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Advanced Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Single Password Authentication Protocol
Pramote Kuacharoen

2. Performance Analysis of Congestion Control for Massive MTC Networks
Yi-Yen Chen, Yu-Chee Tseng, Jyh-Cheng Chen

3. How to Train People to Increase Their Security Awareness in IT
Agata Niescieruk, Bogdan Ksiezopolski, Radoslaw Nielek, Adam Wierzbicki

4. Advanced Data Communication Framework for Cloud Computing from CDMI
Jae-Yun Jeong, Jae-Woong Jeong

5. A Study of AI Based E-learning System and Application
Min-Gyu Shim, Jae-Woong Jeong

6. A Study on the Serious Issues in the Practice of Information Security in IT: With a Focus on Ransomware
Junhak Lee, Jae-Woong Jeong

7. Mobile App for Analyzing Environmental Visual Parameters with Life Logging Camera
Hyeonsang Hwang, Daejune Ko, Mincheol Whang, Eui Chul Lee

8. Fake Fingerprint Detection Based on Statistical Moments
Yosep Park, Unsoo Jang, Jiwon Im, Woohyuk Jang, Daejune Ko, Eui Chul Lee

9. Path Planning Method for Collision Avoidance of Multiple UAVs
Hyeok Kim, Jeonghoon Kwak, Guichang Sim, Yunsick Sung

10. 3D UAV Flying Path Optimization Method Based on the Douglas-Peucker Algorithm
Guichang Sim, Jaehwa Chung, Yunsick Sung

11. Encrypted Network Traffic Analysis Method via Secure Socket Layer Handshake Control
Jihoon Yoon, Kangsik Shin, Yoojae Won

12. Property Analysis of SMS Spam Using Text Mining
Manki Baek, Youngkyung Lee, Yoojae Won

13. An Automatic Patch Management System with Improved Security
JunHee Kim, MinSeok Sohn, YooJae Won

14. An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between User Interface Design Attributes in Smartphone Applications and Intention to Use
Wonjin Jung, HyungRok Yim

15. Thumb Biometric Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform
Naeun Lim, Daejune Ko, Kun Ha Suh, Eui Chul Lee

16. Image Classification Using Color and Spatial Frequency in Terms of Human Emotion
Min Woo Park, Daejune Ko, Hyeonsang Hwang, Jiyeon Moon, Eui Chul Lee

17. Human Robot Interaction Method by Using Hand Gesture Recognition
Jaehyun Han, Woohyuk Jang, Dojoon Jung, Eui Chul Lee

18. A Beacon-Based User Direction Estimating Method in Indoor Environments
Jeonghoon Kwak, Yunsick Sung

19. User Selection Based Backpropagation for Siamese Neural Networks in Visual Filters
Hanju Park, Sukho Lee

20. Methodological Route to Designing Optimized Bedroom Environment for Active-Aging
Sung Jun Park

21. Grayscale and Halftone Gel Lithography as Promising Techniques for Swelling-Induced Deformation of Smart Polymer Hydrogel Films
Myunghwan Byun

22. Methodology for Improving Usability Model of Multiple Devices
Jeyoun Dong, Myunghwan Byun

23. Development of SMART Base Isolation Using Linear Motion Guide
Chunho Chang, Sangyoung Shin

24. Analysis on Work Zone Characteristics in South Korean Expressways Using Text Mining Technique
Oh Hoon Kwon, Je-Jin Park, Shin Hyoung Park

25. Seismic Performance Evaluation of a Prestressed I-Type Girder Bridge in Daegu for ICT Based Disaster Management in Daegu Metropolitan City
Chunho Chang, Sung Jig Kim, Shin Hyoung Park

26. Implementation of Sitting Posture Monitoring System with Kinect
Dong-Jun Shin, Min-Sang Kim, Wook Song, Se Dong Min, Min Hong

27. Solving the Subgraph Isomorphism Problem Using Harmony Search
Hoyeong Yun, Yongjoon Joe, Byung-Ok Jung, Hyoguen Bang, Dongmyung Shin

28. Persuading Recommendations Using Customized Content Curation
Keonsoo Lee, Yunyoung Nam

29. Improving the Quality of an R-Tree Using the Map-Reduce Framework
Viet-Ngu Huynh Cong, Kang-Woo Lee, In-Hak Joo, Oh-Heum Kwon, Ha-Joo Song

30. An Energy-Efficient and Reliable Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
Zamree Che-aron

31. A Novel on Automatic K Value for Efficiency Improvement of K-means Clustering
Se-Hoon Jung, Kyoung-Jong Kim, Eun-Cheon Lim, Chun-Bo Sim

