Ahmad, Mohd Yazed

3rd International Conference on Movement, Health and Exercise

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Table of contents

1. DietScore™: Sports Nutrition-based Mobile Application for Athletes and Active Individuals
S. Nik Shanita, A. H. A. Rahman, A. Azimah, M. Mohamad Izham, N. E. Othman, Y. T. Chan, B. S. Pushpa, B. K. Poh, A. T. Ruzita

2. Physical and Physiological Attributes Associated with Precision Sports Performance – A Novel Analysis Method
T. C. Loh, B. C. Cheah, M. Sanawi, L. H. Loo, S. H. Yaali, L. V. Tang

3. The Effects of Rest Interval on Electromyographic Signal on Upper Limb Muscle during Contraction
N. U. Ahamed, M. F. Rabbi, Z. Taha, K. Sundaraj, T. Sikandar

4. Comparison between Stair Climbing and 1 Mile Walking in Relation to Cardiorespiratory Fitness among Sedentary Adults
I. A. Mir, V. L. K. Yu, F. S. Jia, A. H. Bhat

5. Moderation Role of Attitude on the Relationship between Participation in Competitive Sports and Academic Performance of Student-Athletes in Saudi Arabia
M. I. Alahmed, A. Yusof, A. Saidon, A. Borhannudin, K. Prihadi

6. The Instantaneous Effects of Generic Foot Arch Support Insoles on Centre of Foot Pressure in Various Modes of Static Balance
C. L. Chok, S. Joseph

7. Hadamard Transform Based PAPR Reduction for Telemedicine Applications Utilized for Epilepsy Classification
S. K. Prabhakar, H. Rajaguru

8. Artificial Intelligence Techniques Used for Wheeze Sounds Analysis: Review
F. G. Nabi, K. Sundaraj, L. C. Kiang, R. Palaniappan, S. Sundaraj, N. U. Ahamed

9. PCA Based Selective Mapping Technique for Reduced PAPR Implemented for Distributed Wireless Patient Monitoring Epilepsy Classification System
S. K. Prabhakar, H. Rajaguru

10. The Effect of Single Bout of 15 Minutes of 15-degree Celsius Cold Water Immersion on Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness Indicators
N. H. Amir, H. A. Hashim, S. Saha

11. Conceptual Design of Orthosis for Clubfoot Model Developed Using Image Reconstruction Techniques
E. Vijayaragavan, T. V. Gopal, S. Viswanath

12. The Control of an Upper-Limb Exoskeleton by Means of a Particle Swarm Optimized Active Force Control for Motor Recovery
A. P. P. Abdul Majeed, Z. Taha, I. Mohd Khairuddin, M. Y. Wong, M. A. Abdullah, M. A. Mohd Razman

13. A Depth Image Approach to Classify Daily Activities of Human Life for Fall Detection Based on Height and Velocity of the Subject
Y. Nizam, M. Mahadi Abdul Jamil, M. Norzali Mohd

14. Effect of the Long Term ‘Training and Competitive’ Cycle on Urinary Protein and Creatinine in Elite Male Triathletes in Malaysia – A Pilot Study
H. Zainudin, B. Caszo, V. F. Knight, S. Lumley, A. Subramanium, J. Gnanou

15. Classification of Respiratory Sounds in Smokers and Non-smokers using k-NN Classifier
N. S. Abdullah, C. K. Lam, K. Sundaraj, R. Palaniappan

16. Design and Development of a Virtual Reality Based Track Cycling Simulator
Z. A. Zakaria, H. J. Yap

17. Relationship Between Electromyostimulation and Free Weight Exercises in Multiple Repetition Maximum Strength Test
R. N. J. R. Hussain, K. M. Kee, R. Razman, S. I. Ismail, M. Shari, N. M. Ideris

18. Analysis and Classification of Forearm Muscles Activities during Gripping using EMG Signals
A. F. Wahab, C. K. Lam, K. Sundaraj

19. Body Weight Distribution and Centre of Pressure Displacement Velocity on The Shooting Score of Malaysian Rifle and Pistol Athletes- A Pilot Study
Y. Selva, S. Joseph

20. Effect of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack Extract on Lipolysis in Collegiate Athletes: Pilot study
P. J. Lim, C. S. Gan, T. K. Khong, S. H. Hamzah, A. Yusof

21. Anthropometric Profiles of Malaysian Elite Swimmers
L. H. Loo, N. C. Wilson, W. J. Chai

22. Effects of Toe-out and Toe-in Gait with Varying Walking Speeds on Knee Adduction Moment and Mechanical Work Done-A Pilot Study
S. S. Khan, S. J. Khan, J. Usman

23. The Effects of Varying Level of Glucose and Fructose on Brain Activation During Mouth Rinse
A. H. Abu Bakar, S. Mat Isa, M. H. Mohd Rasli, I. L. Shuaib, R. Singh, S. Derbyshire, H. K. Kamaruddin, A. M. Che Muhamed

24. Entropy Based PAPR Reduction for STTC System Utilized for Classification of Epilepsy from EEG Signals Using PSD and SVM
S. K. Prabhakar, H. Rajaguru

25. Carbohydrate Mouth Rinse Enhances Time to Exhaustion of Running Performance Among Dehydrated Subjects
H. K. Kamaruddin, C. H. Ooi, A. H. Abu Bakar, A. M. Che Muhamed

26. The Effects of Releasing Ankle Joint on Pedal Force and Power Production during Electrically Stimulated Cycling in Paraplegic Individuals: A Pilot Study
P. N. F. Hamdan, K. Teo, N. A. Hamzaid, J. Usman, R. Razman

27. Effect of High and Low Carbohydrate Meals on Sustained Maximum Voluntary Contraction (MVC) after Prolonged Exercise
T. K. Khong, V. S. Selvanayagam, S. H. Hamzah, P. J. Lim, A. Yusof

28. Different Instructional Methods Affect the Acquisition
and Performance of Sport Stacking
I. N. Mohd Noor, J. P. G. Cheong

29. Monitoring the Walking Pattern of Lower Limb Prosthetic
Users Using Mobile Accelerometer Apps
M. S. Mohktar, N. R. Hasan Basri

30. Diet and Bone Status in Eumenorrheic Female Athletes
N. S. Ahmad, M. S. Hamid, J. P. G. Cheong, S. H. Hamzah

31. Does Imagery Facilitate a Reduction in Movement Variability in a Targeting Task?
N. A. Mohammed Suberi, R. Razman, N. Callow

32. Reliability of a Pendulum Apparatus Designed
to Test the Taekwondo Electronic Body Protector
R. W. L. Chong, R. Razman

33. Comparison of Vertical Jump Height Using the Force Platform and the Vertec
P. Y. Cheah, J. P. G. Cheong, R. Razman, N. E. Zainal Abidin

34. Fabric-Based Sensor for Applications in Biomechanical Pressure Measurement
N. Mohd Alias, M. Y. Ahmad, N. A. Hamzaid

35. A Pilot Study on Physical Performance Measures: What is Better
for Knee Osteoarthritis Patients, Orthosis or Gait Modifications?
S. J. Khan, S. S. Khan, J. Usman, A. H. Mokhtar, N. A. Abu Osman

36. Kinematics Analysis of a 3DoF Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Gait Rehabilitation: A Preliminary Investigation
M. A. Zakaria, A. P. P. Abdul Majeed, I. M. Khairuddin, Z. Taha

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Health Informatics

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IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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