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Handbook of Suicidal Behaviour

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Table of contents

Part I. Deconstructing the Phenomenon of Suicide

1. Theorizing Suicide: Multiple Perspectives and Implications for Prevention
Swati Mukherjee, Updesh Kumar

2. Suicide in Ancient Hindu Scriptures: Condemned or Glorified?
Latha Nrugham

3. “To Life”: Biblical Narratives, Positive Psychology, and Suicide-Prevention
Kalman J. Kaplan, Paul Cantz

4. Genetics of Suicidal Behaviour
Qingzhong Wang, Yogesh Dwivedi

5. Impulsivity, Decision-Making and Their Role in Suicidal Behaviour
Yari Gvion, Alan Apter

6. Gender Disparities, Mental Health Complexities and Social Connectedness: Exploring an Integrative Approach Towards Suicidal Behaviour
Archana, Updesh Kumar

7. Suicide as a Response to Trauma
Nicole A. Salman, Conrad J. Camit, Bruce Bongar

8. Suicide Terrorism
Mark Dechesne, Bryn Bandt-Law

9. The Communication of Suicide Terrorism
Jonathan Matusitz

Part II. Risk Appraisal and Vulnerable Groups

10. Suicidal Crises: The Clinical and Research Implications of Overlooking the Role of Suicidal Reactivity
Sean M. Barnes, Sarra Nazem, Lindsey L. Monteith, Nazanin H. Bahraini

11. Lethal Means Restriction: Historical, International, and Professional Considerations
Bruce Bongar, Dana Lockwood, Danielle Spangler, Whitney Cowell

12. Dissociation and Habituation as Facilitating Processes Among Suicide Behaviours
Leah Shelef, Neta Korem, Gil Zalsman

13. Indirect Self-destructive Behaviour Across the Lifespan
Charissa Hosseini, Jessica Walsh, Lisa M. Brown

14. Suicidal Behaviour Among Black Males Differ from Recognized Behaviour in Other High Risk Groups: A Review
Donna Holland Barnes, Ingrid Godfrey

15. Suicidal Ideation in Adolescents—A Transcultural Analysis
Vsevolod A. Rozanov, Anastasiya S. Rakhimkulova

16. Geriatric Population: Suicide as a Road to Relief or to Release
Jyoti Mishra Pandey, Barre Vijay Prasad, Preeti Mishra, Shobit Garg, Bholeshwar Prashad Mishra

17. Substance Abuse and Suicidal Behaviour
Vimala Veeraraghavan

18. Antidepressants and Suicide Risk: Harmful or Useful?
Philippe Courtet, Bénédicte Nobile, Jorge Lopez-Castroman

19. Self-oriented Perfectionism and Socially Prescribed Perfectionism Add Incrementally to the Prediction of Suicide Ideation Beyond Hopelessness: A Meta-Analysis of 15 Studies
Martin M. Smith, Vanja Vidovic, Simon B. Sherry, Donald H. Saklofske

20. Personality Profiles of Suicide Ideators, Attempters, Completers and Suicide Note Writers Versus Non-writers
Nishi Misra, Apoorva Ghanekar

21. Chronic Suicidality and Personality Disorders
Pallavi Sinha, Amit Khanna, Prerna Khanna, Deepak Moyal, Shailesh Jha

22. Those Left Behind…: The Process of Bereavement for Suicide Survivors and Postvention
Ayesha Saha, Samridhi Ahuja, Harsheeta, Updesh Kumar

23. Solidarity in Times of Existential Crises in a Quantum World: Mapping Concepts and Weaving Field Narratives of Tragic Loss to Guide Those Left Behind
Kathryn Gow

Part III. Prevention, Intervention and Beyond

24. Spirituality, Religion and Suicide: French Findings
Olfa Helene Mandhouj

25. Crisis Theory and Intervention Strategies as a Way to Mitigate Suicide Risk
Monique Séguin, Nadia Chawky

26. ACT for Life: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Understand and Prevent Suicide
Sean M. Barnes, Geoffrey P. Smith, Lindsey L. Monteith, Holly R. Gerber, Nazanin H. Bahraini

27. Attachment-Based Family Therapy for Depressed and Suicidal Adolescents: Development, Research and Clinical Practice
Maliha Ibrahim, Jody Russon, Guy Diamond

28. Addressing Suicides in Special Operations Forces: Enhancing Resilience in a Unique Population
Bruce Bongar, Catherine Hausman, Gabrielle Agin-Liebes

29. Innovations in Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention
Kathryn Maslowski, Kristen Vescera, Bruce Bongar

Keywords: Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation

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