32. Study on Integrity Verification and Compatibility-Conflict Analysis for Safe Patching
Jeongmin An, Sangmoon Jung, Yoojae Won

33. OFART: OpenFlow-Switch Adaptive Random Testing
Dong-Su Koo, Young B. Park

34. Patch Alarm and Collecting System
Jaegeun Oh, Chaeho Cho, Yoojae Won

35. Method of Building a Security Vulnerability Information Collection and Management System for Analyzing the Security Vulnerabilities of IoT Devices
Kisu Kim, Jongsoo Lee, Wonkang Jung

36. A Cluster Head Selection Method by Restricting Selection Area in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jong Won Lee, JiSu Park, Heung-Keun Kim, Jin Gon Shon

37. An Improved Pedestrian Detection System that Utilizes the HOG-UDP Algorithm
Pyeong-Kang Kim, Hyung-Heon Kim, Tae-Woo Kim

38. An Approach to Fast Protocol Information Retrieval from IoT Systems
Onur Soyer, Kwan-Young Park, Nomota Hiongun Kim, Tae-soo Kim

39. IoT Vulnerability Information Sharing System
Taeho Seo

40. A Study on the Service Identification of Internet-Connected Devices Using Common Platform Enumeration
Sarang Na, Taeeun Kim, Hwankuk Kim

41. A Design of IoT Protocol Fuzzer
Dae-il Jang, Taeeun Kim, HwanKuk Kim

42. A Study on the Management Structure of Vulnerability Information in IoT Environment
Eunhye Ko, Taeeun Kim, Hwankuk Kim

43. Assessing the Impact of DoS Attacks on IoT Gateway
Yungee Lee, Wangkwang Lee, Giwon Shin, Kyungbaek Kim

44. Low-Cost Infrared Video-Oculography for Measuring Rapid Eye Movements
Youngsun Kong, Hyeonsoo Lee, Namik Kim, Seungyeon Lee, Jihwan Park, Taeyang Han, Yunyoung Nam

45. VM Relocation Method for Increase the Resource Utilization in Cloud Computing
Sangwook Han, MinSoo Chae, Hwamin Lee

46. Challenges and Experiment with LoRaWAN
Seung-Kyu Park, Kwang-il Hwang, Hyo-Seong Kim, Byoung-Sup Shim

47. Consumer’s Behavioral System of Approach and Avoidance Investigating Generic Medicine Distribution and Logistics in Japan
Takefumi Hosoda, Hongsik J. Cheon

48. Cross-Conforming Approaches of ICT Functionality Design for Smart City
Jae-Young Ahn, Eunjun Rhee, Hyun-Woo Lee, Dae Joon Hwang

49. GUI-Based Korean Font Editing System Using Font Parameterization Technique
Minju Son, Gyeongjae Gwon, Geunho Jeong, Jaeyoung Choi

50. Spatial Big Data Analysis System for Vehicle-Driving GPS Trajectory
Wonhee Cho, Eunmi Choi

51. i-SHSS: An IoT Based Smart Home Security System
Saurabh Singh, Pradip Kumar Sharma, Seo Yeon Moon, Jong Hyuk Park

52. The VM Weighted Filter Scheduling Algorithm for OpenStack Cloud
Mohan Krishna Varma Nandimandalam, Eunmi Choi

53. A Hierarchical Motion Estimation Based on the Properties of Motion Vectors for Low Complexity in Video Coding
Hyo-Sun Yoon, Mi-Young Kim

54. Research on Method of Technological Evolution Analysis Based on HLDA
Liang Chen, Xiaoping Lei, Guancan Yang, Jing Zhang

55. A Mixture Record Linkage Approach for US Patent Inventor Disambiguation
Guan-Can Yang, Cheng Liang, Zhang Jing, Dao-Ren Wang, Hai-Chao Zhang

56. The LTC Framework for Competitive Analysis on Industrial Technology
Hongqi Han, Changqing Yao, Maoxiang Peng, Yongsheng Yu

57. Bayesian Multinomial Naïve Bayes Classifier to Text Classification
Shuo Xu, Yan Li, Zheng Wang

58. CERIF: A Research Information Model for Electric Vehicles Decision Support System
YingJie Zhang, Na Qi

59. On Bypassing Page Cache for Block Devices on Storage Class Memory
Jin Baek Kwon

60. Applying Tensorflow with Convolutional Neural Networks to Train Data and Recognize National Flags
Hoang Huu Duc, Keechul Jung

