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Proceedings of the Fourth International Forum on Decision Sciences

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Table of contents

1. Innovation Research on “Three-Dimensional Central Coordination” of University-Industry-Government under Triple Helix Perspective
Shibo Qin, Zhixia Zhou

2. The Innovative Pattern of Bulk Commodity Supply Chain Based on Internet Finance
Liyong Chen, Xinwei Gao

3. Social Attribute Preference Learning Based Design Decision of Electrical Engineering Projects
Yuanpeng Tan, Gang Xu

4. Global Climate Change Studying Based on Big Data Analysis of Antarctica
Yuxin Zhu

5. The Anaysis of our Energy Internet Development Prospect Under the Background of “B&R”
Yinfeng Chen, Chunhong Zhu

6. Study on the Relationship Between Managerial Power and the Quality of Accounting Information
Yanfang Sun, Dongchang Lu

7. Behavioral Selections of the Express Company and the Customer: An Analysis Based on Evolution Game Theory
Xiuxiu Zheng, Rong Du

8. The Effects of Social Commerce Disputes of Rating Result
Junhui He

9. Project Bid Evaluation Research Based on the Aggressive Generalized DEA Model
Jiaomin Yang, Ziyu Zhang

10. The Mechanism of Empowering Leadership’s Effect on Employee Creativity in DingTalk Alibaba Context
Ziying Mo, Yanliang Yu

11. The Credit Scoring Model Based on Logistic-BP-AdaBoost Algorithm and its Application in P2P Credit Platform
Xiaofang Chen, Cuihua Zhou, Xuefeng Wang, Yongli Li

12. Dynamic Simulation of Stock Market Based on SVM With Different Parameter Optimization Methods
Wen Chen, Yixiang Tian

13. The Analysis of China’s Cotton Subsidy Policy Based on MPS and CSCT
Jingzhou Wei, Weizhong Liu

14. The Analysis of Farmers Cognition and the Influence of the Cotton Target Price Reform in Xinjiang
Yawen Yu, Guoxin Yu

15. Experimental Economics Analysis of Environment-Friendly Agricultural Technique Decision-Making
Zhixia Zhou, Shibo Qin

16. Research on the Linkage Effect Between Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Stock Index and the Shanghai and Shenzhen Fund Index
Hongmei Wen, Xinlin Li

17. Competitiveness Assessment of China Listed Household Electric Appliance Enterprises by the Principal Component Analysis
Xinhua Wang, Jiakun Wang, Qian Sun, Li Bai, Hao Yu

18. The Analysis of Internet Development Index Based on Visualization
Wenjun Lu, Mingzhao Xie, Yirong Ying

19. A Comparative Analysis Study of Data Mining Algorithm in Customer Relationship Management
Yang Liu

20. Research on Value Evaluation of Scientific and Technical Human Capital Based on Key Performance Indicators
Jing Wang, Jing Chen, Xue Jiang

21. Analysis of Factors Affecting Consumers’ Brand Trust Under Different Purchasing Behaviors
Ailing Wang, Anfeng Guo

22. Big Data to Lead a New Era for “Internet+”: Current Status and Prospect
Shan Lin, Dawei Zheng

23. Research on Fault Detection of High-Speed Train Bogie
Chengxu Li, Dewang Chen, Ling Yang

24. Influence of Customer to Customer Interaction on Service Purchase Behavior Intention: Moderating Role of Customer Experience—In China E-Commerce Environment
Ruoqian Yang

25. Evolutionary Game and Simulation on the Internet of Things in Supply Chain
Jiahua Li, Junhui He

26. Pricing Structure Financial Products of Commercial Banks in China
Mei Yu, Jianfen Feng, Zhan Chen, Dan Ralescu

27. A Chance Maximization Model for Uncertain Project Scheduling Problem
Shize Ning

28. The Explorer of Decision-Making in Class
Weiwei Li

29. Some Power Aggregation Operators for Hesitant Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linguistic Set and Their Applications to Multiple Attribute Decision Making
Xiaoyue Liu, Qixing Qu, Li Zhang, Dawei Ju

30. Mechanics Analysis in Cable Supported Barrel Vault Based on the Uncertain Damage
Zhansheng Liu, Huanhuan Wang, Bin Li, Jian He

31. Formulas to Calculate the Variance and Pseudo-Variance of Complex Uncertain Variable
Xiumei Chen, Yufu Ning, Xiao Wang

32. Measure Constraint Model and Its Properties of Closed-Loop Logistics Network
Lei Yun, Xingfang Zhang

33. Chance Left Constraint Model for TSP and Its GASO Algorithm
Xiaojing Shi, Xingfang Zhang

34. Research on the Impact of the Counter Marketing to the Sales Performance of China’s Tobacco Industry
Jinzhi Huang, Quan Hao

35. The Manufacturing Enterprise of China Internal Control and the Agency Costs—Based on the Empirical Study of Industry Data from 2010 to 2014
Yingmei Li, Ying Ren

36. Research on the Development and Management of Intellectual Property in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry
Liu Sichen

37. Under the Trend of Wisdom Supply Chain, Finance Storage Risk Identification and Aversion Countermeasures Research in Our Country
Hong Wang, Qingzhong Lai, Lina Chang

38. Research Status of Earned Value Management
Hang Ju, Shuai Xu

39. Reliability Analysis of Unrepairable Warm Standby Systems Mixed With Randomness and Fuzziness
Ying Liu, Xiaozhong Li, Yao Ma

40. Research on the Marketing Strategy of the New Media Age Based on AISAS Model: A Case Study of Micro Channel Marketing
Changdong Xu, Quan Hao, Guoyuan Han

