Yao, Xinzhong

Reconceptualizing Confucian Philosophy in the 21st Century

Yao, Xinzhong - Reconceptualizing Confucian Philosophy in the 21st Century, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Xinzhong Yao

Part I. Revisiting Confucian Doctrines

2. Virtue Ethics in the Philosophy of Mencius
Lai Chen

3. Reproduction, Familiarity, Love, and Humaneness: How Did Confucius Reveal “Humaneness”?
Hongxing Chen

4. Xunzi’s Virtue Ethics of Rationality and the Issue of Emotions
Kai Wang

5. Can Confucianism Modernize? An Essay on Philosophical Possibility
Tingyang Zhao

6. Beyond a Theory of Human Nature: Towards an Alternative Interpretation of Mencius’ Ethics
Hektor K. T. Yan

7. The Religious Thought of Confucius: Exploring the Place of Heaven, Destiny, and Spirits in the Analects

Maoze Zhang

8. The Neo-confucian Discourse on “Stilling Nature” in the Works of Cheng Hao, Zhu Xi, and Zhen Dexiu
Renqiu Zhu

9. The Role Dilemma in Early Confucianism
John Ramsey

10. A Comment on Confucian Role Ethics
Daniel A. Bell

11. Moral Psychology of Shame in Early Confucian Philosophy
Bongrae Seok

Part II. Reexaming Confucian Concepts

12. Confucian Viewpoints on Destiny, Necessity, and Fate
Dahua Cui

13. Explorations Into the Meaning of “Conducting Sincerity” in Confucian Thought
Yun Chen

Zhong and the Language of Clustered Meanings: A Synthetic Exploration of the Way of Zhong in Early Confucian Philosophy
Keqian Xu

15. The Role of Conscience and the Original Heart in Mencius’ Theory of the Original Goodness in Human Nature
Pengwei Zhang

16. Explorations into the Sources and Structures of the Yijing’s System of Time
Wangeng Zheng

17. A Temporal Analysis of the Consciousness of Filial Piety
Xianglong Zhang

18. The Unarticulated Conception of Equality in Early Confucianism, and Its Relation to Modern Conceptions
Ruiquan Gao

19. Sincerity and the Impasse of the Exemplary Person: An Analysis of the Zhongyong, with Attention to Christian Faith
Wenyu Xie

20. Zhou Dunyi’s Founding Contribution to Neo-confucianism
Jinglin Li

21. The Unity of Form and Function in Zhu Xi’s Theory of Mind
Peiyuan Meng

22. Early Engagements with Buddhism and the Rise of the Neo-confucians
Shiling Xiang

Part III. Reinterpreting Confucian Morality

23. The Distinction Between Politics and Morality: An Analysis of What Confucius Actually Said
Shuo Dongfang, Hongcheng Li

24. Modern Moral Confucianism and the Challenge of Modernization: Reflections on Liang Shuming, Xiong Shili, and Mou Zongsan
Zhiming Song

25. Ecological Consciousness and the Conscience in the Writings of Wang Yangming
Xuezhi Zhang

26. Cheng Yi Assesses the Case of Diwu Lun:Viewing the Brother’s Son as One’s Own
Xudong Fang

27. The Value of Reconstructing Confucianism for the Contemporary World
Qiyong Guo, Tao Cui

28. A Genealogical Survey of the Values and Practices of Confucian Courage from Ancient China to the Contemporary World
Lisheng Chen

29. The Confucian Aspiration at the Heart of “Tianren Heyi”: Eco-centrism, Anthropocentrism, and the Anthrocosmic Relationship in Traditional Confucian Thought
Xinzhong Yao

30. A Contemporary Interpretation of Confucian Ritual in the Writings of Xunzi
Siufu Tang

31. On Beauty and the Repositioning of Ethics as Aesthetics: Engaging Confucius and Whitehead
Jung-Yeup Kim

Keywords: Philosophy, Non-Western Philosophy, Ethics

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