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Frontiers in Materials Processing, Applications, Research and Technology

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Table of contents

1. String-Like Fiber Dust Occurrence in Crush Cutting of Stacked Liner Boards
Shigeru Nagasawa, Takuya Oyake, Takashi Kajizuka

2. Phase Transformation of Amorphous Rice Husk Silica
A. L. Rivas, Grace Vera, Víctor Palacios, Mauricio Cornejo, Andrés Rigail, Guillermo Solórzano

3. Analysis of Nano/Micro Bimodal SUS316L Powder Behavior
Joo Won Oh, Ravi Bollina, Won Sik Lee, Seong Jin Park

4. Tensile Deformation Behavior of Al-rich Ferritic Steels for Advanced Light Water Reactors
Ankan Guria, Indrajit Charit, Bojan Petrovic

5. A Study on Precipitation Behavior of A356 Alloy by Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements
G. V. S. Murthy

6. Synthesis of Superhard Lightweight Composites and Improvement of Their Properties via Chemical Processing
Lembit Kommel, Toomas Tamm, Raido Metsvahi, Kadri Nokkur

7. Structural and Chemical Variations Induced by Thermomechanical Cycling in Shape Memory Ac-tuators
Leandru-Gheorghe Bujoreanu, Bogdan Pricop, Nicoleta Monica Lohan, Marius-Gabriel Suru, Bogdan Istrate

8. Thermal Conductivity on Ternary Eutectic Fatty Acid as Phase Change Material (PCM) by Various Treated Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets (xGnP)
B. Eanest Jebasingh

9. Elements Diffusion in Brazing Seam of High Volume Fraction SiCp/6063Al Matrix Composites
Dongfeng Cheng, Jitai Niu, Zeng Gao, Josip Brnic

10. Functionally Graded Cemented Carbides Elaboration by Imbibition Process—Better Understanding of Liquid Migration and Homogenization Mechanisms for an Improved Process
O. Ther, C. Colin, A. Dourfaye

11. Water Analogy Experiment on the Multi-concentration Pouring Process of a 585 Ton Steel Ingot
Jinwu Kang, Chi Zhang, Chao Dong, Houfa Shen, Baicheng Liu

12. Ferroelectric (Hf, Zr)O2 Thin Films for High-Density Nonvolatile Memories
F. Ambriz-Vargas, R. Thomas, A. Ruediger

13. Advanced System for Nanofabrication and Nanomanipulation Based on Shape Memory Alloy
S. Gratowski, V. Koledov, V. Shavrov, S. Petrenko, A. Irzhak, A. Shelyakov, R. Jede

14. Synthesis of Aluminium–Graphene Nanocomposite Sintered Using Spark Plasma Sintering
Vipin Jain, Anil Kumar, Bathula Sivaiah, Ajay Dhar

15. Time-Lapse Correlative 3D Imaging Applied to the Corrosion Study of AZ31Mg Alloy in a Saline Environment
H. M. Krebs, Ali Chirazi, L. Lechner, J. Gelb, X. Zhou, G. E. Thompson, P. J. Withers

16. Welding and Heat Treatment Behaviour of T23 (2.25Cr-1.6W-V-Nb) Steel Tubes in Power Plant Applications
R. Easwaran, G. Vimalan, R. Ravibharath, P. Sundaramoorthy, N. Raju, G. Ravichandran

17. Solar Performance Analysis of ZrOx/ZrC-ZrN/Zr/SS Spectrally Selective Coating Under Extreme Thermal Environment
B. Usmani, V. Vijay, R. Chhibber, A. Dixit

18. A Comprehensive Study of Hydrogen Redistribution and Embrittlement Prevention in Ferrous Alloys
Daniel Gaude-Fugarolas

19. Advances in Small Specimen Testing Methods for Characterizing Tensile, Creep, and Fracture Properties of Materials
M. D. Mathew

20. An Approach to Develop Hansel–Spittel Constitutive Equation during Ingot Breakdown Operation of Low Alloy Steels
K. Chadha, D. Shahriari, M. Jahazi

21. Development of an Artificial Neural Network Model for CO2 Corrosion Prediction
Jacinta Kelly, Krishnan Kannoorpatti, Wai Kean Yap

22. Study on the Adhesive Joint Strength of 2060-T8 Al–Li Alloy Single Lap Joint with Different Adhesives
Xiaohong Zhan, Cheng Gu, Hongliang Wu, Hongbing Liu, Jie Chen, Jicheng Chen, Yanhong Wei

23. Mechanical Properties of Ti2AlNb and Ti2AlZr Intermetallics: A First Principles Study
Ashish Pathak, A. K. Singh

24. Effects of Micro-Ti Addition on Improving Hot Ductility of Nb-Bearing Ultra High Strength Steels
Mei Zhang, Haiyang Li, Bin Gan, Chaobin Huang, Hongtao Li, Yong Zhong, Lin Li

25. Effect of Transition Metals on Thermal Stability of Al‒Si Cast Alloys
F. Czerwinski, S. K. Shaha, W. Kasprzak, J. Friedman, D. L. Chen

26. Structure and Properties of the Skeleton Microporous Materials with Coatings Inside the Pores for Medical and Dental Applications
L. A. Dobrzański, A. D. Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz, A. Achtelik-Franczak, M. Szindler

27. TWIP Mechanism in High-Mn Austenitic Steels and Its Effect on Steels Properties
L. A. Dobrzański, W. Borek, J. Mazurkiewicz

28. Impact Behaviour of SuperDuplex Stainless Steel Weldments at Sub-Zero Temperatures
Raghuveer Gaddam, Guocai Chai, Peter Stenvall

29. Microstructural Evolution and Strengthening of Stainless Steels During Cold Rolling
A. Belyakov, M. Odnobokova, A. Kipelova, K. Tsuzaki, R. Kaibyshev

30. Influence of Nickel on the Properties of P91 Flux Cored Wire Weld Metal
S. Baumgartner, A. Holy, M. Schuler, R. Schnitzer, N. Enzinger

31. Effect of Cross-Linking Agent on the Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Acrylate Shape Memory Polymer Network
G. Jerald Maria Antony, S. T. Aruna, Raja Samikkannu, Chetan S. Jarali

32. Exchange Bias and Interfacial Magnetic Phenomena in Mechanically Milled Ferromagnetic/Antiferromagnetic Nanocomposites
Satya Prakash Pati, Dipankar Das

33. Effect of Alloying Additions on the Properties Affecting Shape Memory Properties of Cu–12.5Al–5Mn Alloy
Rupa Dasgupta, Ashish Kumar Jain, Shahadat Hussain, Abhishek Pandey, V. Sampath

34. Characterization of Fine Metal Powders Produced by Hybrid by Water–Gas Atomization for Metal Injection Molding
Zhu Jie, Luo Hao, Weng Ting, Li Zhi, Zong Wei, Zeng Keli

Keywords: Materials Science, Materials Science, general, Materials Engineering, Operating Procedures, Materials Treatment

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