Abhilash, Purushothaman Chirakuzhyil

Adaptive Soil Management : From Theory to Practices

Abhilash, Purushothaman Chirakuzhyil - Adaptive Soil Management : From Theory to Practices, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Concepts

1. Digital Soil Mapping and Best Management of Soil Resources: A Brief Discussion with Few Case Studies
Priyabrata Santra, Mahesh Kumar, N. R. Panwar, B. S. Das

2. Will the Traditional Agriculture Pass into Oblivion? Adaptive Remote Sensing Approach in Support of Precision Agriculture
El-Sayed Ewis Omran

3. Site-Specific Nutrient Management (SSNM): A Unique Approach Towards Maintaining Soil Health
Dipak Sarkar, Vijay Singh Meena, Abhijit Haldar, Amitava Rakshit

4. Soil Mineralogical Perspective on Immobilization/Mobilization of Heavy Metals
Subhas Sarkar, Binoy Sarkar, B. B. Basak, Sanchita Mandal, Bhabananda Biswas, Prashant Srivastava

5. Using Laboratory Analysis to Inform Adaptive Management
Simon W. Leake, Alisa Bryce

6. Microbial Proteins and Soil Carbon Sequestration
Geeta Singh, Seema Sangwan, Ekta Narwal, K. Annapurna

Part II. Adaptive Soil Management Strategies

7. Use of Soil Amendments in an Integrated Framework for Adaptive Resource Management in Agriculture and Forestry
Binoy Sarkar, B. B. Basak, Subhas Sarkar, Sanchita Mandal, Debarati Bhaduri

8. Resource Conservation Technologies for Sustainable Soil Health Management
P. K. Ghosh, D. R. Palsaniya, T. Kiran Kumar

9. Sustainable Management of Soil Phosphorus in a Changing World
Mina Karamesouti, Dionisios Gasparatos

10. Wastewater in Agriculture: Possibilities and Limitations
Shovik Deb, Puspendu Dutta

11. Eco-friendly Nitrogen Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture
Rana Pratap Singh, Sanjeev Kumar, Manish Sainger, Poonam A. Sainger, Deepti Barnawal

12. Scope of Natural Sources of Potassium in Sustainable Agriculture
B. B. Basak, Binoy Sarkar

13. Changes in Soil–Plant–Microbes Interactions in Anticipated Climatic Change Conditions
Pratap Bhattacharyya, Koushik Singha Roy, Suvadip Neogi

14. Adaptive Soil Management: A Tool for Plant Fitness in Stressful Environment Through Microbial Integrity
Niharendu Saha, Satadeep Singha Roy, Sunanda Biswas, Suparna Datta

15. Impact of Agricultural Management Practices on Mycorrhizal Functioning and Soil Microbiological Parameters Under Soybean-Based Cropping Systems
Richa Agnihotri, Aketi Ramesh, Shardendhu Singh, Mahaveer P. Sharma

16. Bioremediation of Contaminated Soils: An Overview
Manisha Mishra, Devendra Mohan

17. Bioremediation of Soils Contaminated with Ni and Cd: An Overview
Amitava Rakshit, Sumita Pal, Manoj Parihar, H. B. Singh

18. Urban Soil’s Functions: Monitoring, Assessment, and Management
V. I. Vasenev, A. V. Smagin, N. D. Ananyeva, K. V. Ivashchenko, E. G. Gavrilenko, T. V. Prokofeva, A. Patlseva, J. J. Stoorvogel, D. D. Gosse, R. Valentini

Part III. Regional and Global Initiatives for Soil Resource Management

19. Enhancing Resource Use Efficiency Through Soil Management for Improving Livelihoods
Suhas P. Wani, Girish Chander, K. H. Anantha

20. The Relevance of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in Agricultural Sustainability of the Semi-Arid Tropics
Seema B. Sharma

21. The Effects of Forest Fire on Soil Organic Matter and Nutrients in Boreal Forests of North America: A Review
Yakun Zhang, Asim Biswas

22. Climate Mediated Changes in Permafrost and Their Effects on Natural and Human Environments
Mi Lin, Asim Biswas

23. Integrated Natural Resource Management in India Through Participatory Integrated Watershed Management
Hrittick Biswas, A. Raizada, Suresh Kumar, A. S. Morade

24. Monitoring and Assessing Anthropogenic Influence on Soil’s Health in Urban Forests: The Case from Moscow City
E. A. Dovletyarova, L. V. Mosina, V. I. Vasenev, N. D. Ananyeva, A. Patlseva, K. V. Ivashchenko

25. Impacts Assessment of Municipal Solid Squander Dumping in Riparian Corridor Using Multivariate Statistical Techniques
Abaidya Nath Singh, Deepak Kumar Gautam, Pankaj Kumar, Devendra Mohan

Keywords: Environment, Soil Science & Conservation, Environmental Management, Sustainable Development, Agriculture

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