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Table of contents

Part I. Wood Properties and Variability

1. Optimizing Wood Utilization Based on Whole Tree Inherent Property Maps
Mathew Leitch, Scott Miller

2. Screening Corewood of Pine for Wood Properties
M. Sharma, J. C. F. Walker, Shakti S. Chauhan

3. Imaging Spiral Grain in Pinus radiata with X-ray Microtomography
Jimmy Thomas, David A. Collings

4. Rapid Measurement of Density of Wood in Progeny Trial of Acacia mangium Willd. Using Resistograph—A Nondestructive Method
A. R. Uthappa, Maheshwar Hegde, P. Karthick Kumar, B. Gurudev Singh, R. S. Prashanth

5. Eliminating Growth-Stresses in Eucalyptus: A Scoping Study with E. bosistoana and E. nitens

M. Sharma, J. C. F. Walker, Shakti S. Chauhan

6. Longitudinal Growth Strains in Melia dubia

Sandhya Sharma, Santosh Sumbali, Pankaj Aggarwal, Shakti S. Chauhan

7. Immunofluorescence Localization of β-(1-4)-d-Galactan and Xylans in Tension Wood and Normal Wood Fibres of Leucaena leucocephala

S. Pramod, Kishore S. Rajput, Karumanchi S. Rao

8. Comparative Wood Anatomy of Four Artocarpus Species of North East India with Reference to Their Identification
M. K. Singh, C. L. Sharma, M. Sharma

9. Wood Anatomy of Some Members of Family Fagaceae from North-East India
M. Sharma, W. Shylla, C. L. Sharma

10. Anatomical Characterisation and In Vitro Laboratory Decay Test of Different Woods Decayed by Xylaria hypoxylon

Rina D. Koyani, S. Pramod, H. R. Patel, A. M. Vasava, K. S. Rao, Kishore S. Rajput

11. Growth Ring Structure and Specific Gravity Variation in Juvenile and Mature Wood of Natural-Grown Teak (Tectona grandis L.f.)
Satish Kumar Sinha, R. Vijendra Rao, T. S. Rathore, H. P. Borgaonkar

12. Variability forHeartwood Content in Three Commercially Important Tree Species of Peninsular India—Hardwickia binata, Pterocarpus santalinus and Santalum album

A. N. Arun Kumar, Geeta Joshi, S. Manikandan

13. Relations Between Growth Traits and Wood Parameters of Tectona grandis L.f. in Even-Aged Plantations in Tamil Nadu
C. Buvaneswaran, M. George, K. Vinoth Kumar, R. Velumani

14. Variation in Heartwood Formation and Wood Density in Plantation-Grown Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus)
K. Suresh, Maheshwar Hegde, P. Deenathayalan, P. Karthick Kumar, M. Thangapandi, B. Gurudev Singh, N. Krishnakumar

15. Identification and Characterization of Tension Wood in Acacia auriculiformis A. Cunn. ex Benth. and Acacia mangium Willd. Grown in Kerala
E. V. Anoop, C. M. Jijeesh, S. Jinu, R. Vishnu, M. C. Anish

16. Basic Density and Fibre Morphological Characteristics of Selected Pulpwood Species of Kerala
E. V. Anoop, Arun Joseph, C. M. Jijeesh, R. Vishnu, Anju S. Vijayan

17. Estimation of Leaf Area–Wood Density Traits Relationship in Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests of Southern Coromandel Coast, Peninsular India
M. Udayakumar, T. Sekar

18. Variations on Pulping Properties of Gmelina arborea Roxb. Grown in Different Geographical Regions of Tamil Nadu, India
J. Soosai Raj, A. Mayavel, V. N. Mutharaian, A. Nicodemus

