Anpo, Masakazu

Advanced Mechanical Science and Technology for the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Anpo, Masakazu - Advanced Mechanical Science and Technology for the Industrial Revolution 4.0, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

1. Simulation and Formulation of Rehabilitation Strategies for a Novel Ankle Rehabilitation Robot
Zhiwei Liao, Zongxing Lu, Chen Peng, Ligang Yao

2. Internet of Things Technology Applies to Two Wheeled Guard Robot with Visual Ability
Chih-Hui Chiu, Yu-shiou Huang

3. Implementation of a Biomimetic Flapping-Wing Robot Based on Internet of Things Technology
Chih-Hui Chiu, Chieh-Min Lin

4. Application of a Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Automatic Inspection of Object Surface
Yi-Sheng Lee, Shu-Ya Tong, Jih-Gau Juang

5. Task Execution Based-on Human-Robot Communication and Pointing Gestures
Peiqing Yan, Bingwei He, Liwei Zhang, Jianwei Zhang

6. Finger Vein Image Feature Extraction
Jian Lin, Shuncong Zhong

7. A Review of Model Based Online Identification Methods for Robotic Systems
Zhijing Li, Minghao Wang, Jinhua Ye, Haibin Wu

8. A General Kinetostatic Model Based Stiffness Estimation for Tripod Parallel Kinematic Machines with Prismatic Actuators
Jun Zhang, Tengfei Tang

Part II. Sensors and Measurements

9. Magnetic Memory Testing for Fillet Weld of Boiler Tube
Kejia Wang, Ligang Yao, Yongwu Cai, Zhiwei Liao

10. Development of Projection Fringes Phase Shifting Technology Based Optical System for Small Object Surface Profile Fast Scanning
Ti-Yu Lai, Shu-Sheng Lee, Sheng Chi, Chia-Ming Jan, Po-Chi Hu

11. Sensitivity Effect of Single Load Cell on Total Output of a Combinatorial Structure
Guiyong Guo, Shuncong Zhong, Ligang Yao

12. Curvature Radius Measurement of Lens by Using Line Field Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Jiewen Lin, Shuncong Zhong, Tengfei You, Qiukun Zhang, Junhai Tong

13. Noninvasive Blood Pressure Measurement Based on Photoplethysmography
Yudong Wu, Shuncong Zhong

14. Terahertz Chiral SSPPs Mode on the Helically Grooved Metal Wire
Haizi Yao, Shuncong Zhong

15. Simulation and Experiment of Terahertz Wave Detection of Marine Protective Coating
Wanli Tu, Shuncong Zhong

16. The Development of in Situ Measurement Technique for Ship Plate Manufacturing
Yi-Fan Liao, Chi-Wen Huang, Chen-Min Fan, Shu-Sheng Lee, Pai-Chen Guan, Yu-Ling Chen, Yen-Hui Shi

17. FEM Study of Graphene Based Tunable Terahertz Plasmonics Gaseous Sensor
Yi Huang, Shuncong Zhong, Haizi Yao

Part III. Intelligent Systems

18. Advanced Manufacturing Systems—An Introduction to Holonic Manufacturing System
Nobuhiro Sugimura

19. Development of Ultra–low Emission Multi–fuel Boiler System Using Plasma–Chemical Hybrid Clean Technology
Tomoyuki Kuroki, Hidekatsu Fujishima, Atsushi Tanaka, Keiichi Otsuka, Masaaki Okubo

20. Design and Analysis on a Novel Electric Vehicle Powertrain
Jie Yu, Ligang Yao, Chengcheng Ren, Xiaolei Yan

21. Hybrid Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell/Lithium-ion Battery System Power Management Strategy Design for Lifetime Extending of the Main Power Source
Fei-Fei Qin, Ya-Xiong Wang

22. Vision-Based Measurement System for Structural Vibration Monitoring and Damage Detection
Jianfeng Zhong, Shuncong Zhong

23. Application of the LM-HLP Neural Network to Automatic Smartphone Test System
Wei-Ting Hsu, Chia-Chi Lu, Jih-Gau Juang

24. Two-Vectors-Based Model-Free Predictive Current Control of a Voltage Source Inverter
Cheng-Kai Lin, Jen-te Yu, Yen-Shin Lai, Hsing-Cheng Yu, Jyun-Wei Hu, Dong-Yue Wu

25. Net Power Output of Open Cathode Fuel Cell Optimization Based on the Over-Temperature Protection
Kai Ou, Ya-Xiong Wang, Wei-Wei Yuan, Young-Bae Kim

Part IV. Modern Design Methodologies

26. General Solution Technique for Electroelastic Problems in Green Materials
M. Ishihara, Y. Ootao, Y. Kameo

27. Supply Chain Network Design with Dynamic Scheduling and Cooperative Negotiation
Yoshitaka Tanimizu

28. Effects of Sample Tilt on Vickers Indentation Hardness
Ming Liu, Guangyu Zhu, Xiangyu Dong, Jinming Liao, Chenghui Gao

29. Lattice Boltzmann Method for Turbulent Flows
Kazuhiko Suga, Yusuke Kuwata

30. Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving the Optimization Problem of the Surface Mounting
Xuewei Ju, Guangyu Zhu, Shixiang Chen

31. Molecular Dynamics Studies on Vibration of SLMoS2 Nanoresonantor Under Different Boundary Conditions
Haili HUANG, Minglin LI

32. First-Principles Investigation of Magnesium Ion Adsorptions and Diffusions on 1H-Monolayer MoS2 for Energy Storages
Jing Luo, Minglin Li

33. Simulation Study of Two-Phase Flow in the Siphon Pipeline
Yao Lei, Changwei Wang, Yuxia Ji

34. Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Nanoindentation Experiment of Single-Layer MoS2 Circular Nanosheets
Jianyue Hu, Minglin Li, Weidong Wang, Longlong Li

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Measurement Science and Instrumentation

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