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Life in Schools and Classrooms

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Life in Schools and Classrooms: Past, Present and Future (An Overview)
Rupert Maclean

2. The Research and Writing of Professor Maurice Galton: His Contribution to the Field
John Williamson

Part II. Historical, International and Policy Perspectives

3. Social Learning Norwegian Classrooms and Schools: Educational Research in Perspective
Rune Kvalsund

4. How Research Messages Get Sidetracked by Governments
David Berliner

5. The Development of Research on Small Class Teaching in China
Beifei Dong, Lianghuan Lv

6. Teacher Education and the University: The Global Reform Imperative
Bob Moon

7. What Type of Pedagogy Is Required in Schools and Classrooms to Support Sustainable Green Growth? A Case Study of Hong Kong Within the International Context
Rupert Maclean, Margarita Pavlova

Part III. Looking in Classrooms: How Have the Ways of Studying Classrooms Changed?

8. Systematic Observation: Changes and Continuities Over Time
Frank Hardman, Jan Hardman

9. Classroom Cultures and the Ethnographic Experience
Sara Delamont

10. Cultural-Historical Theory and Pedagogy: The Influence of Vygotsky on the Field
Anne Edwards

Part IV. Looking in Classrooms: Have Classrooms Changed? Some Key Issues of Debate

11. ORACLE to MAST: 40 Years of Observation Studies in UK Junior School Classrooms
Peter Blatchford, Rob Webster

12. Group Work in Primary Schools in Hong Kong
Peter Kutnick

13. Classroom Creativities, Pedagogic Partnership and the Improvisatory Space of Creative Teaching and Learning
Pamela Burnard

14. Primary Education in Small Rural Schools: Past, Present and Future
Linda Hargreaves

15. Life in Hong Kong International School Classrooms: A Case Study of Curricula Reform at the Primary School Level
David Sorrell

Part V. Looking in Classrooms: Teaching in and for Different Cultural Contexts

16. The Predicament of Racial Harmony and National Unity in Malaysia: Evidence Accrued from Schools and Classroom Practices
Suseela Malakolunthu, Nagappan C. Rengasamy

17. Supporting Headteachers in a Developing Country
Sue Swaffield

18. From Exclusion to Connection
Colleen McLaughlin

19. If Student Engagement Is the Objective, the Engaged Teachers May Be the Answer
Kerry Kennedy, Keith Ki Chan

20. Life in a Trilingual School: Perspective from Inner Mongolia
Yi Yayuan, Bob Adamson

21. Understanding Traditional Classroom Culture and Student Behaviour: The Know-How of Being a Foreign Teacher in Hong Kong
Ho-Kong Christopher Au-Yeung

Part VI. Changing Teaching: School Leadership and Teachers’ Professional Development

22. Leadership for Learning: What Else Could Leadership Be For?
John MacBeath

23. Linking Learning: Developing Cross-Sector Policies for Transitions to School
Tess Boyle, Susan Grieshaber

24. Sustaining the Profession
Ronald Thorpe

Part VII. Changing Teaching: School Based Professional Development: Sustaining Communities of Practice

25. Developing Learning-Centred Classrooms and Schools
Chris Watkins

26. Sustaining the Effect of Professional Development on Small-Class Teaching: Self-Owned Model of School-Based Teacher Development
Kam Wing Chan

27. Effects of Professional Learning Community and Collective Teacher Efficacy on Teacher Involvement and Support as well as Student Motivation and Learning Strategies
Zhonghua Zhang, Hongbiao Yin

Part VIII. Understanding Students and Pupils: Psychological and Social Aspects of Pupils and Young Persons’ Development

28. Children and Young People’s Wellbeing in the School Context
Ros McLellan

29. The Gender Agenda in the United Kingdom, 1975–2015: Searching for Balance in Policy and Practice
Mike Younger

30. Building Social–Emotional Resilience in Schools
Paul Cooper

Part IX. Understanding Students and Pupils: Assessing Student Learning

31. Embedding Formative Assessment in Classroom Practice
Mary James

32. Paradigm Shifts in Assessment for Learning: A Secondary Analysis of the International Civic and Citizenship Study (ICCS) 2009
Magdalena Mok, Wing On Lee

Part X. Understanding Students and Pupils: Coping with Childrens’ Special Education Needs and Disabilities

33. Catering for Diversity: Including Learners with Different Abilities and Needs in Regular Classrooms
Chris Forlin, Dianne Chambers

34. An American Special Education Teacher’s Reflections
Beverly Chase

Part XI. The Impact of Technology on Teachers and Students: New Technologies – New Relationships

35. E-Learning Challenging ‘Old’ Pedagogy
Margaret Robertson

36. Computers in Education: The Impact on Schools and Classrooms
Len Cairns, Margaret Malloch

37. Social Networks: Impact on Teaching and Learning in Schools and Classrooms
Len Cairns, Margaret Malloch

38. International Experiences with Intergrating Interactive Whiteboards: Policy, Practice, Pedagogy and Professional Development
Sara Hennessy

Part XII. Summing Up: A Life in Schools and Classrooms in the Twenty-First Century

39. Becoming Persons: A “Forward-to-Basics” View of Classroom Life
Laurance Splitter

40. Life in Schools and Classrooms: A Personal Journey and Reflection
Maurice Galton

Keywords: Education, International and Comparative Education, Assessment, Testing and Evaluation, Curriculum Studies, Teaching and Teacher Education, Early Childhood Education, Educational Policy and Politics

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