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International Symposium for Intelligent Transportation and Smart City (ITASC) 2017 Proceedings

Chen, Yinong - International Symposium for Intelligent Transportation and Smart City (ITASC) 2017 Proceedings, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Combined PCA and NB to Predict Traffic Incident Duration
Yechun Lao, Shuyan Chen, Ningning Song

2. Improve the Urban Basic Construction of Facilities and Guarantee the Urban Traffic Flow
Jianyong Fei

3. Speed Control of Pure Electric Vehicle Based on Adaptive Fuzzy PID Controller
Linghui Xu, Jia Lu, Jian Zhang

4. Designing a Dynamic Control Platform of Electric Bus Vehicles
Gang Zhong, Tingting Yin, Jian Zhang, Linchao Li

5. Research on Modern Tram Auxiliary Safety Protection Technology Based on Obstacles Detection
Gang Wang, Xiaoqing Zeng, Dong Bian, Weiyang Wang

6. Research on the Queue Length Prediction Model with Consideration for Stochastic Fluid
Xiaoqing Zeng, Jifei Zhan, Linxiang Yang, Qipeng Xiong, Yujia Chen

7. Research on the Model of Traffic Signal Control and Signal Coordinated Control
Xiaoqing Zeng, Chaoyang Wu, Yujia Chen, Qipeng Xiong, Cong Wei

8. Research on the Behavior of Routes Choice Under the Information Availability
Xiaofang Shan, Zheng Wang, Yingchang Zho

9. Research on Lateral Stability of Double Semitrailer Road Train
Hao Zhang, Ze-kai Ren, Hong-wei Zhang, Chuan-jin Ou

10. Research on Lateral Stability of Center Axle Trailer Train
Hao Zhang, Ze-kai Ren, Hong-wei Zhang

11. Research on Road Adaptability of Center Axle Trailer Train
Hao Zhang, Ze-kai Ren, Hong-wei Zhang, Chao-zhi Huang

12. Nonlinear Modeling and Analyzing of Tractor-Semitrailer Driving Stability Based on Simulink
Chuan-jin Ou, Hong-wei Zhang, Hao Zhang

13. Optimal Location of Charging Station of Electric Bus in Battery Replacement Mode
Yi Xiang, Yong Zhang

14. Design and Development of Earthquake Emergency Rescue Command System Based on GIS and GPS
Yujia Chen, Xiaoqing Zeng, Tengfei Yuan

15. Analysis on the Role of Transport Equipment Standardization in the Development of Multimodal Transport
Xue-li Zhang, Chen Li, Chao-zhi Huang, Yi Xu

16. Analysis of Urban Resident Bus Travel Decision with Physical Expenditure
Tengfei Yuan, Xiaoqing Zeng, Yujia Chen

17. Research on Optimal Control Strategy of Coupler Force in Urban Rail Transit
Feiyao Jing, Gang Xu, Ying Xu, Jianhao Shen, Cheng Chi, Yuan Liu

18. Effect of Brake Chamber Pressure Area on Dynamic and Static Braking Performance of Articulated Train
Jin-song Dong, Hong-wei Zhang, Hai-yan Ji, Cheng-qiang Zong, Jia-qi Yang

19. Standardization and Development of Road Freight Transport Vehicles
Jinsong Dong, Hongwei Zhang, Zekai Ren, Chengqiang Zong

20. Driver’s License and Some Personal Factors on the Visual Impact of Hazard Identification
Jian Sun, Jing-Shuai Yang, Dong Wang, Zhi-Zheng Ma, Peng-Zi Chu

21. The Research of Design Technology and Application on Permeable Sidewalk: A Technical Summary of Sponge City
Hong Li, Yanfeng Bai, Ling Zhang

22. Digitalization and Application Research of BIM-Based Power Plants Lifecycle Information
Ling Su

23. Review on the Legal System of Unban Underground Space in China
Yingjuan Qiao

24. Multi-Field Depth Vehicle Headlight Detection by Model Construction and Long Trajectory Extraction in Nighttime City Traffic
Chunming Tang, Yancheng Dong, Xiangqing Lin, Wenna Xiao

25. A Game Theoretical Based QoS-Aware Routing Mechanism with IEEE802.16 Mesh Networks in ITS
Jun Yu, Wei Zhang

26. Study on Durability of Railway Subgrade Structure Based on Indoor Sand-Blown Model Experiment
Hongdi Zhang

27. “Four-A-Services” Oriented Evaluated System of Intelligent City
Zhijie Li, Wei Zhang

28. Overview of Non-contact Pantograph-Catenary Arc Detection Based on Image Processing
Shize Huang, Fan Zhang, Liangliang Yu, Meiyu Pan

29. Research on the Arc Image Recognition Based on the Pantograph Videos of High-Speed Electric Multiple Unit (EMU)
Liangliang Yu, Shize Huang, Fan Zhang, Guanhua Li

Keywords: Energy, Transportation, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Sustainable Development, Communications Engineering, Networks

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Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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