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Table of contents

Part I. Reservoir Numerical Simulation and Characterization

1. History Matching Using Proxy Modeling and Multiobjective Optimizations
B. M. Negash, Mohammed A. Ayoub, Shiferaw Regassa Jufar, Aban John Robert

2. New Insight in Sand and Petrophysical Properties Prediction Using Attenuation Attributes
M. Hermana, S. Z. Shamsuddin, C. W. Sum, D. P. Ghosh

3. Optimizing Injection-Perforated Layers of Lateral Continuous Shale During Secondary Recovery—A Simulation Approach
M. A. Ayoub, H. S. Baladram, Berihun M. Negash

4. Sensitivity Analysis of Sandstone Rock Elastic Properties to Effective Pressure Using a New Rock Physics Workflow and Its Application for Time-Lapse Seismic Data Analysis
Shahram Danaei, Deva Ghosh

5. Comparison of Liquid CO2 Injection with a Common Tertiary Recovery Method Using Non-Isothermal Simulations
Zakaria Hamdi, Mariyamni Awang

6. A Simulation Study of Foam Generation Across Vertical Heterogeneity
U. Djuraev, S. R. Jufar, P. Vasant, H. Hematpour

Part II. Enhanced Oil Recovery

7. Pressure-Transient Behavior of Injection/Falloff Tests
A. D. Habte, M. Onur, I. B. M. Saaid, T. N. Ofei

8. Evaluation of Bentonite Colloids for Potential Use as an In-Depth Fluid Diversion Agent
Abdelazim Abbas Ahmed, Ismail Mohd Saaid, Nur Asyraf Md Akhir

9. Investigating Effect of Chemical Composition on Emulsion Stability and Rag Layer Growth During Separation
Ahmed Basyouni, Khaled A. Elraies, Hussain H. Al-Kaieym

10. Field-Scale Investigation of Miscible CO2 Injection in a Heterogeneous Shaly Sand Reservoir
Ahmed Khalil Jaber, Mariyamni B. Awang, Christopher P. Lenn

11. A Review on the Application of Ionic Liquids for Enhanced Oil Recovery
Alvinda Sri Hanamertani, Rashidah M. Pilus, Sonny Irawan

12. Comparison Study on Anionic Surfactants and Mixed Surfactant Behavior in SAG Foam Process
Hamed Hematpur, Syed Mohammad Mahmood, Saeed Akbari, Negar Hadian Nasr

13. Potential of Fly Ash as a Foam Stabilizing Additive
Ishaq Ahamad, Mariyamni Awang, Mudasser Mumtaz

14. Optimization of Water Recycle at Steam Flood EOR Using Genetic Algorithm
Karina Aryanti Permatasari, Totok R. Biyanto, Sony Andriyanto, Sonny Irawan, Ridho Bayuaji

15. Seismic Stimulation and Induced Seismicity in Oil Reservoirs: A Review of Applications to Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
Md. Irfan, Christopher Peter Lenn, Deva Ghosh

16. Controlling Gas Mobility in Water-Alternating Gas Injection by Surfactant Blend Formulations
Muhammad Khan Memon, Khaled Abdalla Elraies, Mohammed Idrees Al-Mossawy

17. A Review on CO2 Foam for Mobility Control: Enhanced Oil Recovery
Shehzad Ahmed, Khaled Abdalla Elraies, Isa M. Tan, Mudassar Mumtaz

18. Palm Fatty Acid Methyl Ester in Reducing Interfacial Tension in CO2–Crude Oil Systems
Aminah Qayyimah Mohd Aji, Mariyamni Awang

Part III. Unconventional Resources

19. Effect of Porosity to Methane Hydrate Formation in Quartz Sand
Mazlin Idress, Mazuin Jasamai, Ismail M. Saaid, Bhajan Lal, Behzad Partoon, Khalik M. Sabil

20. Permeability Evaluation in Hydrate-Bearing Sand Using Tubular Cell Setup
Mazuin Jasamai, Ismail M. Saaid, Mazlin Idress, Bhajan Lal, Behzad Partoon, Khalik M. Sabil

21. Mineralogical and Petrographic Characterization: An Indication of Fractability of Shale Gas Reservoir in the Blue Nile Basin, Sudan
Monera A. Shoieb, Nor Syazwani Zainal Abidin, Chow Weng Sum, Yassir Ibrahim

22. Effect of Surfactant on Wettability Change and Enhanced Shale Gas Recovery
Muhammad Ayoub, Syed M. Mahmood, Mysara E. Mohyaldinn, Shiferaw Regassa Jufar, Mudassar Mumtaz

Part IV. Advances in Geophysics and Reservoir Geoscience

23. A Diagenetic Facies Model for Characterizing Yanan Formation, Ordos Basin, North Central China
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Salim, Berihun Mamo Negash, Abubaker Mohamed Ahmed Alansari

