Onoda, Masami

Satellite Earth Observations and Their Impact on Society and Policy

Onoda, Masami - Satellite Earth Observations and Their Impact on Society and Policy, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Background and Introduction

1. Satellite Earth Observations in Environmental Problem-Solving
Oran R. Young, Masami Onoda

Part II. A Study on Methods for Assessing the Impact of Satellite Observations on Environmental Policy (Japan)

2. Policy and Earth Observation Innovation Cycle (PEOIC) Project (Japan)
Yasuko Kasai, Setsuko Aoki, Akiko Aizawa, Akiko Okamatsu, Tomohiro Sato, Masami Onoda, Brian Alan Johnson

Part III. National and Regional Experiences (U.S., Europe, and Asia)

3. Innovation in Earth Observations as a National Strategic Investment: The Experience of the U.S.
Masami Onoda, Molly Macauley

4. Benefits Assessment of Applied Earth Science
Lawrence Friedl

5. ESA’s Earth Observation Strategy and Copernicus
Josef Aschbacher

6. Earth Observation—UK Perspective and Policy
Martin Sweeting

7. Benefit Assessment of the Application of Satellite Earth Observation for Society and Policy: Assessing the Socioeconomic Impacts of the Development of Downstream Space-Based Earth Observation Applications
Murielle Lafaye

8. Chinese Earth Observation Program and Policy
Jinlong Fan

9. Greenhouse Gas Observation from Space
Tatsuya Yokota, Masami Onoda

10. Japanese Satellite Earth Observation: Status and Policy Issues
Teruyuki Nakajima

Part IV. International Initiatives and Studies

11. The New 10-Year GEOSS Strategy for 2016 and Beyond
Barbara Ryan, Osamu Ochiai

12. The Value of Global Earth Observations
Michael Obersteiner, Juraj Balkovič, Hannes Böttcher, Jetske A. Bouma, Steffen Fritz, Sabina Fuss, Peter Havlik, Christine Heumesser, Stefan Hochrainer, Kerstin Jantke, Nikolay Khabarov, Barbara Koch, Florian Kraxner, Onno J. Kuik, Sylvain Leduc, Junguo Liu, Wolfgang Lucht, Ian McCallum, Reinhard Mechler, Elena Moltchanova, Belinda Reyers, Felicjan Rydzak, Christian Schill, Christine Schleupner, Erwin Schmid, Uwe A. Schneider, Robert J. Scholes, Linda See, Rastislav Skalský, Alexey Smirnov, Jana Szolgayova, Zuzana Tarasovičová, Hong Yang

13. Earth Observation Support to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: The Example of REDD+
Ake Rosenqvist

14. Quantitative Assessment of the Earth Observation Data and Methods Used to Generate Reference Emission Levels for REDD+
Brian Alan Johnson, Henry Scheyvens, Hiromitsu Samejima

15. Evaluation of Space Programs: Select Findings from the OECD Space Forum
Claire Jolly

Part V. Prospects and Conclusions

16. Integrating Earth Observation Systems and International Environmental Regimes
Olav Schram Stokke, Oran R. Young

17. Conclusion
Masami Onoda

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Environmental Science and Engineering, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Climate Change Management and Policy, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Environmental Policy, Climate Change

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