Reliability Growth Models: A Fuzzy DEA Ranking Approach
Vijay Kumar, V. B. Singh, Ashish Garg, Gaurav Kumar

29. Significance of Parallel Computation over Serial Computation Using OpenMP, MPI, and CUDA
Shubhangi Rastogi, Hira Zaheer

30. Software Release and Patching Time with Warranty Using Change Point
Chetna Choudhary, P. K. Kapur, A. K. Shrivastava, Sunil K. Khatri

31. Two-Dimensional Framework to Optimize Release Time and Warranty
Nitin Sachdeva, P. K. Kapur, Ompal Singh

32. Technological Capabilities Impacting Business Intelligence Success in Organisations
Rekha Mishra, A. K. Saini

33. Testing Time and Effort-Based Successive Release Modeling of a Software in the Presence of Imperfect Debugging
Vijay Kumar, P. K. Kapur, Ramita Sahni, A. K. Shrivastava

34. The Role of Educational ERP in the Isomorphic Development of the Newly Started Higher Education Institutions
Said Eid Younes

35. When to Start Remanufacturing Using Adopter Categorization
Nitin Sachdeva, P. K. Kapur, Ompal Singh

Keywords: Business and Management, Big Data/Analytics, Operations Management, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk, Innovation/Technology Management

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Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics
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