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Advances in Computer Science and Ubiquitous Computing

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Table of contents

Part I. Advances in Information Technologies and Applications

1. Design and Development of a Robotic Arm for Rehabilitation and Training
Sarut Panjan, Siam Charoenseang

2. Detection of a Robust High-Frequency Range via Noise Analysis in a Real-World Environment
Myoungbeom Chung, Ilju Ko

3. Intelligent Food Distribution Monitoring System
Ganjar Alfian, Hyejung Ahn, Yoonmo Shin, Jaeho Lee, Jongtae Rhee

4. Design of Sudden Unintended Acceleration Check System Using Distance Measurement Sensor
Jea-Hui Cha, Tae-Hyoung Kim, Jong-Wook Jang

5. Real-Time Dynamic Motion Capture Using Multiple Kinects
Seongmin Baek, Myunggyu Kim

6. Cell-Based Indexing Method for Spatial Data Management in Hybrid Cloud Systems
Yan Li, Byeong-Seok Shin

7. SOA Based Equipment Data Management System for Smart Factory
YunHee Kang, Soong-ho Ko, Kyoungwoo Kang

8. The Problem Analysis of Specific Personal Information Protection Assessment in Japan Case
Sanggyu Shin, Yoichi Seto, Mayumi Sasaki, Kei Sakamoto

9. Using a Fine-Grained Hybrid Feature for Malware Similarity Analysis
Jing Liu, Yongjun Wang, Peidai Xie, Xingkong Ma

10. A Wireless Kinect Sensor Network System for Virtual Reality Applications
Mengxuan Li, Wei Song, Liang Song, Kaisi Huang, Yulong Xi, Kyungeun Cho

11. Finding Comfortable Settings of Snake Game Using Game Refinement Measurement
Anunpattana Punyawee, Chetprayoon Panumate, Hiroyuki Iida

12. Code Modification and Obfuscation Detection Test Using Malicious Script Distributing Website Inspection Technology
Seong-Min Park, Han-Chul Bae, Young-Tae Cha, Hwan-Kuk Kim

13. Initialization of Software Defined Wireless Bacteria-Inspired Network Platform
Shih-Yun Huang, Hsin-Hung Cho, Yu-Zen Wang, Timothy K. Shih, Han-Chieh Chao

14. An Extension of QSL for E-voting Systems
Yuan Zhou, Hongbiao Gao, Jingde Cheng

15. Behavior-Based Detection for Malicious Script-Based Attack
Soojin Yoon, Hyun-lock Choo, Hanchul Bae, Hwankuk Kim

16. The SP-tree: A Clustered Index Structure for Efficient Sequential Access
Guang-Ho Cha

17. An Address Conflict Resolving Scheme of Inter-drone Ad Hoc Communications for Hide Densely Deployed Low Power Wide Area Networks
Jaeho Lee, Bong-Ki Son

18. State-of-the-Art Algorithms for Mining Up-to-Date High Average-Utility Patterns
Donggyu Kim, Unil Yun

19. Design of Shoot’em up Game Using OpenGL
Unil Yun, Heungmo Ryang

20. Performance Analysis of Tree-Based Algorithms for Incremental High Utility Pattern Mining
Heungmo Ryang, Unil Yun

21. Development of 2D Side-Scrolling Running Game Using the Unity 3D Game Engine
Wooseong Jeong, Unil Yun

22. EPD Noticeboard for Posting Multiple Information
Bong-Ki Son, Jaeho Lee

23. Design of Processing Model for Connected Car Data Using Big Data Technology
Lionel Nkenyereye, Jong Wook Jang

24. Efficient Path Selection for IoT Devices in Heterogeneous Service Environments
Dae-Young Kim, Seokhoon Kim

25. Forecasting Sugarcane Yield Using (μ+λ) Adaptive Evolution Strategies
Supawadee Srikamdee, Sunisa Rimcharoen, Nutthanon Leelathakul

