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Table of contents

Part I. Frontier Computing Main Conference

1. Building the Profile of Web Events Based on Website Measurement
Zheng Xu, Junyu Xuan, Yiwei Zhu, Xiao Wei

2. Building Domain Keywords Using Cognitive Based Sentences Framework
Zheng Xu, Weidong Liu, Yiwei Zhu, Shunxiang Zhang

3. The Study on Vehicle Detection Based on DPM in Traffic Scenes
Chun Pan, Mingxia Sun, Zhiguo Yan

4. The Research on Video Security Carving Using Secure Outsourcing Approach
Zheng Xu, Guozi Sun, Yong Ding

5. Community Semantics Recommender Based on Association Link Network
Yang Liu, Xiangfeng Luo

6. Is Low Coupling an Important Design Principle to KDT Scripts?
Woei-Kae Chen, Chien-Hung Liu, Ping-Hung Chen, Yu Wang

7. Research and Implementation of FM-DCSKChaotic Communication System Based on GNU Radio Platform
Bingyan He, Yuanhui Yu, Lizhen Chen

8. A Survey of Techniques for the Representation of Very Large Access Control Matrices
Garfield Zhiping Wu, Junyi Gu, Jie Dai

9. A Settling Time Model for Testing Potential Induced Degradation of Solar Cells
Jieh-Ren Chang, Yu-Min Lin, Chi-Hsiang Lo

10. Multi-stage Dictionary Learning for Image Super-Resolution Based on Sparse Representation
Dianbo Li, Wuzhen Shi, Wenfei Wang, Zhizong Wu, Lin Mei

11. Research and Practice of Genetic Algorithm Theory
Junyi Gu, Zhiping Wu, Xin Wang

12. Micro-blog Friend Recommendation Algorithms Based on Content and Social Relationship
Liangbin Yang, Binyang Li, Xinli Zhou, Yanmei Kang

13. A Hybrid Methodologies for Intrusion Detection Based Deep Neural Network with Support Vector Machine and Clustering Technique
Tao Ma, Yang Yu, Fen Wang, Qiang Zhang, Xiaoyun Chen

14. PET/CT Imaging Automated Classification, Structure Testing and Inspection of the Human Spinal Cord
Wei-Ming Chen, Chih-Sheng Feng

15. The Improved Gaussian Mixture Model for Real-Time Detection System of Moving Object
Zhiwei Tang, Yunfei Cheng, Longhu Chen

16. Music Similarity Evaluation Based on Onsets
Shingchern D You, Ro-Wei Chao

17. Eye Tracking as a Tool in Manga-Based Interactive E-book on Reading Comprehension in Japanese Learning
Chun-Chia Wang, Hong-Fa Ho, Guan-An Chen, Hui-Sheng Su

18. Based on Wavelet Analysis—Fuzzy Neural Network Real Time Traffic Flow Prediction
Tian Fu, Zhen Wang

19. Human Activity Recognition with Smart Watch Based on H-SVM
Tao Tang, Lingxiang Zheng, Shaolin Weng, Ao Peng, Huiru Zheng

20. Integrating Augmented Reality Technology into Subject Teaching: The Implementation of an Elementary Science Curriculum
Rong-Chi Chang, Ling-Yi Chung

21. Influence of Inclined Angles on the Stability of Inclined Granular Flows Down Rough Bottoms
Guanghui Yang, Sheng Zhang, Ping Lin, Yuan Tian, Jiang-Feng Wan, Lei Yang

22. Evaluation of Influences of Frictions in Hopper Flows Through GPU Simulations
Ping Lin, Sheng Zhang, Guanghui Yang, Jiang-Feng Wan, Yuan Tian, Lei Yang

23. The Requirement Analysis and Initial Design of a Cloud and Crowd Supported Mathematics Learning Environment for Computer Science Students
Chun-Hsiung Tseng, Jyi-Shane Liu, Yung-Hui Chen, Lin Hui, Yan-Ru Jiang, Jia-Rou Lin

24. The Design of Music Conducting System Using Kinect and Dynamic Time Warping
Chuan-Feng Chiu, Chia-Ling Tsai, Yu-Chin Hsu

