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Supply Chain Risk Management

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Table of contents

Part I. Supply Chain Risk Management

1. Supply Chain Risk Management: A Comprehensive Review
Zohreh Khojasteh-Ghamari, Takashi Irohara

2. Cost-Effectiveness and Manageability Based Prioritisation of Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategies
Abroon Qazi, John Quigley, Alex Dickson

3. Modeling Risk Emergence and Propagation in Buyer-Supplier-Customer Relationships
Kristian Rotaru, Mehrdokht Pournader

4. Managing Reputational Risks in Supply Chains
Fred Lemke, Henry L. Petersen

5. Managing IT and Cyber Risks in Supply Chains
Barbara Gaudenzi, Giorgia Siciliano

Part I. Supply Chain Risk Management

6. Developing Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategies
Yacob Khojasteh

7. Analyzing Supply Chain Vulnerability Through Simulation
Jyri Vilko, Lauri Lättilä

8. Supply Chain Disruptions Preparedness Measures Using a Dynamic Model
Amit Sonar, Cameron A. Mackenzie

9. A Quantitative Model for Analyzing Market Response During Supply Chain Disruptions
Arun Vinayak, Cameron A. Mackenzie

10. Supply Chain Risk Management in the Transmission and Amplification of Disruptions
Artur Swierczek

11. Strategic Sourcing Under Supply Disruption Risk
S. Prasanna Venkatesan, Mark Goh

12. Design and Evaluation of Global Supply Chain Considering Disruption Risk
Yasutaka Kainuma

13. Supply Chain Resiliency: A Review
Srinivasan Radhakrishnan, Benjamin Harris, Sagar Kamarthi

14. The Role of Resiliency in Managing Supply Chains Disruptions
Anirban Ganguly, Debdeep Chatterjee, Harish Rao

15. Designing Resilience into Service Supply Chains: A Conceptual Methodology
Sigurd S. Pettersen, Bjørn E. Asbjørnslett, Stein O. Erikstad

16. Resiliency in Supply Chain Systems: A Triadic Framework Using Family Resilience Model
Arash Azadegan, Jayanth Jayaram

17. Cultivating Supply Chain Agility: Managerial Actions Derived from Established Antecedents
Michael J. Braunscheidel, Nallan C. Suresh

18. Assessing Supply Chain Resilience upon Critical Infrastructure Disruptions: A Multilevel Simulation Modelling Approach
Paolo Trucco, Boris Petrenj, Seyoum Eshetu Birkie

Keywords: Business and Management, Supply Chain Management, Innovation/Technology Management, Business Information Systems, Business Process Management, Operation Research/Decision Theory

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