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Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics

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Table of contents

Part I. Plenary Talks



–Lie Algebras Canonically Associated to Probability Measures on {pmb {varvec{mathbb {R}}}}


with All Moments
Luigi Accardi, Abdessatar Barhoumi, Yun Gang Lu, Mohamed Rhaima

2. Special Conformal Transformations and Contact Terms
Loriano Bonora

3. On Nonlocal Modified Gravity and Its Cosmological Solutions
Ivan Dimitrijevic, Branko Dragovich, Jelena Stankovic, Alexey S. Koshelev, Zoran Rakic

4. Kinetics of Interface Growth: Physical Ageing and Dynamical Symmetries
Malte Henkel

5. News on SU(2|1) Supersymmetric Mechanics
Evgeny Ivanov, Stepan Sidorov

6. Intrinsic Sound of Anti-de Sitter Manifolds
Toshiyuki Kobayashi

7. Sphere Partition Functions and the Kähler Metric on the Conformal Manifold
Efrat Gerchkovitz, Zohar Komargodski

8. Real Group Orbits on Flag Ind-Varieties of mathrm {SL}(infty ,mathbb {C})


Mikhail V. Ignatyev, Ivan Penkov, Joseph A. Wolf

9. Derived Functors and Intertwining Operators for Principal Series Representations of SL_2({pmb {mathbb {R}}})






Raul Gomez, Birgit Speh

10. Hyperlogarithms and Periods in Feynman Amplitudes
Ivan Todorov

11. The Parastatistics Fock Space and Explicit Infinite-Dimensional Representations of the Lie Superalgebra {mathfrak {osp}}(2m+1|2n)


N. I. Stoilova, J. Jeugt

12. Stepwise Square Integrable Representations: The Concept and Some Consequences
Joseph A. Wolf

13. Higher-Dimensional Unified Theories with Continuous and Fuzzy Coset Spaces as Extra Dimensions
G. Manolakos, G. Zoupanos

Part II. String Theories and Gravity Theories

14. Higher Genus Amplitudes in SUSY Double-Well Matrix Model for 2D IIA Superstring
Fumihiko Sugino

15. Kruskal–Penrose Formalism for Lightlike Thin-Shell Wormholes
Eduardo Guendelman, Emil Nissimov, Svetlana Pacheva, Michail Stoilov

16. Metric-Independent Spacetime Volume-Forms and Dark Energy/Dark Matter Unification
Eduardo Guendelman, Emil Nissimov, Svetlana Pacheva

17. Large Volume Supersymmetry Breaking Without Decompactification Problem
Hervé Partouche

18. Glueball Inflation and Gauge/Gravity Duality
Lilia Anguelova

19. Degenerate Metrics and Their Applications to Spacetime
Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica

20. The Heun Functions and Their Applications in Astrophysics
Denitsa Staicova, Plamen Fiziev

Part III. Integrable Systems

21. Boundary Effects on the Supersymmetric Sine-Gordon Model Through Light-Cone Lattice Regularization
Chihiro Matsui

22. Infinite Dimensional Matrix Product States for Long-Range Quantum Spin Models
Roberto Bondesan, Thomas Quella

23. Group Analysis of a Class of Nonlinear Kolmogorov Equations
Olena Vaneeva, Yuri Karadzhov, Christodoulos Sophocleous

24. Thermoelectric Characteristics of {mathbb Z}_k


Parafermion Coulomb Islands
Lachezar S. Georgiev

25. First Order Hamiltonian Operators of Differential-Geometric Type in 2D
Paolo Lorenzoni, Andrea Savoldi

26. Exact Solutions for Generalized KdV Equations with Variable Coefficients Using the Equivalence Method
Oksana Braginets, Olena Magda

Part IV. Representation Theory

27. Classifying A_mathfrak {q}(lambda )



Modules by Their Dirac Cohomology
Pavle Pandži?

28. B–Orbits in Abelian Nilradicals of Types B,C and D:Towards a Conjecture of Panyushev
Nurit Barnea, Anna Melnikov

29. Anti de Sitter Holography via Sekiguchi Decomposition
Vladimir K. Dobrev, Patrick Moylan

30. Localization and the Canonical Commutation Relations
Patrick Moylan

31. Permutation-Symmetric Three-Body O(6) Hyperspherical Harmonics in Three Spatial Dimensions
Igor Salom, V. Dmitrašinovi?

32. Quantum Plactic and Pseudo-Plactic Algebras
Todor Popov

33. Conformal Invariance of the 1D Collisionless Boltzmann Equation
Stoimen Stoimenov, Malte Henkel

34. On Reducibility Criterions for Scalar Generalized Verma Modules Associated to Maximal Parabolic Subalgebras
Toshihisa Kubo

Part V. Supersymmetry and Quantum Groups

35. On Finite W-Algebras for Lie Superalgebras in Non-Regular Case
Elena Poletaeva

36. The Joseph Ideal for mathfrak {sl}(m|n)

Sigiswald Barbier, Kevin Coulembier

37. “Spread” Restricted Young Diagrams from a 2D WZNW Dynamical Quantum Group
Ludmil Hadjiivanov, Paolo Furlan

Part VI. Vertex Algebras and Lie Algebra Structure Theory

38. Vertex Operator Algebras Associated with mathbf{Z}/kmathbf{Z}


Tomoyuki Arakawa, Hiromichi Yamada, Hiroshi Yamauchi

39. Vertex Algebras in Higher Dimensions Are Homotopy Equivalent to Vertex Algebras in Two Dimensions
Nikolay M. Nikolov

40. Automorphisms of Multiloop Lie Algebras
Anastasia Stavrova

41. Contraction Admissible Pairs of Complex Six-Dimensional Nilpotent Lie Algebras
Maryna Nesterenko, Severin Posta

42. About Filiform Lie Algebras of Order 3
R. M. Navarro

43. Algebraic Structures Related to Racah Doubles
Roy Oste, Joris Jeugt

44. A Note on Strongly Graded Lie Algebras
Antonio J. Calderón Martín, Diouf Mame Cheikh

Part VII. Various Mathematical Results

45. Toeplitz Operators with Discontinuous Symbols on the Sphere
Tatyana Barron, David Itkin

46. Multiplication of Distributions in Mathematical Physics
J. Aragona, P. Catuogno, J. F. Colombeau, S. O. Juriaans, Ch. Olivera

47. About Arbitrage and Holonomy
Alexander Ganchev

48. On Some Exact Solutions of Heat and Mass Transfer Equations with Variable Transport Coefficients
Ilya I. Ryzhkov, Irina V. Stepanova

49. A Star Product for the Volume Form Nambu-Poisson Structure on a Kähler Manifold
Baran Serajelahi

Keywords: Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Functional Analysis, Topological Groups, Lie Groups, Elementary Particles, Quantum Field Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory

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