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Sago Palm

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction of Sago Resources

1. Status and Outlook of Global Food Security and the Role of Underutilized Food Resources: Sago Palm
Hiroyuki Konuma

2. Growing Area of Sago Palm and Its Environment
Mochamad Hasjim Bintoro, Muhammad Iqbal Nurulhaq, Agief Julio Pratama, Fendri Ahmad, Liska Ayulia

3. Life and Livelihood in Sago-Growing Areas
Yukio Toyoda

Part II. Diversity of Sago Resource in Asia and Pacific

4. Genetic Variation and Agronomic Features of Metroxylon Palms in Asia and Pacific
Hiroshi Ehara

5. Sago Palm Genetic Resource Diversity in Indonesia
Barahima Abbas

Part III. Sago Industry Contributes for Food Security and Rural Development in Core Producing Countries

6. An Overview of Sago Industry Development, 1980s–2015
F. S. Jong

7. Suitability of Peat Swamp Areas for Commercial Production of Sago Palms: The Sarawak Experience
Roland Yong Chiew Ming, Yusup Sobeng, Fariza Zaini, Noraini Busri

8. Feasibility of Small-Scale Sago Industries in the Maluku Islands, Indonesia
Wardis Girsang

9. Addressing Food Insecurity in Papua New Guinea Through Food Safety and Sago Cropping
Aisak G. Pue, Mary T. Fletcher, Barry Blaney, Andrew R. Greenhill, Jeffery M. Warner, Atagazli Latifa, Jack M. Ng

10. Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of the Fiji Sago Palm Metroxylon vitiense

Dick Watling

Part IV. Agricultural Botany of Sago Palm

11. Dry Matter Production as a Basis of Starch Production in Sago Palm
Yoshinori Yamamoto

12. Morphogenesis of Sago Palm
Satoshi Nakamura

13. Morphological and Anatomical Characteristics of Sago Palm Starch
Yoji Nitta

Part V. Growth Environment

14. Soil Environment in Sago Palm Forest
Masanori Okazaki, Yuka Sasaki

15. Microbial Interactions and Activities Affecting Sago Palm Growth
Koki Toyota

Part VI. Starch Production and Utilization

16. Sago Starch: Transformation of Extraction and Consumption Processes in Traditional Indonesian Societies
Yoshihiko Nishimura

17. Improvement of Sago Processing Machinery

18. The Structure and Characteristics of Sago Starch
Masanori Okazaki

19. Recovery of Starch from Sago Pith Waste and Waste Water Treatment
Budi Santoso

20. Acid Modification of Sago Hampas for Industrial Purposes
Titi Candra Sunarti, Vioni Derosya, Indah Yuliasih

Part VII. New Carbohydrate Resources

21. Starch Properties and Uses as Food for Human Health and Welfare
Kazuko Hirao, Tomoko Kondo, Keiji Kainuma, Setsuko Takahashi

22. Production, Purification, and Health Benefits of Sago Sugar
Kopli Bujang

23. New Sago Palm Starch Resources and Starch Pith Waste Properties
Takashi Mishima

Part VIII. Conclusion

24. Outcomes and Recommendations from the 12th International Sago Symposium
Yoshinori Yamamoto

Keywords: Life Sciences, Agriculture, Plant Sciences, Sustainable Development

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