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Intelligent Communication and Computational Technologies

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Table of contents

Part I. Internet of Things

1. Privacy Preserving IPv6 Address Auto-Configuration for Internet of Things
Monali Mavani, Krishna Asawa

2. Message Delivery Guarantee and Status Update of Clients Based on IoT-AMQP
Purvi Bhimani, Gaurang Panchal

3. The Role of Internet of Things and Smart Grid for the Development of a Smart City
Sudeep Tanwar, Sudhanshu Tyagi, Sachin Kumar

4. An IoT-Based Portable Smart Meeting Space with Real-Time Room Occupancy
Jaimin Patel, Gaurang Panchal

5. IoT Infrastructure: Fog Computing Surpasses Cloud Computing
Tasnia H. Ashrafi, Md. Arshad Hossain, Sayed E. Arefin, Kowshik D. J. Das, Amitabha Chakrabarty

6. Sensing–Actuation as a Service in Cloud Centric Internet of Things
Suchismita Satpathy, Bibhudatta Sahoo, Ashok Kumar Turuk, Prasenjit Maiti

7. Soil Monitoring, Fertigation, and Irrigation System Using IoT for Agricultural Application
R. Raut, H. Varma, C. Mulla, Vijaya Rahul Pawar

Part II. Intelligent Image Processing

8. Patch-Based Image Denoising Model for Mixed Gaussian Impulse Noise Using L1 Norm
Munesh C. Trivedi, Vikash Kumar Singh, Mohan L. Kolhe, Puneet Kumar Goyal, Manish Shrimali

9. Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multiscale Local Spatial Binary Gaussian Co-occurrence Pattern
Prashant Srivastava, Ashish Khare

10. Importance of Missing Value Estimation in Feature Selection for Crime Analysis
Soubhik Rakshit, Priyanka Das, Asit Kumar Das

11. Image Analysis for the Detection and Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma from Abdominal CT Images
P. Sreeja, S. Hariharan

12. A Level-Set-Based Segmentation for the Detection of Megaloblastic Anemia in Red Blood Cells
N. S. Aruna, S. Hariharan

13. Music Playlist Generation Using Facial Expression Analysis and Task Extraction
Arnaja Sen, Dhaval Popat, Hardik Shah, Priyanka Kuwor, Era Johri

14. Digital Forensic Enabled Image Authentication Using Least Significant Bit (LSB) with Tamper Localization Based Hash Function
Ujjal Kumar Das, Shefalika Ghosh Samaddar, Pankaj Kumar Keserwani

15. Automatic Cotton Leaf Disease Diagnosis and Controlling Using Raspberry Pi and IoT
Asmita Sarangdhar Adhao, Vijaya Rahul Pawar

Part III. Networks and Mobile Communications

16. Symmetric Key Based Authentication Mechanism for Secure Communication in MANETs
Sachin Malhotra, Munesh C. Trivedi

17. Performance Comparison of Rectangular and Circular Micro-Strip Antenna at 2.4GHz for Wireless Applications Using IE3D
Mahesh Gadag, Shreedhar Joshi, Nikit Gadag

18. Optimal Power Flow Problem Solution Using Multi-objective Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm
Ladumor Dilip, Rajnikant Bhesdadiya, Indrajit Trivedi, Pradeep Jangir

19. Bisection Logic Based Symmetric Algorithm for the Design of Fault Tolerance Survivable Wireless Communication Networks
B. Nethravathi, V. N. Kamalesh

20. A Bibliometric Analysis of Recent Research on Machine Learning for Cyber Security
Pooja R. Makawana, Rutvij H. Jhaveri

21. A Comparative Study of Various Routing Technique for Wireless Sensor Network with Sink and Node Mobility
Tejashri Sawant, Sumedha Sirsikar

22. Review of Hierarchical Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Misbahul Haque, Tauseef Ahmad, Mohd. Imran

23. A 3.432GHz Low-Power High-Gain Down-Conversion Gilbert Cell Mixer in 0.18μm CMOS Technology for UWB Application
Gaurav Bansal, Abhay Chaturvedi

Part IV. Big Data and Cloud Computing

24. GCC-Git Change Classifier for Extraction and Classification of Changes in Software Systems
Arvinder Kaur, Deepti Chopra

25. ECDMPSO: A Modified MPSO Technique Using Exponential Cumulative Distribution
Narinder Singh, S. B. Singh

26. Allocation of Resource Using Penny Auction in Cloud Computing
Aditya Kumar Naik, Gaurav Baranwal

27. Optimized Location-Specific Movie-Reviewing System Using Tweets
Vijay Singh, Bhasker Pant, Devesh Pratap Singh

28. Adaptive System for Handling Variety in Big Text
Shantanu Pathak, D. Rajeshwar Rao

29. Storage Size Estimation for Schemaless Big Data Applications: A JSON-Based Overview
Devang Swami, Bibhudatta Sahoo

30. Intelligent Vehicular Monitoring System Integrated with Automated Remote Proctoring
Chetan Arora, Nikhil Arora, Aashish Choudhary, Adwitiya Sinha

31. ObfuCloud: An Enhanced Framework for Securing DaaS Services Using Data Obfuscation Mechanism in Cloud Environment
Krunal Suthar, Jayesh Patel

32. The Interdependent Part of Cloud Computing: Dew Computing
Hiral M. Patel, Rupal R. Chaudhari, Kinjal R. Prajapati, Ami A. Patel

33. Analysis of Parallel Control Structure for Efficient Servo and Regulatory Actions
Aarti Varshney, Puneet Mishra, Vishal Goyal

34. Fine Grained Privacy Measuring of User’s Profile Over Online Social Network
Shikha Jain, Sandeep K. Raghuwanshi

35. Analyzing the Behavior of Symmetric Algorithms Usage in Securing and Storing Data in Cloud
Ashok Sharma, Ramjeevan Singh Thakur, Shailesh Jaloree

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Communications Engineering, Networks

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