61. An Empirical Study on the Effect of the Interpretability of Metaphors in UI on the Learnability of Mobile Apps
Wonjin Jung, HyungRok Yim

62. A Density-Aware Data Encryption Scheme with Query Auditing Index for Secure Mobile Services
Moon-Hwan Kang, Min Yoon, Jae-Woo Chang

63. A Kernel Density Estimation Model for Moving Object Detection
Yulong Qiao, Wei Xi

64. Detecting Bases of Maximal Cliques in a Graph
Fei Hao, Doo-Soon Park, Zheng Pei

65. Forecasting Cultivable Region-Specific Crops Based on Future Climate Change Utilizing Public Big Data
Yoo-Jin Moon, Won Whee Cho, Jieun Oh, Jeong Mok Kim, Sang Yub Han, Kee Hwan Kim, Sungkap Cho

66. Statistical Analysis of Determinants of Intention to Use Virtual Reality Services and Moderating Effects
Young-Ho Hwang, Yoo-Jin Moon

67. Real-Time Human Depression Diagnosis System Using Brain Wave Analysis
Dongmin Shin, Yunjin Nam, Dongil Shin, Dongkyoo Shin

68. Deep Belief Network Based on Double Weber Local Descriptor in Micro-expression Recognition
Xiao-li Hao, Miao Tian

69. Design for Network File Forensics System Based on Approximate Matching
Aonan Zhai, Fei Xu, Haiqing Pan, Junzheng Shi, Gang Xiong

70. The Comparative Analysis of the Repeat Regions from the Assembled Contigs
Jaehee Jung

71. Senior Tourism and Information and Communication Technologies
Blanka Klimova

72. Wearable and Portable Monitoring Devices for Older People
Blanka Klimova, Petra Maresova

73. A Novel Anomaly Detection Method in Wireless Network Using Multi-level Classifier Ensembles
Bayu Adhi Tama, Kyung-Hyune Rhee

74. Learning Reaction Analysis Engine for Interactive Digital Textbook Platform
Kwang Sik Chung

75. Rule-Based Topic Trend Analysis by Using Data Mining Techniques
Yunwan Jeon, Chanho Cho, Jongwoo Seo, Kyunglag Kwon, Hansaem Park, In-Jeong Chung

76. A Case Study of Hierarchical Safety Analysis for Eliciting Traceable Safety Requirements
Daehui Jeong, Anit Thapaliya, Gihwon Kwon

77. Smart Home Technology and Energy Savings with a Special Focus on Europe
Blanka Klimova, Petra Maresova, Ondrej Krejcar

78. Senior Citizens’ Views of Using Medical Technologies – Case Study in Central Europe
Petra Maresova, Jaroslav Kacetl

79. Audiences Counting in Cinema by Detecting Occupied Chairs
Zhitong Su, Jun Lan, Wei Song, Simon Fong, Yifei Tian

80. Efficient Distributed Index Structure and Encrypted Query Processing Scheme for Cloud Computing Environment
Yeonwoo Jang, Hyunjo Lee, Jae-Woo Chang

81. A Data Encryption Scheme Using Periodic Functions for Efficient Query Processing on Encrypted Data
Hyunjo Lee, Youngho Song, Jae-Woo Chang

82. Software Product Line Lifecycle Management-Integration Engineering and Management Process
Jeong Ah Kim, Jin Seok Yang

83. OLSR Improvement with Link Live Time for FANETs
Yan Jiao, Wenyu Li, Inwhee Joe

84. An Efficient Partition-Based Filtering for Similarity Joins on MapReduce Framework
Miyoung Jang, Archana B. Lokhande, Naeun Baek, Jae-Woo Chang

85. A Study of Algorithm Replacement Mechanism for Environment Adaptive Load Balancer
JongMin Lee, Young B. Park

86. Face Recognition Based on Enhanced CSLBP
Chen Li, Shuai Zhao, Ke Xiao, Yanjie Wang

87. A Supporting Environment for Formal Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols
Jingchen Yan, Kazunori Wagatsuma, Hongbiao Gao, Jingde Cheng

88. Modeling and Simulation of LoRa in OPNET
Andrew D. Jun, Seokjoon Hong, Wooyeob Lee, Kyungrak Lee, Inwhee Joe, Kyeseon Lee, Tae-Joon Park

89. Dynamic Analysis Bypassing Malware Detection Method Utilizing Malicious Behavior Visualization and Similarity
Jihun Kim, Jonghee M. Youn

