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Beyond Cosmopolitanism

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Table of contents

1. Beyond Cosmopolitanism: An Invitation to Adventure of Ideas and Multiverse of Transformations
Ananta Kumar Giri

Part I. Cosmopolitanism and Beyond: Alternative Pathways of Explorations and Experimentations

2. Cosmopolitanism and Beyond: Towards Planetary Realizations
Ananta Kumar Giri

3. Cosmopolitanism Beyond Anthropocentrism: The Ecological Self and Transcivilizational Dialogue
John Clammer

4. Cosmopolitanism Beyond the Polis: Creative Memory Works and Reimagining the Relationship Between Xenia and Hestia

Ginna Brock

5. Cosmopolitanism, the Cognitive Order of Modernity, and Conflicting Models of World Openness: On the Prospects of Collective Learning
Piet Strydom

6. Cosmopolitanism and Understanding in the Social Sciences
Boike Rehbein

7. Ethics of Cosmopolitanism: The Confucian Tradition
Karl-Heinz Pohl

8. Tolstoy and Cosmopolitanism
Christian Bartolf

9. Cosmopolitanism, Spirituality and Social Action: Mahatma Gandhi and Rudolf Steiner
Ulrich Rösch

10. The Divergent Cosmopolitanisms of Hannah Arendt
Liz Sutherland

11. Cosmopolitanism and an Ethics of Sacrifice
Scott Schaffer

Part II. Beyond Cosmopolitanism: Complex Histories, Inadequate Theories and Challenges of Transformations

12. Cosmopolitanism and Reconciliation in a Postcolonial World
Reinhart Kössler

13. Corporealising Cosmopolitanism: The “Right” of Desire
Anjana Raghavan, Jyotirmaya Tripathy

14. Old and Emerging Cosmopolitan Traditions at the Malabar Coast of South India: A Study with Muslim Students in Kozhikode, Kerala
Barbara Riedel

15. De-orientalising Vernacular Cosmopolitanism: Towards a Local Cosmopolitan Ethics
Pnina Werbner

Part III. Beyond Cosmopolitanism and the Calling of Planetary Realizations

16. Some Conceptual and Structural Problems of Global Cosmopolitanism
Hauke Brunkhorst

17. Human Rights, Universalism and Cosmopolitanism: Between Cultures and Civilizations
Vittorio Cotesta

18. The Hermeneutic Foundations of a Cosmopolitan Public Sphere
Hans-Herbert Kögler

19. From Shahrukh Khan to Shakira: Reflections on Aesthetico-cultural Cosmopolitanism Among Young French People
Vincenzo Cicchelli, Sylvie Octobre

20. Cultivating Humanity? Education and Capabilities for a Global ‘Great Transition’
Des Gasper, Shanti George

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Cultural Anthropology, Social Philosophy

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