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Table of contents

Part I. CO2 Emission, Sequestration and Utilization: A Policy Dilemma for Energy Security

1. CO2 Capture and Utilization for the Energy Industry: Outlook for Capability Development to Address Climate Change in India
Malti Goel

2. Adoption and Introduction of Supercritical Technology in the Power Sector and Consequential Effects in Operation, Efficiency and Carbon Dioxide Emission in the Present Context
V. S. Verma

3. Low Carbon Technologies (LCT) and Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS)—Key to Green Power Mission for Energy Security and Environmental Sustainability
V. K. Sethi

Part II. Terrestrial Sequestration Options for CO2

4. Soil as Source and Sink for Atmospheric CO2

Tapas Bhattacharyya, S. P. Wani, D. K. Pal, K. L. Sahrawat

5. Soil Carbon Stock and CO2 Flux in Different Ecosystems of North-East India
P. S. Yadava, Amrabati Thokchom

6. Baseline Data of Stored Carbon in Spinifex littoreus from Kadmath Island, Lakshadweep
Abhijit Mitra, J. Sundaresan, K. Syed Ali, Nabonita Pal, Upasana Datta, Ankita Mitra, Prosenjit Pramanick, Sufia Zaman

7. Assessment of Altitudinal Mediated Changes of CO2 Sequestration by Trees at Pachamalai Reserve Forest, Tamil Nadu, India
K. Suganthi, K. Rajiv Das, M. Selvaraj, S. Kurinji, Malti Goel, M. Govindaraju

8. Prospects in Mitigating Global Warming by Biomimetic Carbon Sequestration Using Recombinant Microbial Carbonic Anhydrases
T. Satyanarayana, Himadri Bose

Part III. Low Carbon Growth Strategy from CO2 Utilization

9. Climate Change Mitigation via Utilization of Carbon Dioxide
K. Palanivelu

10. Carbon Sequestration Through Solar Bioreactors: Industrial Strategies
K. Sudhakar, Ruma Arora Soni

11. Clathrate Hydrates: A Powerful Tool to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas
Pinnelli S. R. Prasad, Ch. V. V. Eswari

12. Carbon Sequestration and Utilization—India’s Energy Woes
Gautam Sen

13. Coalbed Methane: Present Status and Scope of Enhanced Recovery Through CO2 Sequestration in India
Vinod Atmaram Mendhe, Alka D. Kamble, Mollika Bannerjee, Subhashree Mishra, Tanmay Sutay

14. A Low-Carbon Growth Strategy for India: Synergies from Oxy-Combustion, Carbon Capture, and ECBM
Thomas Weber

Part IV. Current Research and Green Technology Perspective for Industry

15. Carbon Dioxide Management—Aluminium Industry Perspective
Anupam Agnihotri, Suchita Rai, Nitin Warhadpande

16. Bioenergy Combined with Carbon Capture Potential by Microalgae at Flue Gas-Based Carbon Sequestration Plant of NALCO as Accelerated Carbon Sink
Ranjan R. Pradhan, Rati R. Pradhan, Siddhanta Das, Brajesh Dubey, Animesh Dutta

17. Current and Future Trends Toward Reduction of CO2 Emission from Steel Industries
Santanu Sarkar, Supriya Sarkar

18. Carbon Emissions and Their Mitigation in the Cement Sector
Shashank Bishnoi

19. Aqueous NH3 in CO2 Capture from Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant Flue Gas: N-Fertilizer Production Potential and GHG Emission Mitigation
Amitava Bandyopadhyay

Keywords: Energy, Fossil Fuels (incl. Carbon Capture), Environmental Science and Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy

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