26. Resource Pooling Mechanism for Mobile Cloud Computing Service
Seok-Hyeon Han, Hyun-Woo Kim, Young-Sik Jeong

27. IPC Multi-label Classification Applying the Characteristics of Patent Documents
Sora Lim, YongJin Kwon

28. A Comparison of Data Mining Methods in Analyzing Educational Data
Euihyun Jung

29. A New Secure Android Model Based on Privilege
Tao Zhang, Zhilong Wang

30. Survey of MCC Architectures for Computing Service
Byeong-Seok Park, Yoon-A Heo, Young-Sik Jeong

31. Measurement of Enterprise Smart Business Capability in a Global Management Environment
Chui Young Yoon

32. Occluded Pedestrian Classification Using Gradient Patch and Convolutional Neural Networks
Sangyoon Kim, Moonhyun Kim

33. A Design of Secure Authentication Method with Bio-Information in the Car Sharing Environment
Sang-Hyeon Park, Jeong-Ho Kim, Moon-Seog Jun

34. A Design of Certificateless-Based Device Authentication Scheme in the SmartHome Environment
Jae Seung Lee, Jaehwa Chung, Sangkee Suk

35. A Design of Secure Authentication Method Using Zero Knowledge Proof in Smart-Home Environment
Geunil Park, Bumryoung Kim, Moon-seog Jun

36. Drone Classification by Available Control Distances
Mansik Kim, Hyungjoo Kim, Jungho Kang, Jaesoo Kim

37. A Design of Key Agreement Scheme Between Lightweight Devices in IoT Environment
Hague-Chung, Keun-Chang Choi, Moon-Seog Jun

38. Platform Independent Workflow Mechanism for Bigdata Analytics
Tai-Yeon Ku, Hee-Sun Won, Hoon Choi

39. Water Surface Simulation Based on Perlin Noise and Secondary Distorted Textures
Hua Li, Huamin Yang, Chao Xu, Yuling Cao

40. Optimization for Particle Filter-Based Object Tracking in Embedded Systems Using Parallel Programming
Mai Thanh Nhat Truong, Sanghoon Kim

41. Generalized Multi-linear Mixed Effects Model
Chao Li, Lili Guo, Zheng Dou, Guangzhen Si, Chunmei Li

42. Anomaly Detection of Spectrum in Wireless Communication via Deep Autoencoder
Qingsong Feng, Zheng Dou, Chunmei Li, Guangzhen Si

43. A Modified Complex ICA for Blind Source Separation and the Application in Communication Reconnaissance
Zheng Dou, Zi Xiao, Yang Zhao, Jinyu Wang

44. Sensor Coverage Problem in Sparse MANET Environments
JongBeom Lim, HeonChang Yu, JoonMin Gil

45. Design of Jitter Buffer Control Algorithm for Guaranteeing the Medical Information Data Transmission Quality in Wireless Network Environment
Dong-Wan Joe, Jae-Sung Shim, Yong-Wan Ju, Seok-Cheon Park

46. Student’s-t Mixture Model Based Excepted Patch Log Likelihood Method for Image Denoising
J. W. Zhang, J. Liu, Y. H. Zheng, J. Wang

47. Regularization Parameter Selection for Gaussian Mixture Model Based Image Denoising Method
J. W. Zhang, J. Liu, Y. H. Zheng, J. Wang

48. Restoration Method for Satellite Image Based on Content-Aware Reciprocal Cell Pool
Yuhui Zheng, Xiaozhou Zhou, Tong Li, Jin Wang

49. Student’s-t Mixture Model Based Image Denoising Method with Gradient Fidelity Term
J. W. Zhang, J. Liu, Y. H. Zheng, J. Wang