24. Core Lithofacies Analysis of Reservoir Interval (Albian—Cenomanian) Bentiu Formation of SE Muglad Basin, Sudan
Ahmed Ali Hassan Taha, Abdel Hadi Abd Rahman, Wan Yusoff Wan Ismail, Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Salim, Jamal Rajab

25. Geology of the Bertam Valley to Pos Betau—Focusing on Geomechanical Properties of Andesite
Pua Ming Jia, Askury Abd Kadir

26. Fractures of Gunung Ledang Granite: Insight to Post-Cretaceous Structural Event
Choong Chee Meng, Askury Abdul Kadir, Muhammad Noor Amin Zakariah, Abdul Ghani Rafek, Chow Weng Sum, Nurul Syafiqah Harun

27. Sedimentology of Potential Tertiary Fluvial Deposits in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia
Choong Chee Meng, Nur Huda M. Jamin, Muhammad Azfar Mohamed, Chin Soon Mun

28. 3D Reservoir Characterization of Field Deta, Termit Basin, Niger
Eevon Chang, Lo Shyh Zung

29. Reservoir Characterization of Lacustrine Environment, Doba Basin, Southern Chad: Radioactive Sand Delineation
M. S. Nur Fathiha, S. Z. Lo, A. S. Ahmed Mohamed

30. Application of Seismic Imaging for Shallow Crustal Structure Delineation
H. Haiqal Hazreeq, M. N. Khairul Ariffin

31. Hydrocarbon Bond Variation in Some Shales from Batu Gajah, Malaysia
Syed Muhammad Ibad Mahmoodi, Eswaran Padmanabhan

32. Heterogeneity in Hydrocarbon and Organic Mater Distribution Patterns in the Offshore West Baram Delta, Sarawak Basin
J. Ben-Awuah, E. Padmanabhan

33. Characteristics of Pore Pressure and Effective Stress Changes in Sandstone Reservoir Through Velocity Analysis Approach Due to Hydrocarbon Production
Adha Kurniawan, Wan Yusoff Wan Ismail, Lubis Luluan Almanna, Mhd Hanapiah Nurhajeerah

34. Taking Seismic Acquisition Artifacts Beyond Mitigation
Mohamed Mahgoub, Deva Ghosh, Abdul Halim Abdullatif, Fernando Neves

35. An Innovative Low-Cost Approach for Discontinuity Roughness Quantification of Sandstone at Bukit Merah, Perak, Malaysia
Salimun Norsyafiqah, Abdul Rafek Ghani

36. Bilinear Extrapolation for Geocellular Reservoir Connectivity and Flow Simulation
Numair Ahmed Siddiqui, Abdul Hadi A. Rahman, Chow Weng Sum

37. Triaxial Compression Test Characteristics of Limestone from Gunung Lang, Malaysia
T. L. Goh, A. S. Serasa, A. G. Rafek, A. Abd Kadir, N. Simon, N. Surip, A. Hussin, K. E. Lee

38. Analysis on the Trend of Pore Pressure in Miri Area, Baram Delta
M. H. Nurhajeerah, W. Y. Wan Ismail, A. Z. Muhammad Noor, A. Kurniawan

39. Fracture Network Analysis of Metasedimentary Rock in East Coast Terengganu—An Analogue to Fractured Basement in Malay Basin
P. C. Ooi, S. N. F. Jamaludin, A. H. A. Latif

40. Full Waveform Inversion: A Multiscale Approach to Tackle Gas Cloud Problem
Srichand Prajapati

41. Feasibility Study of Various Litho-Fluid Indicators for Better Hydrocarbon Prediction in Malay and Adjacent Basin
Syaza Zuhaira Shamsuddin, Maman Hermana, D. P. Ghosh, Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Salim

42. Growth Timing of Southern Field High Carbonates, Central Luconia Province
W. K. Chung, D. Ghosh

43. Seismic Wave Simulation Using a TTI Pseudo-acoustic Wave Equation
S. Y. Moussavi Alashloo, D. Ghosh, W. I. Wan Yusoff

44. Separation of Seismic Diffraction and Reflection Using Dip Frequency Filtering
Yasir Bashir, Deva P. Ghosh, Chow Weng Sum

45. Locating Optimum Receiver Position in Seismic Acquisition: Example from Carbonate Region
Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff, Zulfadhli Mohd Zaki, Siti Nur Fathiyah Jamaludin, Nurul Mu’azzah Abdul Latiff

46. Seismic Waveform Classification of Reservoir Properties Using Geological Facies Through Neural Network
Afiqah Zahraa, Deva Ghosh