90. Mongolian Internet Consumers’ Attitude Towards Web Advertising
Bulganmaa Togookhuu, Junxing Zhang, Wuyungerile Li

91. A Study on the Quantitative Design and Documentation for the VR Based Training Contents Realism
Gyungchang Lee, Kyoil Chung, Cheong Youn

92. Progressive Motion Artifact Removal in PPG Signal for Accurate Heart Rate Estimation
Ji Hun An, Heemang Song, Hyun-Chool Shin

93. A Case Study on How to Predict Café Profit: A Dimension Reduction via Factor Analysis
Jeong-Hyeon Moon, Chae-Young Yun, Seon-Joo Park, Kyung-Ah Sohn

94. Motion Blurred Shadows Using a Hybrid Approach
MinhPhuoc Hong, Kyoungsu Oh

95. Design of ECG Data Compression Algorithm for Efficient M2M-Based Mass Biometric Data Transmission
Jae-Sung Shim, Seung-Su Yang, Young-Hwan Jang, Yong-Wan Ju, Seok-Cheon Park

96. Design of Clustering Algorithm for Efficient Energy Management in Wireless Sensor Network Environments
Seung-Su Yang, Jae-Sung Shim, Young-Hwan Jang, Yong-Wan Ju, Seok-Cheon Park

97. Design of a Framework for Security Enhancement in Telematics Control Units (TCUs)
Kiyoung Jang, Suhong Shin, Byoungsoo Koh

98. Improved Data Stream Clustering Algorithm for Anomaly Detection
Chunyong Yin, Sun Zhang, Jin Wang

99. Application of an Improved Data Stream Clustering Algorithm in Intrusion Detection System
Chunyong Yin, Lian Xia, Jin Wang

100. Short Text Classification Technology Based on KNN+Hierarchy SVM
Chunyong Yin, Lingfeng Shi, Jin Wang

101. Spectral Response Based Regularization Parameter Selection for Total Variation Image Restoration
Yuhui Zheng, Min Li, Kai Ma, Shunfeng Wang, Jin Wang

102. Face Recognition for Mobile Self-authentication with Online Model Update
Seon Ho Oh, Geon-Woo Kim

103. Prototype System Design for Large-Scale Person Re-identification
Seon Ho Oh, Seung-Wan Han, Beom-Seok Choi, Geon-Woo Kim

104. Topic Modeling for Learner Question and Answer Analytics
Kyungrog Kim, Hye Jin Song, Nammee Moon

105. A Model of Energy-Awareness Predictor to Improve the Energy Efficiency
Svetlana Kim, Yong-Ik Yoon

106. A Novel Structure Tensor Using Nonlocal Total Variation Operator
Yin Yu, Kai Ma, Yuhui Zheng, Jin Wang

107. Gaussian Mixture Model Based Image Denoising Method with Local Constraints
Min Li, Yuhui Zheng, Shunfeng Wang, Jin Wang

108. A Study on Secure Protocol Techniques Supporting TCUs in a Telematics Environment
Byoungsoo Koh, Suhong Shin

109. Development of Test Agents for Automated Dynamic Testing of UNIWAY
Seoung-Hyeon Lee, Jung-Chan Na

110. Multi-step Prediction for Time Series with Factor Mining and Neural Network
Mingji Zhou, Jin Liu, Fei Li, Jin Wang

111. A Vision-Based Approach for Deep Web Form Extraction
Jiachen Pu, Jin Liu, Jin Wang

112. Questions Classification with Attention Machine
Yunlu Liaozheng, Jin Liu, Jin Wang

113. Development of Unidirectional Security Gateway Satisfying Security Functional Requirements
Seon-Gyoung Sohn, Jungchan Na, Kyung-Soo Lim

114. Context Based Multiple Players Identification in Sports Images
MiYoung Nam, Jun-Young Lee, Sung Youb Kim, YoungGiu Jung

115. A Study of the Factors Influencing Information Security Policy Compliance: Focusing on the Case of ‘K’ Institute
Gwang-il Ju, Jinhyung Park, Wanyoung Heo, Joon-Min Gil, Hark-Soo Park

116. Safe-Driving Aid System Using Bi-directional Cameras
Byoung Wook Kwon, Kyung Yeob Park, Seo Yeon Moon, Jong Hyuk Park

117. Telling Computer and Human Apart: Image-Sound Based CAPTCHA System
Jung Hyun Ryu, Nam Yong Kim, Seo Yeon Moon, Jong Hyuk Park

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Computer Communication Networks, Multimedia Information Systems

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