Cherepetskaya, Elena B.

Durability of Critical Infrastructure, Monitoring and Testing

Cherepetskaya, Elena B. - Durability of Critical Infrastructure, Monitoring and Testing, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Study of the Internal Structure of Isotropic Pyrolytic Graphite by Broadband Ultrasonic Spectroscopy
Anton S. Bychkov, Elena B. Cherepetskaya, Adam Konvalinka, Alexander A. Karabutov, Alexander Kravcov, V. A. Makarov, Elena A. Mironova, Nikolay A. Morozov

2. Assessment of Protective Structures on the Basis of Their Acceleration Caused by Blast Wave
Jiří Štoller, Branislav Dubec

3. The Possible Means Suggested for Improvement of Evaluation of Low Endurable Terrain
Klára Cibulova, Matouš Formanek, Martin Priesner

4. Neural Networks in Back Analysis of Tunnels
Pruška Jan

5. Some Design Considerations of a Fire Within a Sub-surface Railway Switches and Crossings
Aaron McDaid, Nicole Hoffmann

6. Replacement of Permanent Bridges After Floods in 2013
Martin Benda

7. On Utility Assessment of Building Projects
Čeněk Jarský

8. Design Tool for Static Design and Evaluation of Steel, Wood, Concrete and Masonry Members in Buildings
Jan Holub, Pavel Maňas

9. Measurement of Residual Stresses in Alloys Using Broadband Ultrasonic Structuroscopy
Alexander A. Karabutov, Elena B. Cherepetskaya, Alexander Kravtsov, Vladimir A. Makarov, Elena A. Mironova, Dmitry V. Morozov, Pavel Svoboda

10. Mathematical Formulation of Innovation of Production Process
Popenková Miloslava

11. The Influence of Subsoil on Electromagnetic Detection
Ondřej Kašpar

12. On Calculation of the Bearing Capacity of Self-opening Ground Anchors Using PLAXIS 2D Software Package
Ivan E. Sas, Dmitry V. Morozov, Nikolay A. Morozov

13. Experimental Ballistic Loading of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slabs and Unreinforced Concrete Slabs by Plastic Explosives
Jiří Štoller, Petr Dvořák

14. Analysis of the Different Approaches to Protection of Critical Infrastructures in France and Slovakia
Figuli Lucia, Kavický Vladimír, Picot Sylvain

15. Experimental Studies of Blast Pressure Due to Vented Explosion of Methane-Air System
Alexander N. Kravtsov, Jacob Zdebski, Vaclav Pospichal, Petr Šelešovský

16. Theoretical Aspects of Critical Infrastructure Protection
Ladislav Hofreiter, Zuzana Zvaková

17. Different Approaches to Setting the Blast Load of Structure
Figuli Lucia, Jangl Štefan, Picot Sylvain

18. Pressure Wave Propagation and Interaction with Structures
Zdeněk Hejmal

19. Laser-Ultrasound Imaging for the Investigation of Heterogeneous Media
Alexander A. Karabutov, Elena B. Cherepetskaya, Anton S. Bychkov, Nikolay A. Morozov

20. Designing Military Constructions During Crisis Situation and New Elevation Data of the Czech Republic
Jan Sobotka, Klára Cibulová

21. Engineer Construction of Provisional Bridges in the Army of Czech Republic
Jindřich Holopírek, David Lysoněk

22. The Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity as an Important Parameter for Military Use of Constructions
Eva Zezulová

23. Design and Assessment of Shape of Protective Structure by Usage of CFD Software Environment Ansys Fluent
Jiří Štoller, Branislav Dubec

24. The Basic Properties of Materials Suitable for Protective Structures and Critical Infrastructure
Jiří Štoller, Eva Zezulová

25. Laser-Ultrasonic Monitoring of the Gritical Structure Objects Produced from CRFC
Alexander A. Karabutov, Elena B. Cherepetskaya, Yulia G. Sokolovskaya, Elena A. Mironova, Dmitry V. Morozov, Pavel Svoboda

26. New Trends Used for Negotiation Untrafficable Terrain
Klára Cibulova, Jan Sobotka

27. The Protection of Critical Infrastructure Objects – Technical Principles
Pavel Maňas

28. Using of Intelligent Transport Systems to Elimination of the Negative Effect on the Transport Security
Michal Ballay, Lucia Figuli, Zuzana Zvaková

Keywords: Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Structural Materials, Fire Science, Hazard Control, Building Safety, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
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9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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