50. Classification Algorithms for Privacy Preserving in Data Mining: A Survey
Sai Ji, Zhen Wang, Qi Liu, Xiaodong Liu

51. Exploiting Group Signature to Implement User Authentication in Cloud Computing
Sai Ji, Dengzhi Liu, Jian Shen

52. A Secure System Framework for an Agricultural IoT Application
Hao Wu, Fangpeng Chen, Hanfeng Hu, Qi Liu, Sai Ji

53. Localization Technology in Wireless Sensor Networks Using RSSI and LQI: A Survey
Sai Ji, Dengzhi Liu, Jian Shen

54. Energy-Balanced Unequal Clustering Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jin Wang, Yiquan Cao, Jiayi Cao, Huan Ji, Xiaofeng Yu

55. The Agent Communication Simulation Based on the Ego State Model of Transactional Analysis
Mi-Sun Kim, Green Bang, Il-Ju Ko

56. Design of Software Reliability Test Architecture for the Connected Car
Doo-soon Park, Seokhoon Kim

57. Network Activation Control According to Traffic Characteristics in Sensor Networks for IoT
Dae-Young Kim, Young-Sik Jeong, Seokhoon Kim

58. Data Mining Techniques to Facilitate Digital Forensics Investigations
Erik Miranda Lopez, Yoon Ho Kim, Jong Hyuk Park

59. Solving Standard Cell Placement Problem Using Discrete Firefly Algorithm: A Nature Inspired Approach
Pradip Kumar Sharma, Saurabh Singh, Jong Hyuk Park

60. A Security Model for Protecting Virtualization in Cloud Computing
Saurabh Singh, Pradip Kumar Sharma, Jong Hyuk Park

61. Effective Pre-processing Methods with DTG Big Data by Using MapReduce Techniques
Wonhee Cho, Eunmi Choi

62. Security Requirements and Countermeasures for Secure Home Network in Internet of Things
Seo Yeon Moon, Saurabh Singh, Jong Hyuk Park

63. Machine Learning for Trajectory Generation of Multiple-pedestrians
Hye-Yeon Yu, Young-Nam Kim, Moon-Hyun Kim

64. A Deep Learning-Based Gait Posture Recognition from Depth Information for Smart Home Applications
Md. Zia Uddin, Mi Ryang Kim

65. Implementation of an Image Restoration with Block Iteration Method for Spatially Variant Blur Models
Ji Yeon Lee, Kuk Won Ko, Sangjoon Lee

66. Analysis of Hard Shadow Anti-aliasing
Hua Li, Yuling Cao, Xin Feng

67. Cascade-Adaboost for Pedestrian Detection Using HOG and Combined Features
Gyujin Jang, Jinhee Park, Moonhyun Kim

68. Portable Hypervisor Design for Commercial 64-Bit Android Devices Supporting 32-Bit Compatible Mode
Kangho Kim, Kwangwon Koh, Seunghyub Jeon, Sungin Jung

69. Concept-Based Compound Keyword Extraction Based on Using Sentential Distance, Conceptual Distance and Production Rules: Calculation of the Keyword Importance
Samuel Sangkon Lee

70. Coarse-Grained 2.5-D CSAMT Parallel Inversion Method Based on Multi-core CPU
Lili He, Hongtao Bai, Jin Wang, Yu Jiang, Tonglin Li

71. Virtual Force and Glowworm Swarm Optimization Based Node Deployment Strategy for WSNs
Jin Wang, Yiquan Cao, Jiayi Cao, Huan Ji, Xiaofeng Yu

72. Comparison with Recommendation Algorithm Based on Random Forest Model
Yu Jiang, Lili He, Yan Gao, Kai Wang, Chengquan Hu

73. Risk Factors and the Difference Among Hypertension, Diabetes and Heart Disease
Xue Wang, Lili He, Hongtao Bai

74. Linear Programming Computation Model Based on DPVM
Hongtao Bai, Lili He, Yu Jiang, Jin Wang, Shanshan Jiang

75. A Study on the Effective Communication Protocol of the Surface Inspection Rail Robot that it can be a Self-checking
Yun-Seok Lee, Eun Kim, Sungyun Kim, Seokhoon Kim