25. A Model for Predicting Vehicle Parking in Fog Networks
Meng-Yen Hsieh, Yongxuan Lai, Hua Yi Lin, Kuan-Ching Li

26. An Assisted Forklift Pallet Detection with Adaptive Structure Feature Algorithm for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
Jia-Liang Syu, Hsin-Ting Li, Jen-Shiun Chiang, Chih-Hsien Hsia, Po-Han Wu, Chi-Fang Hsieh

27. Distributed Resource Allocation Approach on Federated Clouds
Yi-Hsuan Lee, Kuo-Chan Huang, Meng-Ru Shieh, Kuan-Chou Lai

28. Utilizing Software Defined Wireless Network to Improve Ship Area Network Performance
Shih-Hao Chang, Kuang-Chi Lee

29. A Quality of Experience Aware Adaptive Streaming Service for SDN Supported 5G Mobile Networks
Chin-Feng Lai, Wei-Ting Chen, Chian-Hao Chen, Chia-Yun Kuo, Ying-Hsun Lai

30. Exploring the Learning Effectiveness Under Different Stress Scenarios
Hsiu-Sen Chiang

31. The Analysis for Online Game Addiction
Jason C. Hung, Min-Hui Ding, Wen-Hsing Kao, Pi-Chung Wang

32. Noise Estimation for Speech Enhancement Using Minimum-Spectral-Average and Vowel-Presence Detection Approach
Ching-Ta Lu, Yung-Yue Chen, Jun-Hong Shen, Ling-Ling Wang, Chung-Lin Lei

33. Implementation and Design of a Middleware Platform Based on WCF
Hua Yi Lin, Jiann-Gwo Doong, Meng-Yen Hsieh, Kuan-Ching Li

34. A Comparative Study on Machine Classification Model in Lung Cancer Cases Analysis
Jing Li, Zhisheng Zhao, Yang Liu, Zhiwei Cheng, Xiaozheng Wang

35. Evaluation of Smart City Developmental Level Based on Principal Component Analysis and GA-BP Neural Network
Chao Shi, Mengqiao Han, Yanbing Ju

36. A Security Reactive Routing Strategy for Ad Hoc Network
Ye Yongfei, Liu Minghe, Sun Xinghua, Zhang Xiao

37. A Study of Fuzzy Clustering Ensemble Algorithm Focusing on Medical Data Analysis
Zhisheng Zhao, Yang Liu, Jing Li, Jiawei Wang, Xiaozheng Wang

38. Robot Path Planning Based on Dijkstra’s Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm
Yang Liu, Junhua Liang, Jing Li, Zhisheng Zhao

39. The Research of Impact of Resident Consumption Level and Unemployment Rate on Population Natural Increase Rate
Zhisheng Zhao, Xueqiong Wei, XiaoLiang Bai

40. How to Help Students Learn Class Combination in the Course of Java Language
Yuan Yali, Yin Feng Qin, Zhang Xiao

41. An Exploratory Study for Evaluating Mathematical Anxiety in Calculus E-Assessment Platform by Using Physiological Signal Analysis
Chih-Hung Wu, Wei-Ting Lin, Shu-Chuan Shih

42. GPU Based Simulation of Collision Detection of Irregular Vessel Walls
Binbin Yong, Jun Shen, Hongyu Sun, Zijian Xu, Jingfeng Liu, Qingguo Zhou

43. A Logistics Privacy Protection System Based on Cloud Computing
Xin Liu, Bingmeng Hu, Qingguo Zhou, Jingfeng Liu

44. Design and Implementation of the Forewarn System for College Student Management Based on Cloud Platform
Xinghua Sun, Yongfei Ye, Naidi Liu, Li Hao

45. A Decision Model of Service Learning Loyalty
Wen-Hsiang Shen, Mong-Te Wang

46. An Effective Model to Analyze Students’ Misconceptions in Learning
Chih-Ling Chia, Wei-Hsu Chen, Mong-Te Wang, Cheng-Hsuan Li

47. 360° Panoramic Video from a 3-Camera Rig
S. Morteza Safdarnejad, Xiaoming Liu, Jingfeng Liu

48. Design and Implementation of a Facial Expression Response Analysis System
Kuan-Cheng Lin, Kun-Hsiang Chiang, Jason C. Hung

49. pcDuino: A Friendly Open Hardware Platform for Programming
Qi Yao, Jingfeng Liu, Qingguo Zhou

