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Application of Infrared to Biomedical Sciences

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Table of contents

1. Potential of Infrared Imaging in Assessing Digestive Disorders
Mahnaz Etehadtavakol, Eddie Y. K. Ng, Mohammad Hassan Emami

2. Potential of Thermography in Pain Diagnosing and Treatment Monitoring
Mahnaz Etehadtavakol, Eddie Y. K. Ng

3. Assessment of Foot Complications in Diabetic Patients Using Thermography: A Review
Mahnaz Etehadtavakol, Eddie Y. K. Ng

4. An Overview of Medical Infrared Imaging in Breast Abnormalities Detection
Mahnaz Etehadtavakol, Eddie Y. K. Ng

5. Registration of Contralateral Breasts Thermograms by Shape Context Technique
Mahnaz Etehadtavakol, Eddie Y. K. Ng

6. Color Segmentation of Breast Thermograms: A Comparative Study
Mahnaz Etehadtavakol, Eddie Y. K. Ng

7. Potentialities of Dynamic Breast Thermography
Amina Amri, Anthony James Wilkinson, Susan Helen Pulko

8. In Vivo Thermography-Based Image for Early Detection of Breast Cancer Using Two-Tier Segmentation Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network
Asnida Abd Wahab, Maheza Irna Mohamad Salim, Maizatul Nadwa Che Aziz

9. Detection of Breast Abnormality Using Rotational Thermography
Sheeja V. Francis, M. Sasikala, Sandeep D. Jaipurkar

10. Application of Infrared Images to Diagnosis and Modeling of Breast
Roger Resmini, Aura Conci, Lincoln Faria Silva, Giomar Oliver Sequeiros, Francieric Araújo, Claudinéia Araújo, Adriel Santos Araújo, Reinaldo Rodríguez-Ramos, Frédéric Lebon

11. A Semi-Analytical Heterogeneous Model for Thermal Analysis of Cancerous Breasts
A. Ramírez-Torres, R. Rodríguez-Ramos, A. Conci, F. J. Sabina, C. García-Reimbert, L. Preziosi, J. Merodio, F. Lebon

12. Dynamic Angiothermography (DATG)
F. Casali, R. Brancaccio, F. P. Draetta, M. P. Morigi, M. Bettuzzi, G. Baldazzi

13. Infrared Thermography for Detection of Diabetic Neuropathy and Vascular Disorder
B. B. Lahiri, S. Bagavathiappan, Baldev Raj, John Philip

14. Exploratory Thermal Imaging Assessments of the Feet in Patients with Lower Limb Peripheral Arterial Disease
Daniel Kyle, John Allen, Klaus Overbeck, Gerard Stansby

15. Reproducibility of Thermal Images: Some Healthy Examples
Audrey Macdonald, Nina Petrova, Suhail Ainarkar, John Allen, Peter Plassmann, Aaron Whittam, John Bevans, Francis Ring, Ben Kluwe, Rob Simpson, Leon Rogers, Graham Machin, Mike Edmonds

16. Thermal Imaging for Increasing the Diagnostic Accuracy in Fetal Hypoxia: Concept and Practice Suggestions
N. A. Urakova, A. L. Urakov

17. Active Dynamic Thermography in Medical Diagnostics
Mariusz Kaczmarek, Antoni Nowakowski

18. Evaluation of Respiration Rate Using Thermal Imaging in Mobile Conditions
Jacek Ruminski, Alicja Kwasniewska

19. Applications of Infrared Thermography for Noncontact and Noninvasive Mass Screening of Febrile International Travelers at Airport Quarantine Stations
Guanghao Sun, Takemi Matsui, Tetsuo Kirimoto, Yu Yao, Shigeto Abe

20. Evaluation of Evaporative Dry Eye Disease Using Thermal Images of Ocular Surface Regions with DWT and Gabor Transform
Vidya K. Sudarshan, Joel E. W. Koh, U. Rajendra Acharya, Jen Hong Tan, Muthu Rama Krishnan Mookiah, Chua Kuang Chua, Louis Tong

21. Infrared Thermal Mapping, Analysis and Interpretation in Biomedicine
Arul N. Selvan, Charmaine Childs

22. Medical Thermal Tomography—Different Approaches
B. Więcek, M. Strakowska, P. Więcek, R. Strakowski, G. Mey

23. Vapotranspiration in Biological System by Thermal Imaging
Nicola Ludwig

24. Change in Local Temperature of Venous Blood and Venous Vessel Walls as a Basis for Imaging Superficial Veins During Infrared Phlebography Using Temperature-Induced Tissue Contrasting
Aleksandr L. Urakov, Anton A. Kasatkin, Natalia A. Urakova

25. Intraoperative Thermal and Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging Assessment of Bowel Perfusion in Two Cases of Colorectal Resection Surgery
Costanzo Di Maria, Paul J. Hainsworth, John Allen

26. An Approach for Thyroid Nodule Analysis Using Thermographic Images
J. R. González, É. O. Rodrigues, C. P. Damião, C. A. P. Fontes, A. C. Silva, A. C. Paiva, H. Li, C. Du, A. Conci

27. Modeling Thermal Infrared Imaging Data for Differential Diagnosis
Enas Ismail, Arcangelo Merla

28. 3D Dynamic Thermography System for Biomedical Applications
G. Chernov, V. Chernov, M. Barboza Flores

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Medical and Radiation Physics, Diagnostic Radiology, Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology, Regenerative Medicine/Tissue Engineering

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