76. The Efficient Multimedia Transmission Services for the E-learning System with Sensor
Sung-Hwa Hong, Joon-Min Gil

77. A Quality Model for IoT Service
Mi Kim, Jin Ho Park, Nam Yong Lee

78. An Empirical Study of Risk Factors for the Development Methodology for Small-Size IT Projects
Joon Ho Park, Nam Yong Lee, Jin Ho Park

79. Nack-Based Broadcast Mechanism for Isochronous Audio Stream Transmission Using Bluetooth Low Energy
Jaeho Lee

80. Empirical Study on IoT-Learning for the Rehabilitation Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain Patients
Seul-Ah Shin, Ji-Soo Choi, Young-Jong Kim, Nam-Yong Lee, Jin-Ho Park

81. A Theoretical Study of Hardware Architecture for Network Security Server
Joong-Yeon Lee, In-Taek Oh, Nam-Yong Lee, Jin-Ho Park

82. An Empirical Study of the Relationship Between DISC Behavioral Style of Application Programmer and Quality of Software Development
In-Taek Oh, Joong-Yeon Lee, Jae-Yoon Cheon, Nam-yong Lee, Jin-Ho Park

Part II. Advances in Computer Science and Ubiquitous Computing

83. The Development of COB Type LED Lighting System for High Temperature Machine Vision
Park Sanggug

84. An Alternative Management Scheme of DHCP Lease Time for Internet of Things
Pyung Soo Kim, Eung Hyuk Lee, Eung Tae Kim

85. A User Empirical Context Model for a Smart Home Simulator
Green Bang, Ilju Ko

86. Co-display Content Service for First-Person Videos of Smart Glass
Bokyung Sung, Ilju Ko

87. Probabilistic Analysis for the Relationship Between Min-Entropy and Guessing Attack
Ju-Sung Kang, Hojoong Park, Yongjin Yeom

88. Dynamic QoS Scheme for InfiniBand-Based Clusters
Bongjae Kim, Jeong-Dong Kim

89. Applying PE-Miner Framework to Software Defined Network Quarantine
Dong-Hee Kim, Soo-Hwan Lee, Won-Sik Doo, Sang-Il Ahn, Tai-Myoung Chung

90. A Novel Method for Eliminating Duplicated Frames in Ethernet Standard (IEEE 802.3) Networks
Saad Allawi Nsaif, Jong Myung Rhee

91. A Study of Malicious Code Classification System Using MinHash in Network Quarantine Using SDN
Soo-Hwan Lee, Myeong-Uk Song, Jun-Kwon Jung, Tai-Myoung Chung

92. Application of RFID and Computer Vision for the Inventory Management System
Ganjar Alfian, Jaeho Lee, Hyejung Ahn, Jongtae Rhee

93. Prediction Method for Suspicious Behavior Based on Omni-View Model
Ji-Hyen Choi, Jong-Won Choe, Yong-Ik Yoon

94. Optimal 3D Printing Direction for Stability of Slanted Shapes
Jiyoung Park, Hwa Seon Shin

95. A Study on DDS-Based BLE Profile Adaptor for Solving BLE Data Heterogeneity in Internet of Things
Jung-Hoon Oh, Moon-Ki Back, Gil-Tak Oh, Kyu-Chul Lee

96. A Study of Environment-Adaptive Intrusion Detection System
Ki-Hyun Lee, Young B. Park

97. OFART: OpenFlow-Switch Adaptive Random Testing
Dong-Su Koo, Young B. Park

98. An Evaluation of Availability, Reliability and Power Consumption for a SDN Infrastructure Using Stochastic Reward Net
Kihong Han, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Dugki Min, Eun Mi Choi