50. Analysis Modeling of College Students Sources
Wen-Hsing Kao, Kuo-Ping Kao, Min-Hui Ding, Jason C. Hung, Pi-Chung Wang, Bo-Shen Liou

51. Extracting New Opinion Elements in the Semi-automatic Chinese Opinion-Mining System from Internet Forums
Shih-Jung Wu, Rui-Dong Chiang, Wei-Ting Chang

52. Computer Simulation of Illustrating the Impact of Uneven Saline Distribution on Thermal Lesion During Radiofrequency Ablation Treatments
Huang-Wen Huang, Lin Hui

53. Clinical Application of Decision Support System for Treatment of Migraine
Lin Hui, Huan Chao Keh, Meng Chu Chiang, ZhenYao Liu

54. Exploring the Social Influence Mechanism of Applying Social Network Technology in a Classroom
Fang-Ling Lin

55. Improvement of Power-Spectral-Subtraction Algorithm Using Cross-Term Compensation for Speech Enhancement
Ching-Ta Lu, Yung-Yue Chen, Jun-Hong Shen, Ling-Ling Wang, Chung-Lin Lei

56. An Efficient Three-Dimensional Data Query System to Digital Archive Using API Proxy
Wei-Tsung Su, Ching-Sheng Wang, Wei-Cheng Chen, Siou-Dian Li, Yu-Lin Lin

57. Effects of Design Group Students’ Thinking Style on Team Collaboration
Weiting Hsiao, Wenlung Chang

58. An Augmented Reality Mobile Navigation System Integrating Indoor Localization and Recommendation Mechanism
Ching-Sheng Wang, Chien-Liang Chen, Shih-Han Chen

59. Constructing a Home-Based Knee Replacement Exercise Monitoring System with G Sensor
Lun-Ping Hung, Yuan-Hung Chao, Yu-Ling Tseng, Yi-Lun Chung

60. Improved Face Recognition from Weighed Face Representations for Deepcam
Wei Wan, Jingfeng Liu, Donald Knasel

61. A GIS-Based Learning System to Support General Education—Using Cultural Heritage Course as an Example
Kai-Yi Chin, Ko-Fong Lee, Hsiang-Chin Hsieh

62. SBAR: A Framework to Support Learning Path Adaptation in Mobile Learning
Alva Muhammad, Jun Shen, Ghassan Beydoun, Dongming Xu

63. Dynamic Data Representations for Spatio-temporal Data Visualization
Anthony Y. Chang, Chang Yu-Wen

64. Commodities Selection of Supermarket Email-Flyers by Recommender Systems
Shih-Jung Wu

65. Enhancement of Salt-and-Pepper Noise Corrupted Images Using Fuzzy Filter Design
Yung-Yue Chen, Ching-Ta Lu, Pei-Yu Chang

66. Efficient Processing of Spatial Window Queries for Non-flat Wireless Broadcast
Jun-Hong Shen, Ching-Ta Lu, Chien-Tang Mai

67. A Research on Multi-attribute Sequence Query Processing Techniques for Motion Databases
Edgar Chia-Han Lin

68. A Research on Integrating AR and Multimedia Technology for Teaching and Learning System Design
Edgar Chia-Han Lin, Yang-Chia Shih, Rong-Chi Chang

69. Storyboard-Based Automatic Summary Video Editing System
Shih-Nung Chen

70. Optimal Thrust Allocation for Ship Dynamic Positioning System
Wenjuan Li, Yifei Yang, Wei Yuan, Zhen Su

71. Modeling and Simulation of Draghead on Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger
Su Zhen, Diandian Cao, Sun Jian

72. Control Strategy of Three Phase PWM Rectifier in Ship Power Grid
Wenhua Yuan, Xu Zhang, Zhengang Wan, Liang Qi, Qiang Zhao

73. Adaptive Double-Resampling Particle Filter Algorithm for Target Tracking
Qiang Zhao, Chen Wei, Liang Qi, Wenhua Yuan

74. Research on Expert System for Line Heating
Liang Qi, Xiaochun Ma, Feng Yu, Xian Zhao

Part II. Frontier Computing Workshop

75. Multi-server Authentication Scheme with Hash Function
Wei-Chen Wu

76. Performance Evaluation of Information Security Risk Identification
Yu-Chih Wei, Wei-Chen Wu, Ya-Chi Chu

77. The Discussion of Potential Care Needs for Handicapped Citizens in Taipei City by Using Spatial Analysis
Jui-Hung Kao, Hsiao-Hsien Rau, Chien-Yeh Hsu, Li-Min Hsu, Chien-Ta Cheng

