Crowther, David

The Goals of Sustainable Development

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Table of contents

1. Responsibility and Governance in Achieving Sustainability
David Crowther, Shahla Seifi, Abdul Moyeen

Part I. Theorising the Relationship

2. ‘People, Planet, Profits’ and Perception Politics: A Necessary Fourth (and Fifth) Bottom Line? Critiquing the Current Triple Bottom Line in the Australian Context
Jessica O’Neil

3. CSR Management Strategies, Stakeholder Engagement and MNE Subsidiaries Efforts to Foster Sustainable Development
Abdul Moyeen

4. CSR, Stakeholders and Complexity: Seeking Certainty in Decision-Making
Dianne Bolton

5. Against Theory: Redefining Corporate Social Responsibility Using a Lacanian Perspective
David Crowther, Shahla Seifi

Part II. Developing Sustainability

6. Determinants Which Influence Purchase Behaviour of Energy Efficient Household Appliances in Emerging Markets
The Ninh Nguyen

7. Improving Agricultural Water Sustainability: Strategies for Effective Farm Water Management and Encouraging the Uptake of Drip Irrigation
Steven J. Greenland, John Dalrymple, Elizabeth Levin, Barry O’Mahony

8. Interrelationship Between Solar Lighting and Poverty Alleviation in Rural Cambodia—A Case Study of Panasonic Corporation’s Solar Lighting CSR Initiative
Lowell John Gretebeck

9. An Exploration of Social Investment Discourses in the Oil and Gas Sector
Rafaela Costa Camoes Rabello, Vivienne Anderson, Karen Nairn

Part III. Organisational Perspectives

10. The Linkages Between CSR, Social Capital and Small Enterprise Development in a Large Company’s Supply Chain
Risa Bhinekawati

11. Tobacco CSR and the Ethics Game Paradox: A Qualitative Approach for Evaluating Tobacco Brand Name Strategy Following Plain Packaging
Anne Morton, Steven J. Greenland

12. The Neo-Institutionalism Influences on Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Development in Australia: A Three Company Study
Merryn Paynter, Abdel K. Halabi, Alan Lawton

13. Social Responsibility in Higher Educational Institutions: An Exploratory Study
Lina Gómez, Aileen Pujols, Yanitzary Alvarado, Lucely Vargas

14. Shifting to Green: Insights from a SME Hotel’s Green Approach in China
Helen Song-Turner

Keywords: Business and Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Sustainability Management, Sustainable Development, Corporate Environmental Management, Supply Chain Management

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Approaches to Global Sustainability, Markets, and Governance
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