99. A Dynamic Service Binding Scheme with Service OID for IoT
Euihyun Jung

100. A Context-Aware Architecture Pattern to Enhance the Flexibility of Software Artifacts Reuse
Doohwan Kim, Soon-Kyeom Kim, Woosung Jung, Jang-Eui Hong

101. Deep Analysis of Tag Interference by Tag to Tag Relative Angles with Passive Far Field UHF RFID System
Jae Sung Choi, Hyun Lee

102. Simple Method of Video Mapping of Multiple Targets
In-Jae Jo, Joohun Lee, Yoo-Joo Choi

103. Evolutionary Test Case Generation from UML-Diagram with Concurrency
Seungchan Back, Hyorin Choi, Jung-Won Lee, Byungjeong Lee

104. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Vector Space Retrieval Model Indexing
Jung-Hoon Shin, Mesfin Abebe, Cheol Jung Yoo, Suntae Kim, Jeong Hyu Lee, Hee-Kyung Yoo

105. Active Tracking Strategy with Multiple Cameras in Large Areas
Sangjin Hong, Nammee Moon

106. A Survey and Design of a Scalable Mobile Edge Cloud Platform for the Smart IoT Devices and It’s Applications
Yeongpil Cho, Yunheung Paek, Ejaz Ahmed, Kwangman Ko

107. Network Anomaly Detection Based on Probabilistic Analysis
JinSoo Park, Dong Hag Choi, You-Boo Jeon, Se Dong Min, Doo-Soon Park

108. Hedonic Model Study for Retargeting Advertising Based on Space-Centered Internet of Things
Bo-Ram Kim, Man-Soo Chung, Yong-Ik Yoon

109. A New Automated Cell Counting Program by Using Hough Transform-Based Double Edge
Jae Sung Choi, Moon Jong Choi, Jung-Min Lee, Hyun Lee

110. An Approach for Interworking Heterogeneous Networks with DTN and IP Routing in Space Internet
Euiri An, Kyungrak Lee, Jaewon Lee, Inwhee Joe

111. Implementation of Recommender System Based on Personalized Search Using Intimacy in SNS
Jeong-Dong Kim, Bongjae Kim, Jeong-Ho Park

112. Measuring Similarity Between Graphs Based on Formal Concept Analysis
Fei Hao, Dae-Soo Sim, Doo-Soon Park

113. TEXAS2: A System for Extracting Domain Topic Using Link Analysis and Searching for Relevant Features
SangWon Hwang, YongSeok Lee, YoungKwang Nam

114. Ubiquitous Computing for Cloud Infrastructure to Mobile Application in IoT Environment
DongBum Seo, Keun-Ho Lee, You-Boo Jeon

115. What Are Learning Satisfaction Factors in Flipped Learning?
Kyung Yeul Kim, Yong Kim

116. Development of UI Guideline for Senior Citizens’ e-Learning Content
Myung In Kim, Yong Kim

117. Full Duplex Relaying with Buffer Based on Cognitive Radio Technique
Junsu Kim, Doo-Hee Jung, Jeho Lee, Su Min Kim

118. Design of Docking Drone System Using P-PID Flight Controller
Beck Jong-Hwan, Pak Myeong-Suk, Kim Sang-Hoon

119. Lightweight Security for Underwater IoT
Sun-Ho Yeom, Jung-Il Namgung, Soo-Young Shin, Soo-Hyun Park

120. Image Based Video Querying Algorithm Using 3-Level Haar Wavelet Transform Features
Changseok Bae, Yuk Ying Chung, Jeunwoo Lee

121. Design and Implementation of the Mobile Learning App for Creative Problem Solving Activities
Ji-Hye Bae, Hyun Lee

122. IoT-Based Smart Photo Frame
Ji-Hye Bae, In-Hwan Kim, Yong-Tae Jeon, Hyun Lee

123. A Fast Algorithm for Generating Virtual Dedicate Network Based on Software-Defined Wide Area Network
Yong-hwan Kim, Buseung Cho, Dongkyun Kim

