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A Companion to Research in Teacher Education

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Table of contents

1. A Companion to Research in Teacher Education
Ian Menter, Michael A. Peters, Bronwen Cowie

Part I. Becoming a Teacher: Teacher Education and Professionalism

2. Developing the Thoughtful Practitioner
Donald Gillies

3. Variations in the Conditions for Teachers’ Professional Learning and Development: Teacher Development, Retention and Renewal over a Career
Qing Gu

4. Clinical Praxis Exams: Linking Academic Study with Professional Practice Knowledge
Barbara Kameniar, Larissa McLean Davies, Jefferson Kinsman, Catherine Reid, Debra Tyler, Daniela Acquaro

5. A Role of Doing Philosophy in a Humanistic Approach to Teacher Education
Duck-Joo Kwak

6. The Development of Accomplished Teaching
Margery A. McMahon, Christine Forde, Rosa Murray

Part II. Initial Teacher Education

7. Towards a Principled Approach for School-Based Teacher Educators: Lessons from Research
Katharine Burn, Trevor Mutton, Hazel Hagger

8. The Strathclyde Literacy Clinic: Developing Student Teacher Values, Knowledge and Identity as Inclusive Practitioners
Sue Ellis

9. You Teach Who You Are Until the Government Comes to Class: A Study of 28 Literacy Teacher Educators in Four Countries
Clare Kosnik, Lydia Menna, Pooja Dharamshi, Clive Beck

10. Clinical Practice in Education: Towards a Conceptual Framework
Jeana Kriewaldt, Larissa McLean Davies, Suzanne Rice, Field Rickards, Daniela Acquaro

11. Initial Teacher Education in Ireland—A Case Study
Teresa O’Doherty, Judith Harford

12. Doing Harm to Educational Knowledge: The Struggle over Teacher Education in Sweden and Norway
Carl Anders Säfström, Herner Saeverot

13. The Pre-service Education of Disability Pedagogues in Norway: Maximising Social Pedagogic Ambition
Paul Stephens

Part III. Teacher Education, Partnerships and CollaborationThe first part of this introduction is based on Peters (2014) ‘Education as the Power of Collaboration.’

14. Repositioning, Embodiment and the Experimental Space: Refiguring Student–Teacher Partnerships in Teacher Education
Helen Cahill, Julia Coffey

15. Redesigning Authentic Collaborative Practicum Partnerships: Learnings from Case Studies from Two New Zealand Universities
Beverley Cooper, Lexie Grudnoff

16. Researching the Intersection of Program Supervision and Field Placements: Interactional Ethnographic Telling Cases of Reflexive Decision-Making Process
Laurie Katz, Judith Green

17. Networked Teaching and Learning for Life-Long Professional Development
Mandia Mentis, Alison Kearney

18. Teacher Agency and Professional Learning Communities: What Can Learning Rounds in Scotland Teach Us?
Carey Philpott

19. Supporting Mentoring and Assessment in Practicum Settings: A New Professional Development Approach for School-Based Teacher Educators
Simone White, Rachel Forgasz

20. Research in the Workplace: The Possibilities for Practitioner and Organisational Learning Offered by a School-University Research Partnership
Leon Benade, Bill Hubbard, Leanne Lamb

21. A QUEST for Sustainable Continuing Professional Development
Birgitte Lund Nielsen

Part IV. Global Education Reform and Teacher Education

22. Teachers, Curriculum and the Neoliberal Imaginary of Education
Steven Hodge

23. Re-Casting Teacher Effectiveness Approaches to Teacher Education
Andrew Skourdoumbis

24. The Paradox of Teacher Agency in a Glocalised World
Tom Are Trippestad

25. The Marketization of Teacher Education: Threat or Opportunity?
Geoff Whitty

26. Postfeminist Educational Media Panics, Girl Power and the Problem/Promise of ‘Successful Girls’
Jessica Ringrose, Debbie Epstein

