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Transactions on Intelligent Welding Manufacturing

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Table of contents

1. Arc Welding Processes for Additive Manufacturing: A Review
Zengxi Pan, Donghong Ding, Bintao Wu, Dominic Cuiuri, Huijun Li, John Norrish

2. Study on Human Welder Behavior by Measuring Local Flow Pattern of Weld Pool and Torch Posture
Ding Fan, Xiaochun Dun, Gang Zhang, Yu Shi

3. A Robotic Re-manufacturing System for High-Value Aerospace Repair and Overhaul
Richard French, Hector Marin-Reyes, Andrew Rendell-Read

4. Automated Programming for Robotic Welding
Nathan Larkin, Andrew Short, Zengxi Pan, Stephen Duin

5. Investigation of the Correlation Between Plasma Electron Temperature and Quality of Laser Additive Manufacturing Process
Bo Chen, Yongzhen Yao, Caiwang Tan, Yuhua Huang, Xiaoguo Song, Jicai Feng

6. Welding Technology Analysis of Bypass Coupling Micro Plasma Welding
Jiankang Huang, Jing He, Ting Li, Shurong Yu, Yu Shi, Ding Fan

7. Online Control of Deposited Geometry of Multi-layer Multi-bead Structure for Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing
Qinglin Han, Yongzhe Li, Guangjun Zhang

8. The Research on Welding Sources and Ni Interlayer Synergy Regulation in Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding of Mg and Al Joints
Hongyang Wang, Gang Song, Baoqiang Feng, Liming Liu

9. Effects of Laser Welding Parameters on the Characteristics of Deposition Layer
Guoxing Su, Yu Shi, Gang Zhang, Jinlong Xie

10. Measurement of the Dynamic and Liquid Weld Pool Under Glaring Arc Light with Femtometre Accuracy
Zhenzhou Wang, Yongming Yang

11. Study on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti6Al4V Titanium Alloy Joint with Ultrasonic Consolidation
Zhengqiang Zhu, Mingfeng Li, Zhanzhan Su, Deqin Zhang, Yifu Zhang

12. Finite Element Analysis of GTAW Welding Arc Based on Rotational Arc Sensor
Jianping Jia, Xin Wang, Shuhao Jia, Jigang Liu, Shixiong Ai

13. Analysis of Spreading of the Melt in Diode Laser-TIG Hybrid Cladding Process
Xubin Li, Yu Shi, Ming Zhu, Xiaochun Yao

14. Numerical Simulation of Droplet Transfer of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy Based on FLUENT
Guohong Ma, Xu Shen, Xiaofei Peng, Peng Chen, Xiaoling Zhu

15. Research of Maintenance Manipulator in Remote Handling System for Small Openings
Kai Gu, Qixin Cao

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Industrial and Production Engineering, Control

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Transactions on Intelligent Welding Manufacturing
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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