124. Detection of Content Changes Based on Deep Neural Networks
Noo-ri Kim, YunSeok Choi, HyunSoo Lee, Jee-Hyong Lee

125. Resource Allocation in D2D Networks with Location Based Distance Information
Soo Hyeong Kang, Pyung Soo Kim, Bang Won Seo, Jeong Gon Kim

126. Design of Corporate Business Card Management System
Seok-heon Ko, Gil-mo Yang, Jun-dong Lee

127. The OpenWRT’s Random Number Generator Designed Like /dev/urandom and Its Vulnerability
Dongchang Yoo, Yongjin Yeom

128. Implementation of the Block2 Option Transfer for Resource Observing with the CoAPthon Library
Kyoung-Han Kim, Hyun-Kyo Lim, Joo-Seong Heo, Youn-Hee Han

129. Hive-Based Anomaly Detection in Hadoop Log Data Management
Siwoon Son, Myeong-Seon Gil, Seokwoo Yang, Yang-Sae Moon

130. HIM-PRS: A Patent Recommendation System Based on Hierarchical Index-Based MapReduce Framework
Xuhua Rui, Dugki Min

131. Finding Meaningful Chronological Pattern of Key Words in Computer Science Bibliography
Joo-Seong Heo, Hyun-Kyo Lim, Kyong-Han Kim, Youn-Hee Han

132. The Design of Intelligent Video Analytics System Performing Automatic Noise Rejection by Comparing Distribution of Metadata of Moving Object
Taewoo Kim, Hyungheon Kim, Pyeongkang Kim

133. Dependability Analysis of Digital Library Cloud Services with Load Sharing
Dongseok Lee, Sungsoo Kim, Tae-Sun Chung

134. Document Classification Using Word2Vec and Chi-square on Apache Spark
Mijin Choi, Rize Jin, Tae-Sun Chung

135. Analysis of Recent Maximal Frequent Pattern Mining Approaches
Gangin Lee, Unil Yun

136. Design of Noise Information Storage System Using IoT Devices
Judae Lee, Unil Yun

137. Analysis of Privacy Preserving Approaches in High Utility Pattern Mining
Unil Yun, Donggyu Kim

138. An Agent-Based Remote Operation and Safety Monitoring System for Marine Elevators
Hyung-Joo Kim, Kwangil Lee

139. Survey on CPN Applications in Cloud Computing
Rustam Rakhimov Igorevich, Dugki Min

140. An Observation Method for Estimating Carrier Frequency Offset in OFDM Systems
Mustafa Altaha, Humor Hwang

141. Korean-to-Korean Translation Based Learning Contents Management System for Parents of Multi-cultural Family
YunHee Kang, Myung Ju Kang, WooSik Kim

142. A Distributed Survey Automation Based on a Customizable Form Template
Jaekwon Lee, Kisub Kim, Jang-Eui Hong, Woosung Jung

143. Mobile Agent Oriented Service for Offloading on Mobile Cloud Computing
HwiRim Byun, Boo-Kwang Park, Young-Sik Jeong

144. Unstructured Data Service Model Utilizing Context-Aware Big Data Analysis
Yonghoon Kim, Mokdong Chung

145. Information Reminder System Based on Word Registered by User
KyeYoung Kim, Byeong-Eon Ahn, Suk-Young Lim, Daejin Moon, Dae-Soo Cho

146. A Study of Determining Abnormal Behaviors by Using System for Preventing Agricultural Product Theft
Jin Su Kim, Min-Gu Kim, Byung Rae Cha, Sung Bum Pan

147. A Study of Simple Classification of Malware Based on the Dynamic API Call Counts
Jihun Kim, Seungwon Lee, Jonghee M. Youn, Haechul Choi

148. A Low-Power Sensing Management Method for Sustainable Context-Awareness in Exclusive Contexts
Dusan Baek, Jae-Hyeon Park, Byungjeong Lee, Jung-Won Lee