19. Biochemical Characterization of Wood Lignin of Hevea brasiliensis

S. Pramod, C. P. Reghu, K. S. Rao

Part II. Wood Protection

20. Protection of Wood: A Global Perspective on the Future
Jeffrey J. Morrell

21. Conveyor Belt Pressure Impregnation of Wood
Peter Vinden, Grigori Torgovnikov, Anil K. Sethy

22. Natural Resistance of Imported Timbers Against Termites and Fungi in Indian Condition—A Comparison
Rashmi Ramesh Shanbhag, R. Sundararaj, H. C. Nagaveni, G. Vijayalakshmi, B. Lingappa

23. Enhancing Photostability of Wood Coatings Using Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles
Kavyashree Srinivas, Krishna K Pandey

24. Screening of Oils of Pongamia pinnata Linn., Jatropha curcas Linn. and Simarouba glauca D.C. for Developing Eco-Friendly Wood Preservatives
D. Venmalar

25. Fungal Inhibition in Wood Treated with Lantana camara L. Extract
Heena Gupta, Kulwant Rai Sharma, J. N. Sharma

26. Powderpost Beetle Menace in Wooden Handicraft Industries and Their Management
Raja Muthukrishnan, O. K. Remadevi

27. Effect of Thermal Modification on Physical Properties of Bambusa nutans

Kiran Ghadge, Krishna K. Pandey

Part III. Wood-Based Composites

28. Micromechanics of Cellulose Fibres and Their Composites
Ramesh Babu Adusumalli, Karthik Chethan Venkateshan, Wolfgang Gindl-Altmutter

29. Adhesives of Bio-origin for Wood Composites
D. Sujatha, S. K. Nath, B. S. Mamatha

30. Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Hemp–Polyester Composites
D. S. Chethan, G. S. Venkatesh, Gunti Ranga Srinivas, C. S. Vinod Kumar

31. Lantana Fiber-Filled Polypropylene Composite
Amey Kale, N Raghu, Shakti S. Chauhan, Pankaj Aggarwal

32. Development of Fire Retardant Wood Composite Using Amino Resin
B. S. Mamatha, D. Sujatha, S. K. Nath, D. N. Uday, Anand Nandanwar

33. Study on Utilization of Plantation-Grown Timber Species Grevillea robusta (Silver Oak) for Medium-Density Fibre Board
D. N. Uday, B. S. Mamatha, D. Sujatha, V. Prakash

34. Suitability of Mixed Species of Bamboo (Bambusa polymorpha and Bambusa tulda) for Medium-Density Particle Board
Amit Ashok Mahadik, Anil Negi, Amey Pravin Awale

Part IV. Wood Utilization Pattern

35. A Comparative Assessment of Autoclave and Microwave-Assisted Peroxometal Complex in Delignification of Wood Biomass for Enhanced Sugar Production
Pradeep Verma, Venkatesh Chaturvedi

36. Yield Evaluation of Oyster Mushroom on Dust Waste of Some Common Timber Species
C. Sneha, Minnu Tomy

37. Study on Fuel Properties of Important Biomass Briquetting Feedstocks in India
Ritesh Kumar, M. Srinivasa Rao, R. Ezhumalai, R. Tailor

38. Study on Chemical, Elemental and Gasification Characteristics of Lantana camara Wood
R. Ezhumalai, Ritesh Kumar

39. Search for Future Fuels—Pathway Points to a ‘Boring’ Process
L. N. Santhakumaran

40. Wood Use in India—Readying for that Elusive Renaissance?
K. Satyanarayana Rao

Part V. Wood and Climate Change

41. Wood is Good for REDD+!
Ederson A. Zanetti

42. How Good is Wood? Facts and Myths Regarding Wood as a Green Building Material
Arijit Sinha

43. Carbon Sequestration by Bamboo Farming on Marginal Land and Sustainable Use of Wood Waste for Bioenergy: Case Studies from Abellon Clean Energy
Beena Patel, Bharat Gami, Pankaj Patel

44. Use Wood—Combat Climate Change
S. K. Nath

Keywords: Life Sciences, Wood Science & Technology, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Light Construction, Steel Construction, Timber Construction

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