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Advances in Cultural Linguistics

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Table of contents

1. Cultural Linguistics: The State of the Art
Farzad Sharifian

2. Cultural Conceptualisations in Humorous Discourse in English and Serbian
Diana Prodanović Stankić

3. Cultural Conceptualisations of death in Taiwanese Buddhist and Christian Eulogistic Idioms
Wei-lun Lu

life as opera: A Cultural Metaphor in Chinese
Ning Yu

5. Cultural Conceptualisations of Collective Self-representation Among Chinese Immigrants
Yanying Lu

6. Cultural Conceptualisations of irony in Greek
Angeliki Athanasiadou

7. The Interface Between Language and Cultural Conceptualisations of Gender in Interaction: The Case of Greek
Angeliki Alvanoudi

8. Grounding and Relational Schemas in Managalase, Papua New Guinea
William H. McKellin

9. Kinship Semantics: Culture in the Lexicon
Alice Gaby

10. Cultural Conceptualisations of mouth, lips, tongue and teeth in Bulgarian and English
Alexandra Bagasheva

11. Cultural Conceptualisations of river in Hungarian Folksongs
Judit Baranyiné Kóczy

12. Pride in British English and Polish: A Cultural-Linguistic Perspective
Paul A. Wilson, Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk

13. Beyond Metaphorisation and Myth-Making: Tertium Datur for Language and Culture
Adam Głaz

14. Context in Cultural Linguistics: The Case of Metaphor
Zoltán Kövecses

15. Metaphor and Cultural Cognition
Andreas Musolff

16. The Conceptualisation of austerity in the Portuguese, Spanish and Irish Press
Augusto Soares da Silva, Maria Josep Cuenca, Manuela Romano

17. Cultural Conceptualisations of democracy and Political Discourse Practices in Ghana
Gladys Nyarko Ansah

18. Perceptions of Impoliteness from a Cultural Linguistics Perspective
Farzad Sharifian, Tahmineh Tayebi

Seoul Uncle: Cultural Conceptualisations Behind the Use of Address Terms in Korean
Hyejeong Ahn

20. Evidentiality—A Cultural Interpretation
Enrique Bernárdez

21. Noun Classes and Toponyms in Shüpamem
Lydie Christelle Talla Makoudjou, Victor Loumngam Kamga

22. Corpora and Cultural Cognition: How Corpus-Linguistic Methodology Can Contribute to Cultural Linguistics
Kim Ebensgaard Jensen

23. Applied ethnolinguistics Is Cultural Linguistics, but Is It cultural linguistics?
Bert Peeters

24. Expanding the Scope of Cultural Linguistics: Taking Parrots Seriously
Roslyn M. Frank

25. Where Japanese and Occidental Cultural Conceptualisations Meet: Reading Manga Which Anthropomorphise Nations as Kyara ‘Characters’ Through the Lens of Cultural Linguistics
Debra J. Occhi

26. Are Marriages Made in Heaven? A Cultural-Linguistic Case Study on Indian-English Matrimonials
Frank Polzenhagen, Sandra Frey

27. Cultural Linguistics and Ageing: What Naming Practices in Australian English Can Reveal About Underlying Cultural Conceptualisations
Réka Benczes, Kate Burridge, Farzad Sharifian, Keith Allan

28. Terms of Adoption: Cultural Conceptual Factors Underlying the Adoption of English for Aboriginal Communication
Ian G. Malcolm

29. Cultural Conceptualisations in Stories of Māori-English Bilinguals: The Cultural Schema of marae

Marta Degani

30. De-escalation—A Cultural-Linguistic View on Military English and Military Conflicts
Hans-Georg Wolf

31. Developing Meta-cultural Competence in Teaching English as an International Language
Zhichang Xu

32. Cultural Linguistics and ELT Curriculum: The Case of English Textbooks in Vietnam
Thuy Ngoc Dinh

Keywords: Social Sciences, Knowledge - Discourse, Sociological Theory, Cognitive Psychology, Comparative Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics

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