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1. Estimate the Impact of Different Heat Capacity Approximation Methods on the Numerical Results During Computer Simulation of Solidification
Robert Dyja, Elzbieta Gawronska, Andrzej Grosser, Piotr Jeruszka, Norbert Sczygiol

2. Analysis of Systemic Risk: A Dynamic Vine Copula-Based ARMA-EGARCH Model
Kuan-Heng Chen, Khaldoun Khashanah

3. MOESP_AOKI_VAR: Algorithm for Space State Identification of Non-stationary Multivariable Noisy Linear Systems
Johanna B. Tobar, Celso P. Bottura

4. Comparative the Performance of Control Charts Based on Copulas
Sasigarn Kuvattana, Saowanit Sukparungsee

5. Mamdani Fuzzy Decision Model for GIS-Based Landslide Hazard Mapping
Monalee A. dela Cerna, Elmer A. Maravillas

6. Laser Scanning as a Tool for the Analysis of Historical Buildings
Jerzy Szolomicki

7. A Simulation Study on Performance Validation of Indoor Location Estimation Based on the Radial Positive Distribution
Kosuke Okusa, Toshinari Kamakura

8. Semi-supervised Classification with Modified Kernel Partial Least Squares
Paweł Błaszczyk

9. 2D-DOAE
Improvement Using ESPRIT
with Doppler Correction
Youssef Fayad, Caiyun Wang, Qunsheng Cao

10. Pathologies Segmentation in Eye Fundus Images Based on Frequency Domain Filters
Gonzalo Urcid, Luis David Lara-R, Elizabeth López-M

11. The Distribution of HIV/AIDS Commodities: NPOS and Sustainability
Tatenda Talent Chingono, Sebonkile Cynthia Thaba, Charles Mbohwa

12. Representation of a DNA Sequence by a Substring of Its Genetic Information
Bacem Saada, Jing Zhang

13. Fatal Flaws in Norwich’s “Mystery of Loudness Adaptation”
Lance Nizami

14. Wrong Limits and Wrong Assumptions: Kenny Norwich and Willy Wong Fail to Derive Equal-Loudness Contours
Lance Nizami

15. High Assurance Asynchronous Messaging Methods
William R. Simpson, Kevin Foltz

16. Regional Differences in Iwate Prefecture Road Usage Recovery Following the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
Noriaki Endo, Hayato Komori

17. Computational Complexity Study of RSA and Elgamal Algorithms
A. E. Okeyinka

18. Ontology-Based Context Modeling and Reasoning for a Smart Space
Moeiz Miraoui

19. Performance Analysis of Heed Over Leach and Pegasis in Wireless Sensor Networks
Gaurav Kumar Nigam, Chetna Dabas

20. Spectral Properties and Error Rate Performance of Digital Chirp Communication System
Mohammad Alsharef, Abdulbaset M. Hamed, Raveendra K. Rao

21. Power Factor Control Mechanism for Optimum Efficiency in Wind Generators and Industrial Applications
Jude K. Obichere, Milutin Jovanovic, Sul Ademi

22. TBSC Compensator
Swapnil Patil, Khushal Shende, Dadgonda Patil, Anwar Mulla

23. Sensorless Speed Estimation by Using Rotor Slot Harmonics for Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Hayri Arabaci

24. Selective Harmonic Elimination Technique Based on Genetic Algorithm for Multilevel Inverters
Hulusi Karaca, Enes Bektas

25. Proposal of a Modulated Extended Cumulative Exposure Model for the Step-Up Voltage Test
Takenori Sakumura, Toshinari Kamakura

26. Gesture Recognition Sensor: Development of a Tool with Playful Applications toEvaluate the Physical
and Cognitive Skills
of Children Through the Use of Bootstrap
Anthony Bryan Freire Conrado, Vinicio David Pazmiño Moya, Danni Cruz, Johanna Tobar, Paúl Mejía

27. Design of Learning Ontology and Service Model Through Achievement Standards Profile Modeling
Hyunsook Chung, Jeongmin Kim

28. Web Retrieval with Query Expansion: A Parallel Retrieving Technique
Noha Mezyan, Venus W. Samawi

29. Enhanced Action Based Trust Model: A Multi-facet Model for Social Media
Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh, Yi Chin Teo

30. A Motorized Akpu Milling Machine Design for Self Employment and Wealth Generation in Nigeria
Gbasouzor Austin Ikechukwu, Enemuoh Chioma Lorreta

31. Response Behavior Model for Process Deviations in Cyber-Physical Production Systems
Nadia Galaske, Daniel Strang, Reiner Anderl

32. Complete Bid Configuration. Supporting the Process from the Perspective of the General Contractor
Tomasz Błaszczyk, Paweł Błaszczyk

33. HIV/AIDS Humanitarian Supply Chain Management: The Case of Zimbabwe
Talent Tatenda Chingono, Charles Mbohwa

34. Techno-Econometric Analysis of Membrane Technology for Biogas Upgrading
Samson O. Masebinu, Esther Akinlabi, Edison Muzenda, Charles Mbohwa, Akinwale O. Aboyade

35. Validation of a Novel Method for Ethyl Lactate Separation Using Langmuir Hinshelwood Model
Okon Edidiong, Shehu Habiba, Gobina Edward

36. Potential Impacts of Leachate From Waste Mixed With CCA-Treated Wood Destined to Landfills
Emmanuel Emem-Obong Agbenyeku, Edison Muzenda, Innocent Mandla Msibi

37. The Use of Mathematical Modeling for the Development of a Low Cost Fuzzy Gain Schedule Neutralization Control System
Rodrigo Sislian, Flávio Vasconcelos Silva, Rubens Gedraite, Heikki Jokinen, Dhanesh Kattipparambil Rajan

38. Recovery of VOC from Offshore and Onshore Shuttle Tankers Using Structured Y-Type Zeolite Membranes
Shehu Habiba, Adebayo Ajayi, Okon Edidiong, Edward Gobina

39. Effect of Operating Pressure on Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Kinetics over Titania-Supported Cobalt Catalyst
Kalala Jalama

40. Characterization of Gamma-Alumina Ceramic Membrane
Ifeyinwa Orakwe, Ngozi Nwogu, Edward Gobina

41. Investigation of Flue Gas and Natural Gas Separation Using Silica Composite Membranes Formed on Porous Alumina Support
Ngozi Nwogu, Ifeyinwa Orakwe, Edward Gobina

Keywords: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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