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The Flipped Classroom

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Table of contents

Part I. Practice

1. Introduction to the Flipped Classroom
Carl Reidsema, Roger Hadgraft, Lydia Kavanagh

2. Design Considerations
Lydia Kavanagh, Carl Reidsema, Julie McCredden, Neville Smith

3. Technology in the Flipped Classroom
Dominic McGrath, Anthea Groessler, Esther Fink, Carl Reidsema, Lydia Kavanagh

4. Assessing Flipped Classrooms
Renee M. Clark, Mary Besterfield-Sacre

5. Reflective and Reflexive Practices in the Flipped Classroom
Geoff Greenfield, Paul Hibbert

6. Case Study Framework
Lydia Kavanagh, Roger Hadgraft, Carl Reidsema, Neville Smith, Dominic McGrath

Part II. Practices

7. Designing an Active Learning Environment Architecture Within a Flipped Classroom for Developing First Year Student Engineers
Julie McCredden, Carl Reidsema, Lydia Kavanagh

8. Experiences with “Flipping” an Introductory Mechanical Design Course
Renee M. Clark, William W. Clark, Mary Besterfield-Sacre

9. Inclusive STEM: Closing the Learning Loop
Patricia McLaughlin, Cindy O’Malley, Pauline Porcaro

10. Flipping on a Shoestring: A Case Study of Engineering Mechanics at the University of Technology Sydney
Anne Gardner

11. Design, Deployment and Evaluation of a Flipped Learning First-Year Engineering Course
Abelardo Pardo, Negin Mirriahi

12. Flipped Classes: Drivers for Change, Transition and Implementation
Yasir M. Al-Abdeli

13. A Technology-Enabled Flipped Classroom Model
Paul Gagnon, Redante Mendoza, Jan Carlstedt-Duke

14. Flipping a Postgraduate Classroom: Experience from Griffith University
Kriengsak Panuwatwanich

15. Flipping the Learning of Subdivision Design for Surveying Students
David Mitchell

16. Flipping a Collaborative Classroom to Gain Deeper Understanding of the Health System
Allyson Mutch, Charlotte Young, Neville Smith, Kate Dooren, Cassandra Ranatunga, Cathie Gillan, Katie Brooker, Greg Fowler, Lisa Fitzgerald

17. Implications for Pedagogy: Flipping the Classroom to Engage Pre-service Teachers
Linda-Dianne Willis

18. Flipped Tutorials in Business Courses
April Wright, Geoff Greenfield, Paul Hibbert

Keywords: Education, Higher Education, Learning & Instruction, Professional & Vocational Education, Engineering/Technology Education

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