41. Overview and Prospect of the Research on the Product Oil Consumption Tax in China
Huanhuan Zhang

42. A Survey of Electronic Commerce Tax Collection and Management
Jinghuai She, Xuedan Li

43. Development Analysis of O2O Model Based on Mobile Electronic Business
Taian Xu

44. Research on Modeling Customer Churn in Video Players
Qixing Qu, Xiaoyue Liu, Li Zhang, Lin Wang

45. Risk Analysis of Supply Chain Pricing Problem Based on Uncertain Measure
Yanzhun Li, Rong Cheng

46. Pricing Decision Problem in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Under Uncertain Random Environment
Yanzhun Li, Rong Cheng

47. Competition in a Two-Channel Supply Chain with Symmetric Retailers Under Channel Preference
Jinjin Liu, Hua Ke

48. Uncertain Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Net Present Value Criterion for Risk-Averse Decision Makers
Chenkai Zhao, Hua Ke

49. Research on the Development of Cross-Border E-commerce in Port Cities—A Case of Manzhouli City
Dezhong Sun, Lingling Fang, Jiashu Li

50. Study on Development Countermeasure of Manzhouli Wood Processing Industrial Cluster
Bo Pang, Dezhong Sun

51. The Study of Relationship Between Diversification Strategy and Customers Performance in Service Industry—An Example Analysis of High-End Catering Enterprise in Beijing
Jiwen Hu, Jianxin Zhu, Bin Han

52. The “Internet+” Based Study on the Development Strategy About Sino-Russian Cross-Border E-commerce
Xiaozheng Wang, Jianqiang Zhang, Dezhong Sun

53. The SWOT Analysis and Countermeasure Research of Travel Agency Online Marketing in Network Times
Yun Zhang

54. The Analysis of the Management Mode of Decision-Making Characteristics and Development Trend of Engineering Project
Jiashu Li

55. Study of Community E-commerce Logistic Distribution Model Based on Intelligent Community Property
Min Han, Hongzhi Wang

56. Research on the Development Strategy of Cultural Enterprises Based on the Negative WOM
Cheng Che, Weipeng Luo

57. The Literature Review on the Research of Derailment
Bingfu Wu, Dewang Chen, Ling Yang

58. Regulation of Equity Crowdfunding in Hong Kong
Lapfu Yeung

59. The Impact of Big Data on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Financing
Ying Li

60. Uncertain Optimization Model for Railway Power Supply Equipments Maintenance Scheduling Problem
Shuang Ren, Yuan Gao, Feng Liu

61. Research on Yong Teachers’ Salary System in Private Colleges
Cai Su, Xueqiang Li, Lina Chang, Chengwu Zheng

62. The Problems and Suggestions of Express “Real-Name System” in Our Country
Fuhui Jing, Hui Zhu

63. Introduction to Network Economy Era of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Hui Zhu, Fuhui Jing

64. Research on the Tourism Consumption Behavior of College Students in the Mobile Social Network Environment
Cheng Che, Xiaolin Qi, Weipeng Luo

65. Application of Improved Adaptive Genetic Algorithm in Train Energy Saving
Yiwei Fan, Dewang Chen

66. Optimal Inventory Policy for Newsboy Problem Based on Fuzzy Random Demand
Yuefang Sun, Zhaozhuang Guo

67. Research on the Causes and Countermeasures of the Price Dispersion of Online Retail Commodity
Linlin Liu

68. Empirical Analysis of Influence Factor of Investment Income of Commercial Bank Financial Product
Lingyan Lou, Jing Wu, Qian Liu

69. Empirical Analysis on the Evolution of Development Mode of Cultural Creative Industry
Jun Ma

70. The Effect of Chinese Listed Company Manager’s Inrrational Merger and Acquisition Decision on the Performance
Jing Wu, Qian Liu, Lingyan Lou

71. Research on Competitiveness of Listed Security Companies in China
Qian Liu, Lingyan Lou, Jing Wu

72. Research on the Evaluation of Rural Credit Cooperatives in Agriculture Efficiency in China’s Various Regions
Sha Lou

73. The Empirical Study on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Agricultural Economic Development Level in Various Regions of Heilongjiang Province
Sha Lou

74. The Chinese Regional Rural Credit Unions’ Efficiency Evaluation Based on Network DEA
Yi Qu, Lina Zhou

75. Analysis of Economic Benefit of Resource-Based City’s Transformation Based on the Development of Modern Service Industry
Yi Qu, Lina Zhou

76. Research on the Comprehensive Evaluation of Financial Ecological Environment in Various Regions of Heilongjiang Province
Dehua Zhang

77. Research on Performance Evaluation of Agricultural Development in Different Regions in China
Dehua Zhang

78. The Empirical Research on the Technical Efficiency and the Influencing Factors with the County Agency of Agricultural Development Bank of China
Shen Zhong

79. The Empirical Study on the Evaluation and Improvement of Wheat Cost and Benefit Efficiency in Different Regions in China
Shen Zhong

80. A Biclustering-Based Lead User Identification Methodology Applied to Xiaomi
Yunwen Miao, Hui Zhang

81. Discrete Tunnel-Filled Function Method for Discrete Global Optimization Problems
Jinrui Li, Youlin Shang, Ping Han

82. The Trend Research of Intergenerational Income Elasticity Change Between Father and Son
Shengqian Guo, Chuanyin Jin

83. Research on the Legal Regulation of China’s E-finance Field
Hongchao Ning, Kui Li

Keywords: Business and Management, Operation Research/Decision Theory, Logistics

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Uncertainty and Operations Research
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