Nijhout, H. Frederik

Diversity and Evolution of Butterfly Wing Patterns

Nijhout, H. Frederik - Diversity and Evolution of Butterfly Wing Patterns, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. The Nympalid Groundplan (NGP) and Diversification

1. The Common Developmental Origin of Eyespots and Parafocal Elements and a New Model Mechanism for Color Pattern Formation
H. Frederik Nijhout

2. Exploring Color Pattern Diversification in Early Lineages of Satyrinae (Nymphalidae)
Carla M. Penz

3. Camouflage Variations on a Theme of the Nymphalid Ground Plan
Takao K. Suzuki

4. Morphological Evolution Repeatedly Caused by Mutations in Signaling Ligand Genes
Arnaud Martin, Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo

Part II. Eyespots and Evolution

5. Physiology and Evolution of Wing Pattern Plasticity in Bicyclus Butterflies: A Critical Review of the Literature
Antónia Monteiro

6. Spatial Variation in Boundary Conditions Can Govern Selection and Location of Eyespots in Butterfly Wings
Toshio Sekimura, Chandrasekhar Venkataraman

7. Self-Similarity, Distortion Waves, and the Essence of Morphogenesis: A Generalized View of Color Pattern Formation in Butterfly Wings
Joji M. Otaki

Part III. Developmental Genetics

8. A Practical Guide to CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing in Lepidoptera
Linlin Zhang, Robert D. Reed

9. What Can We Learn About Adaptation from the Wing Pattern Genetics of Heliconius Butterflies?
Chris D. Jiggins

10. Molecular Mechanism and Evolutionary Process Underlying Female-Limited Batesian Mimicry in Papilio polytes

Haruhiko Fujiwara

Part IV. Ecological Aspects and Adaptation

11. Chemical Ecology of Poisonous Butterflies: Model or Mimic? A Paradox of Sexual Dimorphisms in Müllerian Mimicry
Ritsuo Nishida

12. A Model for Population Dynamics of the Mimetic Butterfly Papilio polytes in Sakishima Islands, Japan (II)
Toshio Sekimura, Noriyuki Suzuki, Yasuhiro Takeuchi

13. Evolutionary Trends in Phenotypic Elements of Seasonal Forms of the Tribe Junoniini (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)
Jameson W. Clarke

14. Estimating the Mating Success of Male Butterflies in the Field
Nayuta Sasaki, Tatsuro Konagaya, Mamoru Watanabe, Ronald L. Rutowski

Part V. Color Patterns of Larva and Other Insects

15. Molecular Mechanisms of Larval Color Pattern Switch in the Swallowtail Butterfly
Hongyuan Jin, Haruhiko Fujiwara

Drosophila guttifera as a Model System for Unraveling Color Pattern Formation
Shigeyuki Koshikawa, Yuichi Fukutomi, Keiji Matsumoto

17. Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Color Vision and Color Formation in Dragonflies
Ryo Futahashi

18. Erratum
Toshio Sekimura, H. Frederik Nijhout

Keywords: Life Sciences, Animal Genetics and Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Developmental Biology, Entomology

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Natural Sciences
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