78. A Practical Study on the Relation of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest and Chronic Diseases
Jui-Hung Kao, Ro-Ting Lin, Li-Min Hsu, Tse-Chun Wang

79. Bring Independent Practice Technology to After-School: Preliminary Results from the Mixed Roles of Teachers and Parents Study to Explore Children Effects in Chinese Characters Learning
Chi Nung Chu

80. A Web Accessibility Study Between the Degradation of Cognitive Perceptions and Physiology for the Aging People
Chi Nung Chu

81. The Study of Salient Object and BoF with SIFT for Image Retrieval
Yih-Chearng Shiue, Sheng-Hung Lo, Yi-Cheng Tian, Cheng-Wei Lin

82. Social Information Sub-topic Clustering Using News Tag
Ping-I Chen, Fu-Jheng Jheng

83. Evaluation of Shopping Website
Cheng-Yueh Tsai, Kang-Wei Chai, Wei-Ming Ou

84. Social Network and Consumer Behavior Analysis: A Case Study in the Shopping District
Pin-Liang Chen, Ping-Che Yang, Tsun Ku

85. A Study of Identifying Online Shopping Behavior by using fsQCA Method
You-Shyang Chen, Chien-Ku Lin, Huan-Ming Chuang, Chyuan-Yuh Lin

86. Investigating the Acceptance Intention of Wearable Symbiotic Devices by Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis—Based on the Case of Mi Band
Huan-Ming Chuang, Li-Chuan Wang, Chien-Ku Lin, You-Shyang Chen, Kuo-Chuan Lai

87. A Study on the Acceptance Intention of “My Health Bank” from the Perspective of Health Belief Model
Li-Chuan Wang, Huan-Ming Chuang, You-Shyang Chen, Chien-Ku Lin, Yung-Shuen Wang

88. Application of Internet of Things: Seating Status Monitor System on Mobile Devices for Public Transportation
Cheng-Ming Chang, Sheng-Wen Hong

89. To Explore Female Players Decision-Making Processes in MMORPGs: A Preliminary Model
Tung-Lin Chuang

90. The Research of the Cloud Service Adopted by the Corporations—A Perspective of Innovation Diffusion Theory
Ming-Kuen Chen, Yen-Ling Lin, Wei-Chih Huang

91. Examining the Learning Effect of Elderly Through Multimedia Assisted Instruction Design in Taiwan
Su Fen Chen

92. Impact of eWoM on Consumers’ Purchasing Intention in Social Commerce
Chun-Hui Wu, Ping-Lan Juan, Yu-Hei Liu

93. Predicting Earning Per Share with Financial Ratios
You-Shyang Chen, Jerome Chih-Lung Chou, Hsiu-Chen Huang

94. Performance Evaluation of Data Mining Technologies: An Example of ERP System Adoption
You-Shyang Chen, Chien-Ku Lin, Wen-Shan Chen

95. Developing the Framework for Evaluating the Interaction Design of Mobile Augmented Reality Systems for Cultural Learning
Cheng-Wei Chiang, Li-Chieh Chen, Jing-Wei Liu

96. An Attraction Reservation System for Amusement Park Services
Pei-Chun Lee, Sheng-Shih Wang, Yu-Chen Shu, Zih-Ci Liou, Hao-Chien Cheng, Yi-Chen Lin

97. Digital Game Design—Brave Loop
Yen-Liang Wu, Shia Yu, Shih-Tav Kao, Chih-Yu Chen, Hao-Wen Liu, Po-Han Chen, Ci-Yuan Xu, Rong-Chi Chang

98. An Adventure Game: Kido Senki Valhalla
Ch’eng-Han Hsu, Hsien-Che Ch’en, Cheng-Ru Jiang, Che-Hsien Lin, Wen-Yi Sung, Hsin-Ch’en Wang, Yi-Chun Liao

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Computer Communication Networks, Multimedia Information Systems, Electronic Circuits and Devices

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