149. Content-Based Conformance Assurance Between Software Research Documentation and Design Guideline
Jong-Hwan Shin, Du-San Baek, Byungjeong Lee, Jung-Won Lee

150. Development of the Vision System and Inspection Algorithms for Surface Defect on the Injection Molding Case
Ji Yeon Lee, Wonwoo Bong, Sangjoon Lee, Chang Ho Han, Kuk Won Ko

151. Implementation of the Smart System for Monitoring the PCG
Sunho Kim, Kangwoo Lee, Yonghee Lee

152. The Effect of Introducing Small Cells in Wireless Networks
Soohyun Cho

153. An Enhanced Reliable Message Transmission System Based on MQTT Protocol in IoT Environment
Hyun Cheon Hwang, Ji Su Park, Byeong Rae Lee, Jin Gon Shon

154. Implementation of a Smart IoT Factory Using an Agricultural Grade Sorting Device
Seokhoon Jeong, Ji Yeon Lee, Kuk Won Ko, Sangjoon Lee

155. Segmentation and Counting of Cell in Fluorescence Microscopy Images Using Improved Chain Code Algorithm
Yeji Na, Sangjoon Lee, Jonggab Ho, Hwayung Jung, Changwon Wang, Se Dong Min

156. Empirical Study of the IoT-Learning for Obese Patients that Require Personal Training
Seul-Ah Shin, Nam-Yong Lee, Jin-Ho Park

157. Detection of Optimal Activity Recognition Algorithm for Elderly Using Smartphone
Changwon Wang, Sangjoon Lee, Jonggab Ho, Yeji Na, Se Dong Min

158. Method of Detecting Malware Through Analysis of Opcodes Frequency with Machine Learning Technique
Sang-Uk Woo, Dong-Hee Kim, Tai-Myoung Chung

159. Study of Big Data Analysis Procedures
Joon Ho Park, Jin Ho Park, Nam Young Lee

160. Design and Implementation of Authentication Information Synchronization System for Providing Stability and Mobility of Wireless Authentication
Yong-hwan Jung, Jang-won Choi, Hyung-ju Lee, Joon-Min Gil, Haeng-gon Lee

161. Study on the Generic Architecture Design of IoT Platforms
Mi Kim, Nam Yong Lee, Jin Ho Park

162. A Study on Digitalization of Seafarer’s Book Republic of Korea for e-Navigation: Focusing on Wireless Network
Jun-Ho Huh

163. A PMIPv6-Based Auxiliary Mobility Management Considering Traffic Locality
Ki-Sik Kong

164. A Study on Worker’s Positional Management and Security Reinforcement Scheme in Smart Factory Using Industry 4.0-Based Bluetooth Beacons
SangIl Park, SeoukJoo Lee

165. A Study of the Extended Definition of Relation for Research Content Based Traceability
Jong-Won Ko, Jae-Young Choi, Young-Hwa Cho

166. Transforming Algorithm of 3D Model Data into G-code for 3D Printers in Distributed Systems
Sungsuk Kim, Sun Ok Yang

167. Cache Aware Web-Based Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Algorithm in Information Centric Networks
Geun-Hyung Kim

168. Background Subtraction Framework for Mobile 3D Sensor Data
Seongjo Lee, Seoungjae Cho, Nguyen Trong Hieu, Phuong Chu, Kyungeun Cho

169. A Method for Multi-user Re-identification in Invoked Reality Space
Yunji Jeong, Yulong Xi, Jisun Park, Kyhyun Um, Kyungeun Cho

170. A Design Scheme of Combined Syllable Fonts for Hunminjeongeum
Jeongyong Byun, Seongbum Hong, Hoyoung Kim

171. Proposal of a Resource-Monitoring Improvement System Using Amazon Web Service API
Kyu Ik Kim, Musa Ibrahim M. Ishag, Myungsic Kim, Jin Suk Kim, Keun Ho Ryu

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