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Mobile Learning in Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Table of contents

Part I. Asia-Pacific Regional Perspectives

1. Introduction: Supporting the Sustainable Implementation of Mobile Learning for Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region
Angela Murphy, Helen Farley

2. A Framework for Designing Transformative Mobile Learning
Thomas Cochrane, Laurent Antonczak, Matthew Guinibert, Danni Mulrennan, Vernon Rive, Andrew Withell

3. Ethical Issues Surrounding the Adoption of Mobile Learning in the Asia-Pacific Region
Laurel Evelyn Dyson, Jocelyn Wishart, Trish Andrews

Part II. East Asia

4. Electronic Schoolbag and Mobile Learning in China: Design Principles and Educational Innovations
Xiang Ren

5. Implementing Sustainable Mobile Learning Initiatives for Ubiquitous Learning Log System Called SCROLL
Noriko Uosaki, Hiroaki Ogata, Kousuke Mouri, Mahdi Choyekh

6. Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) for Intercultural Communication: A Qualitative Study of International Students in the Republic of Korea
Aaron W. Pooley

Part III. South-East Asia

7. A Historical Review of Mobile Learning Research in Malaysia and Its Implications for Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific Region
Norazah Mohd Nordin, Mohamed Amin Embi, Helmi Norman, Ebrahim Panah

8. Investigating Mobile Learning in Higher Education in Lao PDR and Cambodia
Ann Starasts, Maiyer Xiong, Tyneth Ly

9. The State of Practice of Mobile Learning in Universitas Terbuka Indonesia
Dewi Padmo, Tian Belawati, Olivia Idrus, Lidwina Sri Ardiasih

10. Analysing Mobile Learning Acceptance in the World Heritage Town of Luang Prabang, Lao PDR
Yew Siang Poong, Shinobu Yume Yamaguchi, Jun -ichi Takada

11. Creating Apps: A Non-IT Educator’s Journey Within a Higher Education Landscape
Emelyn Sue Qing Tan, Yuen Jien Soo

12. Facebook on Mobile Phones: A Match Made in the Cloud?
Serge Gabarre, Cécile Gabarre, Rosseni Din

13. Authentic Mobile Application for Enhancing the Value of Mobile Learning in Organic Chemistry and Its Pedagogical Implications
Othman Talib, Tenku Putri Norishah Tenku Shariman, Azraai Othman

14. The Use of Structured Academic Controversy in a Mobile Environment to Broaden Student Perspectives and Understanding in the Social Sciences
Kenneth Y. T. Lim, Horn Mun Cheah

15. Enhancing Oral Communication Skills Using Mobile Phones Among Undergraduate English Language Learners in Malaysia
Ramiza Darmi, Peter Albion

16. Mobile Learning Student-Generated Activities from Students’ Perspectives: Malaysian Context
Shamsul Arrieya Ariffin

17. Personalising Mobile Learning Spaces in Higher Education: A Case Study of a Malaysian Student with Learning Difficulties
Helena Song

18. Teachers’ Use of Facebook Motivating Vietnamese Students to Improve Their English Language Learning
Henriette Rensburg, Triet Thanh

Part IV. North and South-West Asia

19. Mobile Learning Implementation in University Environments: Implications on Practice for University Leadership Stakeholders
Umera Imtinan

20. Mobile Voting Tools for Creating a New Educational Design of the Traditional University Lecture in Russia
Titova Svetlana

Part V. Australia and New Zealand

21. Mobile Learning Policy Formulation and Enactment in New Zealand
David Parsons

22. Growing a Mobile Learning Ecology: A Systemic University-Wide Strategy
Carol Russell

23. Rethinking BYOD Models and Student’s Control
Boris Handal, David Marcovitz, Robert Ritter, Daniel Madigan

24. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pre-service Teachers’ Views on Using Mobile Devices for Tertiary Study in Very Remote Communities
Philip Townsend

25. Enabling Effective Mobile Language Learning: Students’ Perspectives, Wants and Needs
Caroline H. Steel

26. Improving Student Language Learning in Adult Education Through the Use of Mobile Learning: Barriers, Challenges and Ways to Move Forward
Chris Campbell, Martie Geertsema

Part VI. Oceania and Pacific Islands

27. A Pilot Study of Mobile Learning in Higher Education in Samoa
Satoru Ozawa, Edna Temese Ualesi

28. A Mobile Learning Journey in Pacific Education
Bibhya Sharma, Raneel Kumar, Varunesh Rao, Rona Finiasi, Sanjeet Chand, Vineet Singh, Ravishel Naicker

29. Usability Study of Mobile Learning Application in Higher Education Context: An Example from Fiji National University
Bimal Aklesh Kumar, Priya Mohite

30. SMS Story: A Case Study of a Controlled Trial in Papua New Guinea
Nasiib Kaleebu, Alison Gee, Amanda H. A. Watson, Richard Jones, Marshall Jauk

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, Higher Education, International and Comparative Education, Learning & Instruction

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Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects
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