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Proceedings of International Conference on Cognition and Recognition

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Table of contents

1. Effective Approaches for Classification and Rating of Users Reviews
K. M. Anil Kumar, B. Anil, U. Rajath Kumar, C. U. Anand, S. Aniruddha

2. Machine Learning Based Food Recipe Recommendation System
M. B. Vivek, N. Manju, M. B. Vijay

3. Traffic Jams Detection and Congestion Avoidance in Smart City Using Parallel K-Means Clustering Algorithm
Doreswamy, Osama A. Ghoneim

4. A Survey on the Path Restoration in MPLS Networks
B. J. Ambika, N. Naga Maruthi Kumari, M. K. Banga

5. Severity Analysis of Motorcycle Faults Based on Acoustic Signals
Veerappa B. Pagi, Ramesh S. Wadawadagi, Basavaraj S. Anami

6. Rulkov Map in the Superior Orbit
Anju Yadav, Ketan Jha

7. Concept of Automatic Landing Gear System with Altitude and Distance as Parameters
Eshaan M. Khanapuri, Mahesh Rao

8. Detection of Primary and Secondary Users in Multipath Fading Channel Using Kalman Filters for Cognitive Radios
K. R. Arjun, T. P. Surekha

9. An Efficient Technique for Detection and Removal of Lines with Text Stroke Crossings in Document Images
N. Shobha Rani, T. Vasudev

10. Task-Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment: Cost Priority Approach
Mokhtar A. Alworafi, Asma Al-Hashmi, Atyaf Dhari, Suresha, A. Basit Darem

11. Using Map-Reduce for Image Analysis in Cloud Environment
S. Supreeth, M. M. Raja Rajeshwari

12. Clustering: A Novel Meta-Analysis Approach for Differentially Expressed Gene Detection
Agaz Hussain Wani, H. L. Shashirekha

13. Clustering Text Documents Using Kernel Possibilistic C-Means
M. B. Revanasiddappa, B. S. Harish, S. V. Aruna Kumar

14. Kannada Emotional Speech Database: Design, Development and Evaluation
A. Geethashree, D J Ravi

15. Rule Based Visual Surveillance System for the Retail Domain
S. R. Rashmi, Krishnan Rangarajan

16. An Approach for the Early Detection of Retinal Disorders and Performing Human Authentication
G. R. Prashantha, Chandrashekar M. Patil

17. A Region Based Design of Deterministic Finite State Automata for Online Recognition of Teeline Shorthand Language Alphabet
Vishwanath C. Burkpalli, Shivaprakash, B. S. Anami

18. Satellite Image Compression-Detailed Survey of the Algorithms
K. S. Gunasheela, H. S. Prasantha

19. Impact of Fingerprint Image Quality on Matching Score
P. Thejaswini, R. S. Srikantaswamy, A. S. Manjunatha

20. Rotation-Invariant Fast Feature Based Image Registration for Motion Compensation in Aerial Image Sequences
Vindhya P. Malagi, D. R. Ramesh Babu

21. Expediting Automated Face Recognition Using the Novel ORB2-IPR Framework
A. Vinay, Vinay S. Shekhar, N. Manjunath, K. N. Balasubramanya Murthy, S. Natarajan

22. Implementation of Linear and Multiple Regression Analysis for a Visual Analytic Approach to Understanding the Poverty Assessment Through Disaster Impacts in India
Danya Ganapathy, K S Nandu, M S Pallavi

23. Text Line Segmentation of Unconstrained Handwritten Kannada Historical Script Documents
H. S. Vishwas, Bindu A. Thomas, C. Naveena

24. Trojan Malware Image Pattern Classification
Aziz Makandar, Anita Patrot

25. Comparison of Fuzzy Output Optimization with Expectation Maximization Algorithm and Its Modification for Epilepsy Classification
Sunil Kumar Prabhakar, Harikumar Rajaguru

26. An Automated and Efficient Approach for Spot Identification of Microarray Images Using X-Covariance
S. A. Karthik, S. S. Manjunath

27. Evidence-Based Technological Approach for Disease Prediction Using Classification Technique
Vanishri Arun, B. V. Arunkumar, S. K. Padma, V. Shyam

28. Segmentation of Cast Shadow in Surveillance Video Sequence: A Mean-Shift Filtering Based Approach
M. Chandrajit, R. Girisha, T. Vasudev

29. An Effective Approach for Depth Estimation from 2D Image
B. Honnaraju, R. Deepu, S. Murali

30. Traffic Congestion Prediction and Intelligent Signalling Based on Markov Decision Process and Reinforcement Learning
S. Surya, N. Rakesh

31. Liver Contour and Shape Analysis Under Pattern Clustering
Nirmala S. Guptha, Kiran Kumari Patil

32. Partition and Hierarchical Based Clustering Techniques for Analysis of Neonatal Data
Nikhit Mago, Rudresh D. Shirwaikar, U. Dinesh Acharya, K. Govardhan Hegde, Leslie Edward S. Lewis, M. Shivakumar

33. Handwritten Off-line Kannada Character/Word Recognition Using Hidden Markov Model
G. S. Veena, T. N. R. Kumar, A. Sushma

34. Mammography Image Analysis Using Wavelet and Statistical Features with SVM Classifier
Aziz Makandar, Bhagirathi Halalli

35. Colour Image Compression Through Hybrid Approach
M. J. Raghavendra, H. S. Prasantha, S. Sandya

36. Face Recognition Using the Novel Fuzzy-GIST Mechanism
A. Vinay, B. Gagana, Vinay S. Shekhar, Vasudha S. Shekar, K. N. Balasubramanya Murthy, S. Natarajan

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Networks

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