Part V. Advanced Geological Concepts in Carbonates and Sedimentary Basins

47. The Isoelectric Points of Some Selected Black Shales from the Setap Formation—Sarawak Basin
E. L. Fosu-Duah, E. Padmanabhan, J. A. Gámez Vintaned

48. Diagenetic Process and Their Effect on Reservoir Quality in Miocene Carbonate Reservoir, Offshore, Sarawak, Malaysia
Hammad Tariq Janjuhah, Ahmed Mohammad Ahmed Salim, Deva Parsed Ghosh, Ali Wahid

49. Lithostratigraphy of Paleozoic Carbonates in the Kinta Valley, Peninsular Malaysia: Analogue for Paleozoic Successions
Haylay Tsegab, Chow Weng Sum, Jasmi Ab Talib

50. Sedimentology of the Lambir Formation (Late Miocene), Northern Sarawak, Malaysia
A. R. Abdul Hadi, K. Zainey, M. S. Ismail, N. Mazshurraiezal

51. Sandstone Facies Reservoir Properties and 2D-Connectivity of Siliciclastic Miri Formation, Borneo
Numair Ahmed Siddiqui, Abdul Hadi A. Rahman, Chow Weng Sum, Muhammad Murtaza

52. Review of Tectonic Evolution of Sabah, Malaysia
Samira Ghaheri, Mohd Suhaili Bin Ismail

53. Stratigraphy and Palaeoichnology of “Black Shale” Facies: Chert Unit of the Semanggol Formation, Perak
Farahana Azwa Drahman, José Antonio Gámez Vintaned

Part VI. Drilling, Well Completion, Production and Operation

54. Advanced Porosity Modeling and Lithology Analysis Based on Sonic Log and Core Data for Arkose Sandstone Reservoir: Habban Field
A. Al-Hasani, I. M. Saaed, A. M. Salim, H. T. Janjuhah

55. The Roles of Polar Compounds in the Stability and Flow Behavior of Water-in-Oil Emulsions
A. A. Umar, I. M. Saaid, A. A. Sulaimon

56. Geomorphology and Hydrology of 2014 Kelantan Flood
A. R. Abdul Hadi, M. R. A. Ghani, Jasmi Talib, I. Nur Afiqah

57. Nano Additives in Water Based Drilling Fluid for Enhanced-Performance Fluid-Loss-Control
Ali Samer Muhsan, Norani M. Mohamed, Usman Siddiqui, Muhammad U. Shahid

58. Effect of Different Injection Rates of Biopolymer Drag-Reducing Agent (DRA) on Formation Permeability
Muhammad Luqman Bin Hasan, Jagathesh Jantararas, Juhairi Aris B. Mohd Shuhli

59. Examination and Improvement of Salama Model for Calculation of Sand Erosion in Elbows
Mysara Eissa Mohyaldinn, Mokhtar Che Ismail, Muhammad Ayoub, Syed Mohammad Mahmood

60. Total Acid Number Reduction in Naphthenic Acids Using Ionic Liquid-Assisted Hot Water
P. C. Mandal, N. F. B. Salleh, D. Ruen-ngam

61. Pressure Transient Behaviour of Horizontal Wells in a Bounded Reservoir with Gas Cap and Aquifer
Tsani Sabila, Azeb Habte

62. Effect of Synthesized Biopolymer from Coconut Residue as Drag Reducing Agent in Water Injection Well
T. M. Alghuribi, M. S. Liew, N. A. Zawawi

63. Rheological Performance of Potassium Formate Water-Based Muds for High-Temperature Wells
T. N. Ofei, R. M. Al Bendary, A. D. Habte

64. A Pre-drill Computer Model for Predicting Post-drill Well Gradients
T. N. Ofei, D. J. Jorge

65. A Comparison of Drilling Fluid Power for Coiled Tubing Drilling of Microholes in Hard Rock: Water Versus Supercritical CO2

Xianhua Liu, Brian Evans, Ahmed Barifcani

66. Drilling Hydraulic Power Optimization in Coiled Tubing Drilling of Hard Rock
Xianhua Liu

67. Optimizing Well Structures and Trajectories for Maximizing Oil Recovery
Noorfadzreena Mahmud, Xianhua Liu

68. Anionic Surfactant for Enhancing the Performance of Water-Based Mud
Putri Yunita, Sonny Irawan, Dina Kania, Deni Subara

69. Hydrocarbon Fire and Explosion’s Safety Aspects to Avoid Accident Escalation for Offshore Platform
Muhammad Imran, M. S. Liew, Mohammad Shakir Nasif, Usama Muhammad Niazi, Airil Yasreen

70. Developing Optimum Production Strategy of Kailashtilla Gas Field and Economic Analysis
H. Mahmud, M. M. Huque, P. C. Mandal

Keywords: Energy, Fossil Fuels (incl. Carbon Capture), Geology, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Industrial and Production Engineering

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