27. Helping Teachers and School Leaders to Become Extra-Critical of Global Education Reform
Martin Thrupp

Part V. Teacher Education as a Public Good

28. Quality of Education and the Poor: Constraints on Learning
Poonam Batra

29. The Future of Teacher Education: Evidence, Competence or Wisdom?
Gert Biesta

30. Attracting, Preparing, and Retaining Teachers in High Need Areas: A Science as Inquiry Model of Teacher Education
Cheryl J. Craig, Paige Evans, Simon Bott, Donna Stokes, Bobby Abrol

31. Teacher Education, Research and Migrant Children
Nesta Devine, Jeanne Pau’uvale Teisina, Lorraine Pau’uvale

32. Reforming Teacher Education in England—‘An Economy of Discourses of Truth’
Meg Maguire

33. Teacher Educators’ Responsibility to Prepare Candidates for Classroom Realities
John O’Neill

34. Complexity and Learning: Implications for Teacher Education
Mark Olssen

35. The Prevailing Logic of Teacher Education: Privileging the Practical in Australia, England and Scotland
Trevor Gale, Stephen Parker

Part VI. Research, Institutional Evaluation and Evidence-Based Research

36. On the Role of Philosophical Work in Research in Teacher Education
David Bridges, Alis Oancea, Janet Orchard

37. Relational Expertise: A Cultural-Historical Approach to Teacher Education
Anne Edwards

38. Researching Teacher Education Policy: A Case Study from Scotland
Aileen Kennedy

39. Researching Practice as Education and Reform
Colleen McLaughlin

40. Representing Teaching Within High-Stakes Teacher Performance Assessments
Kevin W. Meuwissen, Jeffrey M. Choppin

41. Research and the Undermining of Teacher Education
Richard Pring

42. The Role of Comparative and International Research in Developing Capacity to Study and Improve Teacher Education
Maria Teresa Tatto

43. The Place of Research in Teacher Education? An Analysis of the Australian Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group Report Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers

Martin Mills, Merrilyn Goos

44. Educating the Educators: Policies and Initiatives in European Teacher Education
Jean Murray, Mieke Lunenberg, Kari Smith

45. Making Connections in the UK and Australia—Research, Teacher Education and Educational Improvement
Ian Menter

Part VII. Pedagogy in Action

46. ‘If I Could Not Make a Difference Why Would I Be a Teacher?’ Teaching English as an Additional Language and the Quest for Social Justice
Ghazala Bhatti, Gail McEachron

47. Imperatives for Teacher Education: Findings from Studies of Effective Teaching for English Language Learners
Alison L. Bailey, Margaret Heritage

48. University Coursework and School Experience: The Challenge to Amalgamate Learning
Allie Clemans, John Loughran, Justen O’Connor

49. Co-configuring Design Elements and Quality Aspects in Teacher Education: A Research Agenda
Jon Magne Vestøl, Andreas Lund

50. Theorising Teacher Practice with Technology: Implications for Teacher Education Research
Julianne Lynch

51. Capturing Science PCK Through Students’ Experiences
Pernilla Nilsson

52. Teacher Sense-Making in School-Based Curriculum Development Through Critical Collaborative Professional Enquiry
Mark Priestley, Valerie Drew

53. Flows of Knowledge in Teaching Teams: A Collaborative Approach to Research in Early Childhood Education
Marek Tesar, Andrew Gibbons, Sandy Farquhar

54. Conquering Content: A Key to Promoting Self-efficacy in Primary Science Teaching
Anne Hume

55. Mentoring of Newly Qualified Teachers in the Educational Sense
Hannu L. T. Heikkinen

56. Building Teacher Confidence in Inquiry and Assessment: Experiences from a Pan-European Collaboration
Odilla E. Finlayson, Eilish McLoughlin

Keywords: Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Professional & Vocational Education, Educational Policy and Politics, International and Comparative Education

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