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Communities of Practice

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Table of contents

Part I. Theoretical Underpinnings Informing Communities of Practice

1. What Is a Community of Practice?
Bernadette Mercieca

2. Social Learning in Higher Education: A Clash of Cultures?
Alice E. MacGillivray

3. Faculty Learning Communities and Communities of Practice Dreamers, Schemers, and Seamers
Milton D. Cox, Jacquie McDonald

4. Using Communities of Practice to Internationalise Higher Education: Practical and Strategic Considerations
Helen May, Jeanne Keay

5. Delivering Institutional Priorities in Learning and Teaching Through a Social Learning Model: Embedding a High Impact Community of Practice Initiative at the University of Tasmania
Kristin Warr Pedersen, Melody West, Natalie Brown, David Sadler, Kate Nash

6. Creating and Facilitating Communities of Practice in Higher Education: Theory to Practice in a Regional Australian University
Peter Reaburn, Jacquie McDonald

Part II. Research of Higher Education Communities of Practice

7. Facilitation of Social Learning in Teacher Education: The ‘Dimensions of Social Learning Framework’
Maarten Laat, Emmy Vrieling, Antoine den Beemt

8. Communities of Practice in Community-University Engagement: Supporting Co-productive Resilience Research and Practice
Ceri Davies, Angie Hart, Suna Eryigit-Madzwamuse, Claire Stubbs, Kim Aumann, Kay Aranda, Becky Heaver

9. Promoting a Community of Practice Through Collaborative Curriculum Reform in a University Business School
Michelle Salmona, Karl Smart

10. Reflections on the Emergence and Evolution of a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Community of Practice Within a Research-Intensive Higher Education Context
Peta Dzidic, Emily Castell, Lynne D. Roberts, Peter J. Allen, Michelle Quail

11. Building a Faculty-Centric Virtual Community of Practice (vCoP) Within the Post-secondary Education Environment: A Systems Approach Framework
Diane R. Watkins, Alex McDaniel, Michael A. Erskine

12. Enhancing the Impact of Research and Knowledge Co-production in Higher Education Through Communities of Practice
Karen Guldberg

Part III. Leadership in Higher Education Communities of Practice

13. Mediating Role of Leadership in the Development of Communities of Practice
Jacqueline B. Saldana

14. Revealing the Nexus Between Distributed Leadership and Communities of Practice
Sandra Jones, Marina Harvey

15. The Leadership Link: A Hybrid Professional Learning Network for Learning and Teaching Leaders
Trish McCluskey

16. The Road Less Travelled: A Conversation Between Four Communities of Practice Facilitators About Their Experiences, Learning and Professional Outcomes from the Role
Kristin Warr Pedersen, Davina Boyd, Millie Rooney, Sarah Terkes

17. Facilitating a Community of Practice in Higher Education: Leadership Rewards and Challenges
Edward Rytas Pember

18. The Role of Higher Education in Regional Economic Development Through Small Business CoPs
Sue Smith, Laurie Smith

19. Teacher Educators’ Critical Reflection on Becoming and Belonging to a Community of Practice
Lenore Adie, Amanda Mergler, Jennifer Alford, Vinesh Chandra, Erika Hepple

Part IV. Communities of Practice Sustaining Professional Learning and Development

20. Making an Impact: Utilising Faculty Learning Communities to Enhance Teaching and Learning
Tara Newman

21. “The Faculty/Faculty Conundrum”: Organizing Faculty Learning Communities to Support “Singular” and “Plural” Faculty Development
Thomas J. Nelson, Joseph W. Cates

22. Catalyst: Developing a Community of Practice for Supporting New Academics
Barbara Kensington-Miller

23. Where’s My Parking Permit? Bringing New Staff Together as a Learning Community
Elise G. C. Crawford, Sonia Saluja

24. CoPs: Enhancing Quality Learning and Teaching with Sessional Staff
Marina Harvey, Vanessa Fredericks

25. Communities of Practice and Negotiation of Meaning Among Pre-service Teachers
Asunción Martínez-Arbelaiz, José Miguel Correa-Gorospe, Estibaliz Aberasturi-Apraiz

26. Forums, Fellowship and Wicked Problems in Teaching
Elizabeth A. Beckmann

27. From Project to Permanence: Growing Inter-institutional Collaborative Teams into Long-Term, Sustainable Communities of Practice
Cath Fraser, Judith Honeyfield, Fiona Breen, Mervyn Protheroe, Victor Fester

28. From Dream to Reality: Sustaining a Higher Education Community of Practice Beyond Initial Enthusiasm
Coralie McCormack, Robert Kennelly, John Gilchrist, Eleanor Hancock, Jesmin Islam, Maria Northcote, Kate Thomson

29. Erratum to: Communities of Practice
Jacquie McDonald, Aileen Cater-Steel

Keywords: Education, Higher Education, Educational Technology, International and Comparative Education

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