Kim, Byung Hak

Hermitian–Grassmannian Submanifolds

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Table of contents

1. Constant Mean Curvature Spacelike Hypersurfaces in Spacetimes with Certain Causal Symmetries
Alfonso Romero

2. Sequences of Maximal Antipodal Sets of Oriented Real Grassmann Manifolds II
Hiroyuki Tasaki

3. Derivatives on Real Hypersurfaces of Non-flat Complex Space Forms
Juan Dios Pérez

4. Maximal Antipodal Subgroups of the Automorphism Groups of Compact Lie Algebras
Makiko Sumi Tanaka, Hiroyuki Tasaki

5. A Nearly Kähler Submanifold with Vertically Pluri-Harmonic Lift
Kazuyuki Hasegawa

6. The Schwarz Lemma for Super-Conformal Maps
Katsuhiro Moriya

7. Reeb Recurrent Structure Jacobi Operator on Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Two-Plane Grassmannians
Hyunjin Lee, Young Jin Suh

8. Hamiltonian Non-displaceability of the Gauss Images of Isoprametric Hypersurfaces (A Survey)
Reiko Miyaoka

9. Counterexamples to Goldberg Conjecture with Reversed Orientation on Walker 8-Manifolds of Neutral Signature
Yasuo Matsushita, Peter R. Law

10. A Construction of Weakly Reflective Submanifolds in Compact Symmetric Spaces
Shinji Ohno

11. Dual Orlicz Mixed Quermassintegral
Jia He, Denghui Wu, Jiazu Zhou

12. Characterizations of a Clifford Hypersurface in a Unit Sphere
Keomkyo Seo

13. 3-Dimensional Real Hypersurfaces with

Mayuko Kon

14. Gromov–Witten Invariants on the Products of Almost Contact Metric Manifolds
Yong Seung Cho

15. On LVMB, but Not LVM, Manifolds
Jin Hong Kim

16. Inequalities for Algebraic Casorati Curvatures and Their Applications II
Young Jin Suh, Mukut Mani Tripathi

17. Volume-Preserving Mean Curvature Flow for Tubes in Rank One Symmetric Spaces of Non-compact Type
Naoyuki Koike

18. A Duality Between Compact Symmetric Triads and Semisimple Pseudo-Riemannian Symmetric Pairs with Applications to Geometry of Hermann Type Actions
Kurando Baba, Osamu Ikawa, Atsumu Sasaki

19. Transversally Complex Submanifolds of a Quaternion Projective Space
Kazumi Tsukada

20. On Floer Homology of the Gauss Images of Isoparametric Hypersurfaces
Yoshihiro Ohnita

21. On the Pointwise Slant Submanifolds
Kwang-Soon Park

22. Riemannian Hilbert Manifolds
Leonardo Biliotti, Francesco Mercuri

23. Real Hypersurfaces in Hermitian Symmetric Space of Rank Two with Killing Shape Operator
Ji-Eun Jang, Young Jin Suh, Changhwa Woo

24. The Chern-Moser-Tanaka Invariant on Pseudo-Hermitian Almost CR Manifolds
Jong Taek Cho

25. Bott Periodicity, Submanifolds, and Vector Bundles
Jost Eschenburg, Bernhard Hanke

26. The Solvable Models of Noncompact Real Two-Plane Grassmannians and Some Applications
Jong Taek Cho, Takahiro Hashinaga, Akira Kubo, Yuichiro Taketomi, Hiroshi Tamaru

27. Biharmonic Homogeneous Submanifolds in Compact Symmetric Spaces
Shinji Ohno, Takashi Sakai, Hajime Urakawa

28. Recent Results on Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Quadrics
Young Jin Suh

Keywords: Mathematics, Differential Geometry, Global Analysis and Analysis on Manifolds, Hyperbolic Geometry, Integral Transforms, Operational Calculus

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Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
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11 pages
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