Sumbatyan, Mezhlum A.

Wave Dynamics and Composite Mechanics for Microstructured Materials and Metamaterials

Sumbatyan, Mezhlum A. - Wave Dynamics and Composite Mechanics for Microstructured Materials and Metamaterials, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Mathematical Models and Finite Element Approaches for Nanosized Piezoelectric Bodies with Uncoulped and Coupled Surface Effects
Victor A. Eremeyev, A. V. Nasedkin

2. On the Theory of Acoustic Metamaterials with a Triple-Periodic System of Interior Obstacles
M. A. Sumbatyan, M. Yu. Remizov

3. Analytical and Computer Methods to Evaluate Mechanical Properties of the Metamaterials Based on Various Models of Polymeric Chains
Roman A. Gerasimov, Olga G. Maksimova, Tatiana O. Petrova, Victor A. Eremeyev, Andrei V. Maksimov

4. Identification of Arrays of Cracks in the Elastic Medium by the Ultrasonic Scanning
M. A. Sumbatyan, M. Brigante

5. Short-Wave Diffraction of Elastic Waves by Voids in an Elastic Medium with Double Reflections and Transformations
Nikolay V. Boyev

6. Finite Element Modeling and Computer Design of Anisotropic Elastic Porous Composites with Surface Stresses
A. V. Nasedkin, A. S. Kornievsky

7. Acceleration Waves in Media with Microstructure
Victor A. Eremeyev

8. Models of Active Bulk Composites and New Opportunities of the ACELAN Finite Element Package
N. V. Kurbatova, D. K. Nadolin, A. V. Nasedkin, A. A. Nasedkina, P. A. Oganesyan, A. S. Skaliukh, A. N. Soloviev

9. On the Models of Three-Layered Plates and Shells with Thin Soft Core
Victor A. Eremeyev, Konstantin Naumenko

10. Ray Tracing Method for a High-Frequency Propagation of the Ultrasonic Wave Through a Triple-Periodic Array of Spheres
Nikolay V. Boyev, M. A. Sumbatyan

11. An Experimental Model of the Ultrasonic Wave Propagation Through a Doubly-Periodic Array of Defects
Vladimir V. Zotov, Vitaly V. Popuzin, Alexander E. Tarasov

12. Finite Element Simulation of Thermoelastic Effective Properties of Periodic Masonry with Porous Bricks
A. V. Nasedkin, A. A. Nasedkina, A. Rajagopal

13. Spectral Properties of Nanodimensional Piezoelectric Bodies with Voids and Surface Effects
G. Iovane, A. V. Nasedkin

14. A Review on Models for the 3D Statics and 2D Dynamics of Pantographic Fabrics
Emilio Barchiesi, Luca Placidi

Keywords: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Acoustics, Engineering Acoustics, Materials Engineering

Publication year
Advanced Structured Materials
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12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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