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Spatial Data Handling in Big Data Era

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Table of contents

Part I. Data Intensive Geospatial Computing and Data Quality

1. Using T-Drive and BerlinMod in Parallel SECONDO for Performance Evaluation of Geospatial Big Data Processing
Mudabber Ashfaq, Ali Tahir, Faisal Moeen Orakzai, Gavin McArdle, Michela Bertolotto

2. Integrated Geo-information Database for Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste in China
Peng Wang, Yong-an Zhao, Min Gao, Shu-tao Huang, Ju Wang, Lun Wu, Heng Cai

3. Analyzing the Uncertainties of Ground Validation for Remote Sensing Land Cover Mapping in the Era of Big Geographic Data
Bo Sun, Xi Chen, Qiming Zhou

4. Error in Spatial Ecology (PVM)
Brian Lees

Part II. Web and Crowd Sourcing Spatial Data Mining

5. A Framework for Event Information Extraction from Chinese News Online
Shuang Wang, Yecheng Yuan, Tao Pei, Yufen Chen

6. Evaluating Neighborhood Environment and Utilitarian Walking Behavior with Big Data: A Case Study in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Hao Hou, Yuji Murayama

7. A Space-Time GIS for Visualizing and Analyzing Clusters in Large Tracking Datasets
Hongbo Yu

8. An Extended Community Detection Algorithm to Compare Human Mobility Flow Based on Urban Polycentric Cluster Boundaries: A Case Study of Shenzhen City
Zhixiang Fang, Lihan Liu, Shih-Lung Shaw, Ling Yin

Part III. Visualization of Big Geographical Data

9. Improving GIScience Visualization: Ideas for a New Methodology
Francis Harvey

10. Leveraging Big (Geo) Data with (Geo) Visual Analytics: Place as the Next Frontier
Alan M. MacEachren

11. A Comparative Study of Various Properties to Measure the Road Hierarchy in Road Networks
Xun Wu, Hong Zhang, Yunhui Xu, Jie Yang

12. Detail Resolution: A New Model to Describe Level of Detail Information of Vector Line Data
Xiaoqiang Cheng, Huayi Wu, Tinghua Ai, Min Yang

Part IV. Spatial Analysis and Simulation

13. Urban Growth Evaluation: A New Approach Using Neighborhood Characteristics of Remotely Sensed Land Use Data
Shyamantha Subasinghe, Yuji Murayama

14. Influential Factors of Building Footprint Location and Prediction of Office Shape in City Blocks in Tokyo’s Commercial Zones
Masahiro Taima, Yasushi Asami, Kimihiro Hino

15. Modelling Urban Growth Evolution Using SLEUTH Model: A Case Study in Wuhan City, China
Wenyou Fan, Yueju Shen, Jianfang Li, Lina Li

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Data Storage Representation, Earth Sciences, general

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Advances in Geographic Information Science
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13 pages
Natural Sciences
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