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Sustainable Management of Luxury

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Table of contents

Part I. Sustainability and Business Management in Luxury Goods Companies

1. Redefining the Essence of Sustainable Luxury Management: The Slow Value Creation Model
Gulen Hashmi

2. The Strategic Role of Authenticity in the Luxury Business
Patricia Anna Hitzler, Günter Müller-Stewens

3. Creating a Culture of Shared Value Through Luxury Branding
Misha Pinkhasov, Rachna Joshi Nair

4. Sustainable Performance Management in High-End Luxury Goods Firms: The Use of the “Reputation-Clock” Model
France Riguelle, Didier Caillie

Part II. Sustainable Practices Within the Luxury Universe

5. Sustainable Luxury and Fashion: From Global Standardisation to Critical Customisation
Patrizia Calefato

6. Identifying the Luxury Sustainability Paradox: Three Steps Toward a Solution
Oliver P. Heil, Daniel André Langer

7. Strike a Pose: Luxury for Sustainability
Hakan Karaosman, Gustavo Morales-Alonso, Alessandro Brun

8. Sustainable Luxury in Hotels and Resorts: Is It Possible?
Gianna Moscardo

9. Diamonds, Development, and Dollars: A Case Study on a Newly Founded Gemological Lab in Botswana Aiming at Sustainable Community Empowerment
Thomaï Serdari

10. More Than Skin Deep: A Service Design Approach to Making the Luxury Personal Care Industry More Sustainable
R. Wakefield-Rann

Part III. Sustainable Luxury Business Practices: Different Aspects

11. Promoting Sustainable Management: World Wildlife Fund’s Hybrid Strategy to Change the Luxury Industry
Graham Bullock

Part IV. Sustainable Management in the Luxury Value Chain

12. Luxury Products and Services and the Sustainable Value Chain: Six Management Lessons from Gucci
John Armitage, Joanne Roberts, Yasmin K. Sekhon

13. Luxury Fashion Brand Sustainability and Flagship Store Design. The Case of ‘Smart Sustainable Stores’
Elisa Arrigo

14. Vogue or Vague: Sustainability Performance Appraisal in Luxury Fashion Supply Chains
Hakan Karaosman, Alessandro Brun, Gustavo Morales-Alonso

15. Application of Digital Enterprise Technology (DET) for Green Made-to-Measure in Korean Luxury Fashion Industry
Kyung Eun Lee

Part V. Sustainable Luxury, Entrepreneurship (Including Family Business) and Craftsmanship

16. Sustainable Luxury Fashion: The Entrepreneurs’ Vision
Miguel Angel Gardetti, Rachida Justo

17. The Family Business Phenomenon as a Means for a Sustainable Business in the Clothing Luxury Business
Elisa Giacosa

18. Craft’s Path to the Luxury Market: Sustaining Cultures and Communities Along the Way
Jana M. Hawley, Judy Frater

Part VI. Sustainable Luxury and Consumption

19. (Not) Made in Italy: Can Sustainability and Luxury Co-exist?
Vertica Bhardwaj, Sergio C. Bedford

20. Luxury, Sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility: Insights from Fashion Luxury Case Studies and Consumers’ Perceptions
Marco D’Anolfo, Cesare Amatulli, Matteo Angelis, Giovanni Pino

21. Anything Worth Doing: The Ambiguity of Values in Sustainable Luxury
Nadine Hennigs, Evmorfia Karampournioti, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann

22. Lust for Our Better Versions—The Meta Modern Reality’s Roots and Implications
Koronaki Eirini, Panigyrakis George

23. Moral Responsibility for Sustainable Luxury Consumption and Production
Duane Windsor

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Operations Management, Textile Engineering, Sustainability Management, Industrial and Production Engineering

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Environmental Footprints and Eco-design of Products and Processes
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