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Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy Technologies

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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Papers

1. Innovative Uses of Solar Thermal Technology
Rajiv Shekhar

2. Comparison of Thermal Characteristics of Sensible and Latent Heat Storage Materials Encapsulated in Different Capsule Configurations
Muthukumar Palanisamy, Hakeem Niyas

Part II. Solar Field

3. Development of Dual-Axis Tracking Control System for Scheffler Dish Concentrator
A. Gokul Raj, Arun Bollavarapu, Mukul Dubey

4. Comments on Quality Control of Solar Radiation Data Measured at a Ground Station in Hot and Dry Zone
D. Kumar, B. Ravindra

5. Design of Field Layout for Central Receiver System to Generate 100–150kW Solar Thermal Power
Pedamallu V. V. N. S. P. Raju, V. Narayanan

6. Design and Investigation of Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrator
Deepika Tamta, R. P. Saini

Part III. Receiver and Heat Exchanger

7. Study on Design of Cavity Receiver of Concentrating Solar Power Plants—A Review
Aditi Garg, R. P. Saini

8. Experimental Investigation of Solar Steam Generator Based on Evacuated Tube for Heating and Humidification
Sajith Lawrance, Anunaya Saraswat, Avadhesh Yadav

9. Selective Design of an Experiment for Evaluating Air–Water Hybrid Steam Condenser for Concentrated Solar Power
Sumer Dirbude, Nashith Khalifa, Laltu Chandra

10. Experimental and Computational Investigation of Heat Transfer in an Open Volumetric Air Receiver for Process Heat Application
P. Sharma, Laltu Chandra, Rajiv Shekhar, P. S. Ghoshdastidar

11. Experimental Performance Evaluation of a Parabolic Solar Dish Collector with Nanofluid
Jayesh Novel Pakhare, Harikesh Pandey, Mari Selvam, C. P. Jawahar

Part IV. Coating

12. Macro-study on Hard Anodised Aluminium Oxide (HAAO) Coated Solar Receivers
Ashutosh Arora, Chandra Mohan Arora, Pulak Mohan Pandey, Ashok Kumar Dargar, Suparna Mukhopadhyay, Tapan Kumar Ray

13. Effect of Growth Condition on Mechanical Properties of Zirconium Carbonitride Absorber-Based Spectrally Selective Coatings
B. Usmani, V. Vijay, R. Chhibber, Ambesh Dixit

14. Transition Metal-Based Spectrally Selective Coatings Using In-House Developed Spray System
Ajoy K. Saha, Laltu Chandra, Ambesh Dixit

Part V. Thermal Energy Storage

15. Thermal Conductivity Enhancement of Myristic Acid Using Exfoliated Graphite for Thermal Energy Storage Applications
Rohitash Kumar, Rakshanda Jakhoria, Ambesh Dixit

16. Performance Investigation of Lab-Scale Sensible Heat Storage System
Chilaka Ravi Chandra Rao, Hakeem Niyas, Likhendra Prasad, Muthukumar Palanisamy

17. Development of Phase Change Material-Based Temperature Regulation Facility Inside Protected Agriculture Structure
Priyabrata Santra, P. C. Pande, A. K. Singh, Surendra Poonia, D. Mishra

Part VI. Solar Cooling

18. Optimum Composition of Alternative Refrigerant Mixture for Direct Expansion Solar-Assisted Heat Pump Using ANN and GA
K. Vinoth Kumar, Lokesh Paradeshi, M. Srinivas, S. Jayaraj

19. Performance Evaluation of Solar–Biogas Hybrid Cold Storage System for Transient Storage of Horticultural Produce
Sampath Kumar Gundu, Asimkumar Joshi, Gokul Raj, Samir Vahora, Mukul Dubey, M. Shyam

Part VII. Process Heat

20. Design, Development and Performance Evolution of a Low-Cost Solar Dryer
Surendra Poonia, A. K. Singh, Priyabrata Santra, D. Mishra

21. Performance Evaluation of Double Effect Solar Still
Chinmay Dave, Subarna Maiti, Bhupendra Kumar Markam, Pankaj Patel, Jatin Patel

22. Transient Heat Transfer Analysis in Insulated Pipe with Constant and Time-Dependent Heat Flux for Solar Convective Furnace
Manish Sachdeva, Laltu Chandra

Part VIII. Smart Grid and Policy Research

23. Impact of Different Solar Radiation Databases on Techno-economics of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Projects in Northwestern India
Ishan Purohit, Saurabh Motiwala, Amit Kumar

24. Envisioning Post Domain of Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme-Fault Current Limiters
Jagdish Prasad Sharma, Vibhor Chauhan

Keywords: Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy, Energy Systems, Nuclear Energy

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