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Energy Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Low Carbon Pathways for India and the World
Anil Kakodkar

2. Fuel Cell Technologies for Defence Applications
J. Narayana Das

3. Wind Energy for Buildings and Transport Sectors
S. Arunachalam

4. Waste to Biohydrogen: Addressing Sustainability with Biorefinery
S. Venkata Mohan, Omprakash Sarkar

5. Indian Advances in Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor Engineering
Baldev Raj, P. Chellapandi

6. China’s Long Road to the High-Efficiency, Clean and Low-Carbon Energy Transition
Suping Peng

7. The Possible Rate of Transition to Lower-Carbon Housing
Philip Lloyd

8. Solar Cells: Materials Beyond Silicon
Soumyo Chatterjee, Uttiya Dasgupta, Amlan J. Pal

9. Nano-Bio-Photonics: Integrating Technologies to Meet Challenges in Energy, Mobility and Healthcare
Sukhdev Roy

10. Carbon Dioxide to Energy: Killing Two Birds with One Stone
Samuel A. Iwarere, Deresh Ramjugernath

11. Multi Scale Optimization of Building Energy
Stephane Ploix

12. Emerging Construction Materials for Energy Infrastructure
V. K. R. Kodur, M. Z. Naser, P. P. Bhatt

13. Energy Efficient Power Generation and Water Management Through Membrane Technology
S. Sridhar

14. Transition to Lower Carbon Energy Regime: Engineering Challenges in Building and Transportation Sectors
K. V. Raghavan

15. Energy Options and Scenarios for Transitioning to a Lower Carbon Economy: An Indian Perspective
Ajit V. Sapre

16. Mixed Culture Chain Elongation (MCCE)—A Novel Biotechnology for Renewable Biochemical Production from Organic Residual Streams
W. S. Chen, M. Roghair, D. Triana Mecerreyes, D. P. B. T. B. Strik, Carolien Kroeze, C. J. N. Buisman

17. Bio-energy and Bio-refinery: Advances and Applications
Akshat Tanksale

18. Sulfonated Polyethersulfone/Torlon Blend Membrane Incorporated with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Energy Production from Kitchen Wastewater Using Microbial Fuel Cell
Harsha Nagar, G. Anusha, S. Sridhar

19. Development of Sulfonated Polyethersulfone/Matrimid Acid-Base Blend Membrane for Energy Production Through Fuel Cells
Harsha Nagar, G. Anusha, S. Sridhar

20. Adaption of a Green Technology (Friction Stir Welding) to Join Fusion Energy Materials
Vijaya L. Manugula, Koteswararao V. Rajulapati, G. Madhusudhan Reddy, K. Bhanu Sankara Rao

21. Advanced Materials for Indian Future Nuclear Energy Systems
G. V. Prasad Reddy, R. Sandhya, K. Laha

22. Mitigating Embrittlement in Structural Steels of Power Plants by Grain Boundary Engineering
T. Karthikeyan, Saroja Saibaba, M. Vijayalakshmi

Keywords: Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy, Energy, general

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14 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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